Article By Kimberly Manning
    Photo Credit: Spell Designs

     Stress Less and Create More Success

    Stress Less and Create More Success

    Every woman in business works hard and because of our many roles, we often manage more demanding pressures than dudes in business. Push too hard for too long and you become a weary, dreary creature.

    Creating respite from your business isn’t negotiable – it is one of the keys to success. Understanding your personal energy style, taking time and fashioning space that allows you to relax and recharge is a hallmark of the Holistic Fashionista.  Here’s what to do:

    Know your Personal Energy Archetype™

    In my business practice I use an ancient eco-science to provide my clients with the keys to their energy blueprint, the energetic template given to you at the moment of your birth. Your personal manifestation of the energy patterns create your Personal Energy Archetype, which is unique to you.

    Why is knowing your Personal Energy Archetype™ helpful?

    When you understand your Personal Energy Archetype you can align your business (and your life) with your authentic self. You see how you show up in the world – and how you respond to your environment. When you learn to work with your personal energy style, you become more authentic and more powerful in your life and your business – and you honor your nature, not work against it.

    Order is peacefulness. A messy desk doesn’t encourage productivity. Create systems to streamline your workflow. Feng shui your office and your home. Enlist an organizer to help tame the clutter. This is not woo-woo nonsense. Scientists have found that clutter has a negative effect on our ability to focus and process information. Clean up the piles, the files and your calendar and you’ll be on your way to more peace and calm – in your business and your life.

    Give yourself the gift of time.  All work and no respite make for a very dull and drained entrepreneur. Take time to nurture yourself. Meditate, get a massage, read a book. Spending time in a relaxed state provides many benefits. It can counter adverse effects of stress like hypertension, anxiety and aging, but it gives you more. It helps you to be more creative and more productive. Notice how great ideas come when you’re in the shower or hop off the meditation cushion? Your brain and your intuition benefit from downtime. Instead of fearing taking time away from your business to relax, make an effort to chill. It’s an investment in yourself and your business.

    Know thyself. And create regular time and space for respite and relaxation in your business. These are secrets to success – in your business and your life. 

    3 Keys to Stress Less and Create More Success in Your Business

    Posted on June 03 2016

    3 KEYS TO STRESS LESS AND CREATEMORE SUCCESS IN YOUR BUSINESSArticle By Kimberly ManningPhoto Credit: Spell Designs Stress Less and Create More Success Every woman in business works hard and...

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  •  Fuel Your Business

    Fuel Your Business


    Article by Kimberly Manning  
    Photo Credit: Jeannine Chanin Penn

    Fire is a change agent. It can turn ordinary metal ores into gorgeous art, transform water into mist, or make dust from a tree. We can find opportunities to grow our business when we learn to harness the energy cycle of fire. 

    Many entrepreneurs tend to focus on the flame, the big stuff that happens in business. These are the catalysts that can vault you and your biz to new levels. Experiencing this type of energy in your business is awesome. Your beautiful new website has just gone live.  A publisher calls. Your product is being profiled in Oprah. It’s invigorating, affirming, and … infrequent. 

    When we fixate on the blaze, we can miss opportunities that exist in the entire cycle of fire which can support our business for the long haul. While we strive for more fiery opportunities in our business, the reality is that they’re only one part of the cycle of fire. Look to the other aspects of this energy that exist within your business. You’ll find new fuel for your business as you harness The Cycle of Fire.


    They birth flames. Can you strike out with a new product or service, share a blog article that pushes the edge in your industry, or do some brand tweaking to better align you with your biz? These are actions you create that can set your business on fire.

    Glowing embers...

    A constant source of heat in your business. Look at where you’ve got traction in your business. That signature program that consistently delivers results for your clients. The conversations you and your tribe community are engaged around. The leveraged online program that sells while you’re sleeping. These keep the lights – and the heat – on in your business. Find what’s glowing and keep it stoked.


    A source of heat, light and transformation. Spectacular, awe-inspiring, light-up-the-sky kind of opportunities are the flaming fire in your business. This is the segment of the Cycle that puts you on the proverbial map, and can propel you and your business skyward. Like successful product launches, amazing PR opps and hitting a best-seller list. Make a bonfire. Bring out the s’mores and champagne.


    The by-product of transformation. We may think of ashes as the waste from fire, but they’re really the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. There’s gold in that dust. Be like an archeologist and examine the ashes for new life in your business. A successful product or service offering that has run its course can become a free offer or bonus that adds value to your clients while they engage in other work that you offer.

    It’s OK to be drawn to the fiery aspects in your business, just don’t forget the riches within the other expressions of fire. Learn to harness all of the manifestations of fire energy in your business to fuel your success. Your business looks good aglow.

    Fuel Your Business With These 4 Strategies

    Posted on May 02 2016

    Fuel Your Business FUEL YOUR BUSINESS WITH THESE 4 STRATEGIESArticle by Kimberly Manning  Photo Credit: Jeannine Chanin PennFire is a change agent. It can turn ordinary metal ores into gorgeous art,...

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    Article by Kimberly Manning
    Photo Credit: Tracy Campoli

    Alchemy, the ancient chemistry that changed base metals into gold, drew from female Goddess Wisdom for the inspiration to transform one compound into another. Words and images that evoke female goddesses, saints and sages infuse the pages of alchemy manuscripts of old.

    What did these women possess that helped wizards and magicians to catalyze their chemistry? Women have the ability to create, relate and change. These are qualities required to make alchemy – transformation. 

    Business provides a transformation for the client. Whether you sell skin creams to reduce wrinkles, a coaching program that helps replace old thoughts and behaviors with updated ones, or jewelry that makes a ho-hum outfit dynamite, every business delivers an experience of change to their client. 

    Entrepreneur, you are an alchemist!

    You have great power as a woman to change the world, especially from the platform of business owner/entrepreneur. The world needs enlightened, holistic entrepreneurs like never before. This is your time and as a woman, you bring unique gifts to business. Here are just a few.


    Women bring new creations into the world. We birth babies, ideas and ideals. Because of the bond we share with our creations, we care for these with a maternal instinct. We know what is required to nurture our babes and we will fight with all our might to protect our progeny. Women have an especially good sense of right timing, and we possess an innate sensitivity that understands the feelings, emotions and needs of others. 
    These skills of creatrix, mother and nurturer have incredible management applications. Can you see them? Claim these gifts as a natural business Goddess in your own venture.


    Women are expert collaborators. While our cavemen were away hunting woolly mammoths we tended the tribe at home, working together to ensure our network functioned smoothly, safely and efficiently. Networking, forming teams and collaborating are skills that come naturally to most women. They are the same skills that are required for business leadership, especially in the new age. Several high-profile business gurus have written that feminine leadership skills, especially collaboration, are required for today’s CEOs and business leaders.

    Power up your business with your skills of collaboration, in person and through social media. Make relationships. Build and tend your network. Forge alliances.

    Change Agent.

    Each month a woman is transformed through her menstrual cycle. We understand change intuitively, and if you run a business, you know that change is a constant. 

    Business follows a cycle and when you understand the phases you can run your business with more success, and ease. You’ll know when to add resources, like a new online selling platform or a VA, when to scale back (an older premium product is ready to be re-packed as the easy on-ramp for new clients) and when to blow something up and reinvent. Be an agent of the right kind of change in your business.

    You are a wizard, a magician, an alchemist in your business. Whatever your business, you create transformation for your clients. As a woman, you bring unique gifts to entrepreneurship. Harness your Girl Superpowers and transform the world, one client at a time. 

    Superpowers of Women Entrepreneurs

    Posted on May 01 2016

    SUPERPOWERS OF WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS Article by Kimberly ManningPhoto Credit: Tracy CampoliAlchemy, the ancient chemistry that changed base metals into gold, drew from female Goddess Wisdom for the inspiration...

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     Adaptation For The Holistic Entrepreneur

    Adaptation For The Holistic Entrepreneur

    Article by John Scardina
    Photo Credit: Sajas Minrah
    Magazine: Issue #34

    Knowing where your money comes from is one of the most important events as a holistic entrepreneur. It’s easy to start a holistic business but most difficult to maintain a profitable holistic business. Adaptation is one of the most powerful tools in nature and for the entrepreneur. Clients and customers are forever changing/adapting to new trends, new education, and new holistic ideas. You must change/adapt right along with them in order to succeed in business and keep that flow of money coming in. 

    As business owners we educate ourselves in our own niche market, by whatever means we have.

    We have brainstormed and know that the niche market we created is the one the business that will out do all other businesses, at least at its conception. But is that enough, how long will this niche last? Who will catch on to this niche and copy every article of your efforts leaving you on the trail of little profit. People love to follow you and your money, “if you can do it” so can they. How many clients will become bored with this new niche when everyone else catches up to your business. It is always best to adapt to creating a niche that evolves, grows and changes quickly. If you are offering a single service that is your niche, is that good enough? Imagine your niche on steroids. A niche that adapts and evolves allows you to stay a head of the pack and continue to serve your clients offering them a living marketable service.

    With holistic consulting or coaching we sometimes limit ourselves to whatever modality we have trained at to an expert level. This holds true for so many practitioners in the holistic field. Nutritionists, Energy Workers and coaches teach/sell one service and keep on riding this out until the business becomes lifeless. “A lifeless business is not profitable”. If you are nutritionist and you offer coaching, is that all you do? Be conscious at every level and ask yourself (daily), what else can I offer, is there an up sell to what I do? What else do my clients need? This holds true for every practitioner who is awesome at what they do, but being great at one thing limits you and does not set you apart from any other practitioners. If you plan on being profitable in the holistic realm, you need to not just practice, but manifest adaptation at all times.

    I have found out through trial and error, (mostly error) that I cannot just be an expert in nutrition or just a Reiki Master, I need to be flexible and adaptable in order to better serve clients and keep the flow of money coming to me.
    Some key points to breathing life into your business:
    1| Treat your business as it is alive, nurture it every day ask it what it needs and provide it
    2| Research the trends that bring people to your particular service and see if there is another niche available that brings new clients that not yet ready for that service.
    3| Don’t wait things out during lean times, question why these times are lean and ask your business what’s missing (yes I do converse with my business)
    4| Adapt and provide what’s missing

    A holistic business is not a cookie cutter business, you need to apply adaptation just like nature does with plants and animals. I you want to survive time, you must always change and grow.

    Adaptation for the Holistic Entrepreneur

    Posted on March 09 2016

    ADAPTATION FOR THE HOLISTIC ENTREPRENEUR:{NATURE DOES IT, WHY CAN'T WE?} Adaptation For The Holistic Entrepreneur Article by John ScardinaPhoto Credit: Sajas MinrahMagazine: Issue #34Knowing where your money comes from is...

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  •  How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

    How to Work Smarter, Not Harder


    Article by Cinthia Singleton
    Photo Credit: Sajas Minrah
    Magazine: Issue #34

    Work smarter not harder. All business mavens are taught this. As single proprietors… sigh… the pressure’s always on to put pedal to the metal and PERFORM. It’s impossible to do everything and yet they think they must, from parking valet to Communications Director to CEO.  

    Their business is theirs and theirs only.
    Only they can possibly care that much about it, its success.
    So much is at stake if it does not flourish or, hopefully not, fails.

    The single proprietor is juggling so much, they often can’t see this “smarter” if it were to come up and bite them. Sound like you? Relax and slow down that clown car! There is only one of you and only so many hours in the day. Plan for it. Seek methods to attain the best possible work flow. Do the best you can. Learn from what does and doesn’t work. Make choices about how you spend your time. Delegate tasks when you can. Plan for that too. And don’t forget… time IS money and and it’s finite too. This is what needs to “work smarter” actually, acceptance of this as credo.

    Start by keeping closer track of your time.

    Tax preparation for example… It’s something you can do, don’t really like to but you feel, as many, that if one can, they should. It’s like tax preparation machismo (lol). Are all the receipts and invoices in one place and properly filed? Got all data, the correct forms? Procrastinate for days on end? Of course! Sit down and procrastinate some more 'til… it’s… finally… done. Proper supporting documents and forms attached? Is it signed? You do this quarterly, annually… it’s a rabbit hole of anxiety for many. The IRS says the average small business taxpayer spends approximately 24 hours on tax preparation. You? Isn’t your time worth implementing a few things to shave off some time from a task you don’t really enjoy?

    1| Use a credit card for only business expenses.
    2| Get a business software that pulls all your info into one place throughout the year so reports can be pulled easily.  Income. Expenses. Quarterly taxes paid. Link it and that business expense credit card.
    3| Consider getting a qualified tax preparer so all you do is hand off to them the information from #2 and look over the final return before signing off.

    These steps could save you several hours.

    Streamline. Organize. Break projects down into the sum of the parts. Delegate. Same goes for designing the webpage, editing an article, painting your office… Delegating tasks - large and small, portions of them or as a whole - buys time that can be thrown into new, ‘growth’ projects that earn.

    A Time-is-Money Mindfulness Exercise to perform.

    1| Give yourself a hypothetical hourly wage as if you were just another employee at You Yourself and You LLC. For discussion purposes here, let’s say it’s $10/hr.
    2| Begin tracking your tasks. How much time is spent on each? Track them in 15 minute blocks.
    3| At the end of the day or week, add up the similar tasks and calculate your “wage” for each of them. 2 hours a week for, say, invoicing at $10/hr is $20/week, and over a year about $1000. 

    So maybe during crunch time part-time help can be part of Team You Yourself and You; it frees you up to work on a presentation, for example. Where is your time most valuable? At the $10/hr invoicing assignment or pitching a new client?

    In time, this ‘bought time’ can be used to help you re-boot your creative mind, provide it a clean canvas. Time - such a commodity and yet it’s not traded on the NASDAQ. Lunch out of the office. A design class. Maybe an hour consult with an expert in your field. Put it on the calendar so it becomes an event. Events aren’t found on the treadmill of work, Work, WORK. Numbers there in black and white, see how a “time penny” saved could truly add up to money earned?

    So much smarter; work THAT.

    “Time is the most valuable coin in your life. You and you alone will determine how the coin will be spent.”
    -Carl Sandberg

    Time is Money: How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

    Posted on March 08 2016

    How to Work Smarter, Not Harder TIME IS MONEY:HOW TO WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDERArticle by Cinthia SingletonPhoto Credit: Sajas MinrahMagazine: Issue #34Work smarter not harder. All business mavens are taught...

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     Overcome Your Business Fears

    Overcome Your Business Fears

    Article by Jenni Cornette
    Photo Credit: Sajas Minrah
    Magazine: Issue #34

    The most important thing to master in business to be a success with continued growth is courage. Fear is the number one thing that stands in the way of those that do not become who they were born to serve. Courage does not mean that one is not afraid or without fear. Rather, having courage is feeling the fear and moving forward despite the the uncertainty of the outcome or future.

    When you have a passion, purpose, clarity and a bigger force that compels you, you become what I have named and branded a SPIRIT WARRIOR. Get ready to be fearless with my 7 courage building exercises to build business success in the mind, body, beauty business like a true Spirit Warrior.

    1| Mindset is your reality.

    You will become what you think. You must practice and perfect the art of positive thinking. You must avoid and separate yourself from people that do not give your courage to follow your dreams and step into your light. Surround yourself with a like-minded sisterhood that ignites your courage and elevates your confidence.

    2| Determine your fears.

    Most people do not even know their specific fears because it is not something we think about on a day to day basis. Make a list of your fears and plan to overcome your fears one at a time and will build your courage and confidence.

    3| A Spirit Warrior cannot have regret or complaints.

    very challenge is an opportunity for growth. very dark phase gives opening for enlightenment. Even person has things they must face, it is how you face your mistakes and learn from them and the ability to get up and try again that builds courage and confidence.

    4| Practice makes perfect. 

    Do something you are afraid of everyday. This will grow your courage muscle just like you would grow a bicep if you lifted weights everyday. You have to be committed to the process and growth to have courage outside of your comfort zone.

    5| Learn to accept criticism.

    Every successful entrepreneur has had failure and been criticized. Train your brain to think of criticism as nothing more than an opinion. Take the personal emotion out of it, and the fear of criticism will diminish. We already know that not everyone thinks or acts the way we do. That is what makes us ROCK STARS and SPIRIT WARRIORS.

    6| Set a daily intention, affirmation, or meditation based on freedom from fear.

    Imagine how your life will be based on you moving past your fears that are limiting your growth and potential. Make this part of your lifestyle rituals as the first and last thing you do every day. "Every moment of every day I become more and more courageous" "I breathe in my courage and exhale my fear" "I face difficult situations with courage and conviction."

    7| Connect MIND BODY SPIRIT.

    It is much easier to be courageous when you are healthy and grounded. Make sure you are balanced and take time to nurture your mind­ body ­spirit to perform at your peak level. Down time is important, time for self is necessary to survive the demands of being a modern entrepreneur. A well nourished body will allow your mind to flow creatively and from the soul.

    Follow these COURAGE BUILDING EXERCISES, move yourself from fear to freedom and join the Spirit Warrior Sisterhood.

    7 Courage Building Exercises to Overcome Your Business Fears

    Posted on March 03 2016

    7 COURAGE BUILDING EXERCISES TOOVERCOME YOUR BUSINESS FEARS Overcome Your Business Fears Article by Jenni CornettePhoto Credit: Sajas MinrahMagazine: Issue #34The most important thing to master in business to be...

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  • HFTV:
    How to Create Habit-Forming Products
    (that gets your audience addicted!)


    In a saturated market, the one thing that will separate you from your competition is being strategic to get your audience addicted to your product. In this episode on HFTV, you'll learn simple tricks to get your audience to stay longer on your website, share your product with their friends, and tried-and-tested ways all the big brands are using to get you using their product all day long! 

    Nir Eyal answers these questions (and many more) by explaining the Hook Model—a four-step process embedded into the products of many successful companies to subtly encourage customer behavior. Through consecutive “hook cycles,” these products reach their ultimate goal of bringing users back again and again without depending on costly advertising or aggressive messaging.


    HFTV: How to Create Habit-Forming Products

    Posted on February 11 2016

    HFTV:How to Create Habit-Forming Products(that gets your audience addicted!) In a saturated market, the one thing that will separate you from your competition is being strategic to get your audience...

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  •  Success Secrets for Your Home Based Business

    Success Secrets for Your Home Based Business


    Article by Cinthia Singleton
    Photo Credit: Spell & the Gypsy Collective
    Magazine: Issue #33

    So you gave The Man the Johnny Paycheck and shoved off.  It was simply time to put up your own shingle. You’d either been moonlighting or doing it part-time and now it’s time to say no to the j-o-b and BECOME CEO OF YOU INC! Kind of scary but it can be done with some planning and a lot of discipline. Sure, there’ll be no checks on the 1st and 15th of the month. Then again, no one will be standing over your shoulder. It’s all YOURS, baby. How fulfilling is that?

    So why’s it so hard for many? Because Boss Man, for better or worse, provides immediate:

    a sense of security
    comrades, work-mates

    The reason for today’s musing is not to help remind you to save the money for a safety net or to learn the best way to set up the books. It is to help you get into a steady, productive groove in the home office and learn to embrace it not fear it. For those who have the kind of personality that derives momentum from what’s going on around them, working alone at the kitchen table is what’s most difficult about being self-employed. No water cooler nor meetings, deadlines or performance reviews, the mind wanders like an untethered balloon. Many lose motivation, heart and fire.

    How to best SUCCEED at this self-employment, home office thing? Develop a system that starts the moment you rise. Simple. Basic.

    1 :: After a nice sleep - with the phones and computers OFF upon turning in because as we disconnect we recharge - open your eyes and before you do anything else - STRETCH. Stretch from ears to toes. Breath into it without a thought in the world, no agenda, planning, lists.  If you meditate, now’s a great time. 5-15 minutes. Stretch again.

    2 :: Roll out of bed and before you leave the room, make said bed. No, we’re not worried about how you’ll fare during a bunk inspection. We just want you to turn the page between home and home office; the bed, the bedroom is where your day begins and ends. Even if all you do it pull the comforter over everything and fluff the pillows, you’re saying to the world, “Game on!”

    3 :: Get dressed for your day. That means get out of the robe and actually getting dressed. Not that you have to don a power suit and full make up but be conscious about putting together an outfit that helps you be comfortable AND feel put together. Don’t just grab the closest thing and/or what you wore the day before. Get dressed. As Karl Lagerfeld says, “A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul.” At your home office, the respect starts with Within and so does the pride for Self.

    4 :: Before heading over to the [ phone, computer, desk, dining room table ] take time for some grounding morning rituals:

    Wash your face.
    Eat your healthy breakfast.
    Juice your even healthier shake.
    Enjoy a quick walk with the dog or cat.
    Brush and floss your teeth.
    Fix your hair.
    Follow the news.
    Put on your favorite musical jam.

    THEN you begin your day and so the work day begins. YOU, not the boss, gets to craft the day around YOU. Things to do. Tasks to complete. Orders that must go out. Appointments to be kept. When it comes time to take a break, luxuriate in choices:

    lunch at a table
    reading a magazine article
    tea in the middle of the afternoon
    working out to a youtube exercise video
    walking outdoors
    meeting a friend for coffee

    Finally, learn when what tasks are better performed. You’re a whiz with numbers in the morning not so much in the afternoon? A.M. might be the time to prepare invoices. Perhaps your reading comprehension is clearer after lunch?  Afternoons are when to read those heady reports. We all have different optimum times of day for certain activities. Schedule yours accordingly, enjoying the freedom to do so.

    Each and every day in your home office will be different; how enjoyable it is, depends on the structure YOU give it not no Boss Man. Just remember to turn the pages and close the doors between the worlds; find balance between the healthy lines.

    And get ready to succeed.

    “Hopped up out of the bed, turn my swag on… Now it’s time to turn it up, yeah…” Soulja Boy Tell’em

    Success Secrets for Your Home Based Business

    Posted on February 09 2016

    Success Secrets for Your Home Based Business SUCCESS SECRETS FOR YOUR HOME BASED BUSINESSArticle by Cinthia SingletonPhoto Credit: Spell & the Gypsy CollectiveMagazine: Issue #33So you gave The Man the...

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  •  Get Educated Before You Start Your Holistic Business

    Get Educated Before You Start Your Holistic Business


    Article by John Scardina
    Photo Credit: Spell & the Gypsy Collective
    Magazine: Issue #33

    Lessons learned from running a Holistic business can sometimes be the hardest, but they do teach you well. Many people hold dreams of owning their own business and rarely understand everything needed to know prior to starting. This is exactly what dreams are, we manifest deep in our souls the delightful thoughts of entrepreneurial freedom, the removal from the daily 9 to 5 grind that we have been brought up to expect.

    One of the first steps to being a holistic business owner is to be a visionary. You need to see in detail what problem you are able to solve for a niche market of some of the most open minded, intelligent, spiritual, and well-rounded customers. This is where education comes in, this is not your average type of business. Clients and customers in this realm are not main stream, they are also thinkers and visionaries searching for answers to natural problems with natural solutions. Knowing just this alone allows you to have an edge on others looking into the same type of business. You need to be educated with your problem solving and comfortable presenting it.

    Educating yourself may sometimes require a business coach (highly recommended).

    This is something I did not start out with and looking back, I wish that I had. I have learned so much almost too late with amazing coaching from Holistic Fashionista. By the way not just my opinion, but the opinion of many who have utilized their services.

    You need to be educated and connected to your community whether virtual or actual. Those that you meet through networking depending how you approach it usually are in or near the same type of business realm as you and hold valuable information and experience. Talk with these contacts, check your area and see what similar businesses are there and see what they are missing, (services not offered). Introduce yourself, approach them. Ask if they are interested in sharing about their journey in business, you will be surprised of this openness from other business owners.

    There is so much to share in regards to being educated in a holistic business, these are just a few of the highlights to remember.

    1| Know the problem you are going to solve/educate yourself in this solution.
    2| Check trends in natural health services/educate yourself in these trends.
    3| Understand adaptation in these trends/educate yourself in adaptation.
    4| Research the marketing needed for this solution/Are clients looking for this solution?
    5| Will services be completed online/in person or a combination of both/Educate yourself on how this will suit you and your business.
    6| Know the client that you are looking for/educate yourself on this.
    7| Present yourself as a professional that has all of the answers/educate yourself on all of the answers.
    8| Network with like businesses/educate yourself on their business.
    9| Do get a business coach, such a Holistic Fashionista (Highly recommended)/yes education can be purchased, universities do it all the time!

    Educating yourself in these events and hiring a coach will bring your holistic business success a lot faster than trying to tackle everything yourself. “Educate yourself”, I just needed to say it one more time!

    Get Educated Before You Start Your Holistic Business

    Posted on January 26 2016

    Get Educated Before You Start Your Holistic Business GET EDUCATED BEFORE YOU START YOUR HOLISTIC BUSINESSArticle by John ScardinaPhoto Credit: Spell & the Gypsy CollectiveMagazine: Issue #33Lessons learned from running...

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     Top 3 Lists Every Entrepreneur Needs for a Successful Year

    Top 3 Lists Every Entrepreneur Needs for a Successful Year

    Article by Yetunde Taiwo-Shorters
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #31

    With social media and what may seem like access to the whole world, entrepreneurs are inundated with contacts with not real system for cultivating those relationships. Learning to maximize the power of your network is one of the ways to build support and wealth for your passion or purpose. Below are 3 lists every entrepreneur needs to plan and prepare for a successful year ahead.


    Your POWER LIST should have the full names, phone numbers, emails, websites, social media links etc. of 15-20 of your top influencers/6-7 figure earners in your network. These are people you should have or be cultivating a relationship with. Look into your LinkedIN, take the time to sit and think about people you hang out with. You’re probably connected to powerful and influential people. You need to learn to tap into and foster relationships with your power list. They have skills that you don’t have and you can be of value to them if you are more intentional about the connection you build.


    Your WISH LIST should have the names of at least 5 people that you want to meet, learn from or build connections with in the next year. Write their names down, follow them on social media, and spend the time to engage them on things that are of interest to them. Respond to their feeds. Share thoughtful insights on their post. People remember people who engage their interests. It’s about sincerely engaging them. As you build those online relationships, your wish list can cross over to your power list or even to real true friendships where you both provide value to each other. No one is too big for you to wish to meet. NO ONE. Get on it. 


    Your TRIBE LIST is one of the most powerful lists you will ever have. Your tribe list should have 20 -10,000+ people who love, like, engage are interested or are fans of yours. They are champions for your cause that you should engage with frequently, to build your “tribe culture”. They see you as a leader in whatever it is you’re great at. They have the same values or close as you do.  They may not be related to you by blood, but they are related by virtues, ideals and a sense of culture. Your tribesmen and women will be the ones to buy your book, come see you talk at a live event or toot your horn to the world even if you never asked. They are the ultimate village.

    noun: tribe; 
    1. any aggregate of people united by ties of descent from a common ancestor, community of customs and traditions, adherence to the same leaders, etc.

    These top lists require you take the time and sit to prepare them. Spend those 60 minutes to brainstorm on them. Have an excel sheet for the Power List and Wish list and you can use a mail service (awber, malchimp etc.) for the tribe list. In The next year you get to tap into your lists and build that business empire you’ve been talking about. IT IS POSSIBLE.

    Top 3 Lists Every Entrepreneur Needs for a Successful Year ahead

    Posted on December 14 2015

    3 LISTS EVERY ENTREPRENEUR NEEDSFOR A SUCCESSFUL YEAR AHEAD Top 3 Lists Every Entrepreneur Needs for a Successful Year Article by Yetunde Taiwo-ShortersPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #31With social...

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    Article by Darlene Dunn
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #31

     The ABCs of Embracing Your Unique Business Culture

    The ABCs of Embracing Your Unique Business Culture

    Too often we, as entrepreneurs, try to mimic or model our unique business after another business we have observed. This practice is definitely not conducive to stepping into your own unique purpose. We need to be careful about trying to mimic others because, inevitably, it cause us to fail or at least have major setbacks.  

    We are ALL unique!!!

    Here are a few key points to help you embrace YOUR unique business culture:

    A: Attitude - As an entrepreneur you obviously have a winner’s attitude. Embrace it, use it. An attitude of success and excellence will go far in developing your business culture. Keep your attitude in check- be sure you maintain a positive, move-it forward attitude.

    B: Belief - Believe in yourself. This is an area many entrepreneurs struggle with. You want your business to succeed but you often question yourself and hold yourself back. When you believe in yourself, it shows. This belief is evident to others and is a vital part of establishing your business culture.

    C: Commitment - Commit to your business endeavor. Don’t do it half-assed. Be known for your commitment- to yourself, to your business and to your customers/clients.  

    D: Dare - Dare to be you!! This is what makes YOU you! It is your uniqueness that will attract the clients/customers that you are meant to have. This daring to show and to be authentic will set you apart in the business world! 

    E: Embrace - Embrace your uniqueness and show the world through your Attitude, your Belief, you Commitment and your Daring!  

    These five areas will aid you in establishing yourself as a force to be reckoned with in whatever industry you choose for your business to serve.  

    The ABCs of Embracing Your Unique Business Culture

    Posted on December 11 2015

    THE ABCs OF EMBRACING YOURUNIQUE BUSINESS CULTUREArticle by Darlene DunnPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #31 The ABCs of Embracing Your Unique Business Culture Too often we, as entrepreneurs, try...

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     Get Your Mind on Your Money

    Get Your Mind on Your Money

    Article by Cinthia Singleton
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #31

    Our culture that tells its citizens to go out there, go for the gold and bring back lotsa it. Some do quite easily while others coast along bringing back not as much. A few stumble along and never get ahead. No piles of shekels under your bed? Popular belief is that you’ve not …

    … applied yourself
    … found the right course of action
    … learned and/or know enough to warrant the money
    … manifested enough to conjure up the opportunities for making money
    … don’t feel that you’re good enough for money

    There are many reasons for not making big bucks. They vary from economic and market demands to luck and timing. Often it’s a magical combination of these things. But we seem to need this money - from pocket change to big bucks - as a goal to perform when it is, most basically, to help us provide for ourselves and those we support. How successful our writing [painting, interpretive dance, flower arranging, consulting, etc.] is also based on how much we show on Line __ of our tax return? How interesting.  But it’s just money, honey. Relax. Culture tells is to make it but we don’t need to run ourselves down doing so.

    For what do we need it, really? Get a piece of paper and a nice, sharp pencil. This needs to be seen in print.

    1 :: What are your basic expenditures? Not that you have to only make this but to survive, what is the base and range of funds you need? The more realistic you are about your needs, the easier it is to make the money. Less scrambling.

    2 :: No one is exempt from financial anxiety at one time or another. It happens to us all, no matter how rich or poor. How we endure, overcome, and eliminate the anxiety is part of the battle. Clear problem-solving doesn’t always occur on the high wire. More often than not, the best thing anxiety will do for us is ensure we make huge decisions far too quickly. RELAX.

    3 :: Do you have issues with money?  Uh, are you not human? lol It’s normal to have issues on one end of the spectrum or the other but letting them control you and trip you up is not good. These we get from our upbringing and how we were nurtured…. or not. The child missing something will seek it out as an adult. Example? Having to have the best so others can, therefore, see that YOU are the best… because the wolves who raised you only seemed to [acknowledge, pay attention to, reward, love] those who did; the best things made them better people. 

    4 :: It’s okay to budget, to not spend, to say NO or Not Now to a potential purchase. It’s not the end of the world to have not or to save. Our culture, as much as it tells us to make the big tacos doesn’t do as much to encourage us to just slow down and think about what we need. Black Friday sales have become a social outing and a source of fulfillment for some. We get a buzz standing in that line, pushing people aside to get to the discounted electronics… why, many shorten our holiday family time for that buzz. As if we need more DVD players and credit card debt.

    5 :: Review your needs on a weekly, monthly, annual basis. Needs change and so can the times. Bend and flex with the financial times.

    6 :: Remember that what you need isn’t what the next ‘guy’ needs; do not compare yourself to others.

    7 :: Learn how to talk about money. It’s not your feelings. It’s not your childhood. It’s not your baggage. It’s not your value. If it is one or a combination of these things, on one end of the spectrum or other, get straight with it or you will be money’s servant. Money is just another energy and a means to an end, a tool. Get comfortable with it. As a topic of conversation. As the necessary element it is. As a part of the game of life. Should you find yourself going through a rough patch and lack it (or credit, resources, help paying for something) occurs, get comfortable asking for help. “Help” though doesn’t necessarily mean more tacos to toss at the problem but the means to solve the problem in the Big Picture.  

    8 :: Enjoy the money you have or what the money has afforded you. A little gratitude goes a long way but so does associating with that dirty money the energy of JOY. Consciously thank the Big Guy for what is there afforded you, from nickel to Andrew Jackson.

    First step? Take it down to the basics: money is necessary energy not necessarily power. Get what you need. Enjoy what you got. Too much will never be enough if the energy isn’t understood.

    "… Gather your cheddar ‘round this world, there’s nothin’ better but keep it booming’ like a system, thru any weather." -Youngbloodz, Mind on My Money

    Get Your Mind {and Soul} on Your Money

    Posted on December 10 2015

    GET YOUR MIND {AND SOUL} ON YOUR MONEY Get Your Mind on Your Money Article by Cinthia SingletonPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #31Our culture that tells its citizens to...

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  •  Business Culture of Your Dreams

    Business Culture of Your Dreams


    Article by Denita Austin
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #31

    Instead of looking for what you want, create it. I am a strong believer of creating your own rules, ideas and concepts. Why not? Creativity is everything! Some of us have spent years trying to find the perfect group, tribe, or culture that resonate with our souls. The perfect group that understands our rhythm and flow or should I say, speaks our language. Instead of chasing, or sitting back wanting and dreaming, create a culture of your own for your brand and business. A culture that will empower people to have more freedom within themselves.

    Creating solutions instead of problems. 

    As an entrepreneur, there is nothing sweeter than having the freedom to create. When building your empire, it’s not about micromanaging. It’s simply about encouraging and building a team who will be more involved in the brand itself by having the ability to create speak and create freely. The more freedom individuals have to take on tasks and create their own solutions, the more they feel connecting to a culture that they can believe in. 
    Creating a culture that will include a communication style based on mutual respect. With a well-designed structure, we all can create magic within our assignments and contribution to the overall vision. 

    My passion with any project would be increasing team ownership and empowerment. I thrive off teams who are free to apply judgment to situations that fall outside your traditional rule of thumb. Although I promote creativity and freedom, this also requires balance. We do not want to leave the team unclear about taking ownership.

    Five Steps to Creating your dream business Culture 

    1 :: Be a Leader   
    Lead by example of course. The more you speak on your vision, you will become closer to your reality.

    2 :: Become your vision
    Everyone is looking to you for guidance so with that being said stand in your truth and become your vision.

    4 :: Learn Balance
    If you want your business to thrive, you must find balance in order to succeed. Example: Inquire about how much fun your team has while working with you. A rating system would be ideal!  When you’re able to track this information, you can talk about what to do to improve going forward.  Note: This is great for clients as well. 

    5 :: Token of Appreciation
    A common problem in every business is showing appreciation. Verbal or Tangible! In some cases, the issue is just an absence of acknowledgement. Take the time to acknowledge those who support you and dedicate their time to the vision. 

    Remember, it’s about how well our words match our deeds. Thanks for taking the time to connect with me.

    A Business Culture of Your Dreams

    Posted on December 09 2015

    Business Culture of Your Dreams A BUSINESS CULTURE OF YOUR DREAMSArticle by Denita AustinPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #31Instead of looking for what you want, create it. I am...

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    {The Ultimate Success Strategies}

    Article by Marinna Rose
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #30

     The Secret To Finding The Best Mentor

    The Secret To Finding The Best Mentor

    If you have read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, then you know the importance he places on mentoring. Napoleon’s conclusion was that, if you want to grow beyond where you are presently in any area of your life, mentoring is a must to proceed in a timely fashion. 

    I cannot stress enough to you how important mentorship is. Once I made the decision to take action and hire a mentor, my life changed tremendously, as if all-of-a-sudden I was in the flow with the Universe for the first time; we were in sync and synchronicities became a norm in my life…Keep reading if you want the secret, it’s not all about the mentor…  

    There are many factors that Napoleon mentions on importance of mentorship, but I want to address the top 3 Success Strategies:

    Success Strategy 1| Always Listen to your IGS
    IGS stands for Internal Guidance System. Simply put, your gut instinct or your intuition. This needs to become your #1 mentor before any other mentor in your life. Being able to respect your mentor’s teachings, yet being able to discern what is best for you in the end. Using your IGS is imperative to your success and moving forward. Being able to tap into this innate knowledge of your soul is one of the more important strategies you should use in everything you do.

    Success Strategy 2| Hire a Mentor that Values Himself or Herself
    Remember you are hiring a mentor to emulate their energy, their values, and their genius. If your mentor is not currently valuing himself or herself by asking what they are worth, then how do you expect to ask for what you are worth? If the person that is guiding you has a hard time doing it, then you might want to ask yourself if they are the right mentor for you. 

    There are a lot of mentors that are still having a hard time valuing themselves and what they have to offer. This becomes contagious and you may find it hard to value yourself or your work for your mentor will be guiding you from a place of lack. 

    When you are unable to see your worth than the world does not see it either. 

    Hire someone that has a good sense of value, self love and self-worth. You can always learn other pieces you need from others, but this one is something that can not be learned it has to be cracked open and only a great mentor can guide your inner self-worth out to shine to the world. After that everything starts falling into place.

    Success Strategy 3| Making Authenticity your Mantra
    There are a lot of mentors out there that are not authentic. They may put on a face that they are at first, until you find out that their whole program was someone else’s, just tweaked to use as their own. 

    Do your research on the mentors you want to work with. Start with connecting to your own IGS and see what it tells you- you know your first instinct is usually correct. When you feel that uneasy feeling when someone talks about something… This is your IGS in overdrive screaming run the other way!

    Authenticity is key. This will be the key to your own success in life and business and it is key in finding the perfect mentor.

    When they are not connecting with you at your level and come off as too perfect, they are inauthentic. They are not confident in what they do, so they can’t be authentic. When a mentor is confident in who they are and what they do there is no need for them to be inauthentic. They simply know that by being their authentic true selves, what needs to be said and created will be.

    As you can see, these 3 Success Strategies are not just for hiring a mentor, they are also success strategies to live by on a daily basis. 

    I want to leave you with one last thought… You are the best mentor that money can by. You know your needs better than anyone else, no matter their education or experience. Always trust your IGS, but be open to mentorship, for it is a must to take you beyond your comfort zone- and this is where the magic happens!

    Here’s to YOU, the best mentor you can find and being open to the magic of what unfolds by working with the right mentor.

    The Secret to Finding the Best Mentor

    Posted on November 06 2015

    THE SECRET TO FINDING THE BEST MENTOR{The Ultimate Success Strategies}Article by Marinna RosePhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #30 The Secret To Finding The Best Mentor If you have read...

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    Article by Ling Wong
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #30

     3 Marketing Mistakes Made By The Multi-Talented Entrepreneurs

    3 Marketing Mistakes Made By The Multi-Talented Entrepreneurs

    The multi-passionate, multi-talented entrepreneurs often have a creative streak in them that makes stuffing themselves into the “usual” marketing box not only frustrating but also the cause of patchy results.

    They face a unique set of challenges, which leads to 3 common mistakes they tend to make in marketing their businesses:

    Mistake 1 :: Lack Cohesive Message

    For those creative spirits, they are bursting with new ideas all the time. They are always learning and improving themselves, adding new skills and tools to their arsenal. All of these are great – when new ideas, skills, tools and experiences come together, alchemy and magic happens. However, if they don’t have a way to communicate all these with a cohesive message, they often appear like a Jack-of-all-trades. When they lack focus about their expertise and niche, they have a tendency to go on and on and on when talking about what they do for their clients… until their readers/audience/potential clients just glaze over.

    Fix it :: Find the golden thread that ties all your conviction, superpowers, passions, talents, experience and skills so you can weave them into ONE cohesive message that is unique to YOU. Side effect – you will stand out and make competition a non-issue.

    Mistake 2 :: Failure To Connect

    Many clients I work with do really well when they are making connections in person. However, when it comes to written marketing materials, they hit a wall. Their copy and content not only fail to make a meaningful connection with their ideal clients, but also miss the mark in connecting THEM with their life’s work. When they say those “marketing communication” out loud (e.g. an “elevator pitch” kind of thing), they don’t feel connected with the words. The communications do not strike a cord for THEM, resulting in misaligned energy, and lack of excitement that do not serve in attracting ideal clients.

    Instead, they constantly worry if they are “saying it right,” putting a break on fully expressing their personality and conviction.

    Moreover, they have taken trainings and programs, and sitting on a bunch of templates and checklists that led them to using generic words too superficial to connect with their audience personally and emotionally. They stifled their own voice, trying to sound “right.” They use buzzwords or jargons that are devoid of meaning and make them sound like everyone else. They stuff themselves into the copywriting box because of their fears of not being good enough, of being criticized/judged (which leads to conformity) and that of missing out.

    Fix it :: Get personal, get emotional.
    Find the words that make YOU tick. Get into the psyche of your ideal clients to understand what they need to know in order to work with you.

    Mistake 3 :: A Me-Too Marketing Plan

    We take trainings and programs with the good intention to further our businesses. But so often we grab a strategy here and a tactic there, then string them together without considering how they come together holistically and synergistically so they talk to each other and put us in the best light possible. Even worse, we sound like a schizo from one platform to the next. As a result, I see many coaches doing a lot of busywork and chasing bright shiny objects… wasting time, energy and money.

    They got themselves into marketing activities that don’t tap into their genius, or executing tactics that don’t resonate with their value. The misaligned energy behind the actions is not attractive to clients, and the fact that they are dragging their feet just sour the whole perception about marketing.

    Fix it :: Having a plan is good for business.
    Instead of getting caught in the “how it should look like,” consider how your plan is going help YOU cut the busywork and do want truly matters.

    3 Marketing Mistakes Made by the Multi-Talented Entrepreneurs

    Posted on October 29 2015

    3 MARKETING MISTAKES MADE BYTHE MULTI-TALENTED ENTREPRENEURSArticle by Ling WongPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #30 3 Marketing Mistakes Made By The Multi-Talented Entrepreneurs The multi-passionate, multi-talented entrepreneurs often have...

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  •  3 Power Habits To Help You Stay Focused

    3 Power Habits To Help You Stay Focused


    Article by Yetunde Taiwo-Shorters
    Photo Credit: Hailley Howard
    Magazine: Issue #29

    There are so many distractions in our world today. If it’s not hours spent on social media, it’s getting engaged in the lives of others and taking time away from focusing on our own lives.

    Here are 3 Power Habits to help you stay focused doing what you love, helping people and building profits.

    1| De-Clutter
    Spend 2 hours this week going through all your social media profiles and deleting or blocking anyone you know in your gut is not in alignment with where you are about to go. It is important that as you get aligned with your purpose, your power circle affirms your path. Yes some would hurt, and some would even confront you and ask why you deleted them. Your answer should be sincere, respond with love and kindness. I find that a great day to do de-cluttering is on Saturdays. So take out your calendar now, plug it in "de-cluttering my social media". This will prepare you to know those in your power network. You'll need it on your purposeful journey.

    2| Intentional Sharing
    I invite you to be more conscious of yourself. From today on, anything you say, reply to, share or post online has to be in alignment with your core values and the best version of you. E.g. on Instagram, decide how often you would post, plan out your posts and do your best to stick to it. What this does psychologically to your followers is allow them to identify you with what you do  and it helps with brand association. Be yourself, but above all BE YOUR BEST SELF AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. Even when people upset you, Think "What would my higher < your name> do?  then do it with love and kindness.

    3| Affirm yourself
    Yes, we all look crazy when we talk to ourselves in the mirror, but we can all name at least one quote that inspired us. Find your power quote and repeat it to yourself as many times as you can all week. I actually schedule mine for 10am every morning. It pops up on my phone alert. Mine is  "I will be relentlessly helpful to others", "I am grateful for good health and loved ones" and "I am  blessed and highly favored". There is power in words, embrace it and marinate in it unapologetically.

    3 Power Habits to Help You Stay Focused

    Posted on October 14 2015

    3 Power Habits To Help You Stay Focused 3 POWER HABITS TO HELP YOU STAY FOCUSEDArticle by Yetunde Taiwo-ShortersPhoto Credit: Hailley HowardMagazine: Issue #29There are so many distractions in our...

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     5 Hidden Things that Separate Dreamers from Doers

    5 Hidden Things that Separate Dreamers from Doers

    Article by Nikka Karli Salifu
    Photo Credit: Hailley Howard
    Magazine: Issue #29

    Have you ever defined yourself as a dreamer? Maybe you love using the hashtag #dreamchaser in conjunction with things like #bosslady and #goaldigger? Perhaps you’ve secretly started to wonder why you can’t seem to create the success in your business and life that you oh-so-desperately desire.
    I get it. Really, I do. Up until recently, I was living in the same dreamland. I was living the life of a Dreamer rather than a Doer. And you might be, too.

    Want to know if you need to overhaul your mindset (and your hashtag game)? Read on for 5 shifts that just might change your life…

    1 :: Dreamers spend their time dreaming. Doers spend their time doing.
    Dreaming is awesome, but if you ever want to turn your dreams into reality you’re going to need to start taking action. Keeping your head in the clouds means your dreams have no roots, no foundation… Which means no progress.

    Action begets more action. And action is what it takes to go from leaving a legacy of “she was such a dreamer” to “she helped change the world”. Which legacy do you want to be known for? And what are you willing to do about it? (Like, right now.)

    2 :: Dreamers are always “waiting”. Doers are always moving.
    If you spend your life in a holding pattern, you will never get anywhere. Your dreams will turn to dust and wither away within your soul as unrealized flights of fancy.

    There is no “great moment” that needs to happen before you can act. Neither is there some magical being of light coming to tell you to that now is the time to move forward.

    Hire coaches, work with healers, do your spiritual work. But, don’t wait for someone else to make your dreams happen. They are YOUR DREAMS and you alone can create the momentum necessary to bring them to fruition.

    3 :: Dreamers take 1 step forward and 3 steps backward. Doers consistently move forward.
    Dreamers like to dip their toes in the water. They like to see if something might work out. They like to “try”.

    Doers get things done. Doers make a decision and commit to its outcome (whether or not it is the outcome they expected). The difference here is consistency. When you “try” something out and then stop (guilty, party of 1 over here!), you are actually taking your progress and tearing it to shreds. Any traction you’ve gained? You lose it (and then some) when you give up and start backpedaling into your doubts and fear of success.  

    Doers go all in. What about you? Ask yourself when you last decided on a course of action in your life and business and saw it all the way through. Go ahead. We’ll wait… NOT!!!! Because Doers don’t waste their time waiting! (You might need to go back and re-read #2 again if you really thought we were going to wait. Just sayin’…)

    4 :: Dreamers think they need perfection. Doers live in the space of imperfect action.
    Oh, the sticky mire of perfectionism. Ever been there? This is one of the most crippling beliefs for anyone who has big dreams. The need to have everything be perfect before taking action is just another tricky form of Resistance (need a review on Resistance? Head over here and soak up some wicked knowledge).

    If you always need things to be perfect before you act, you will be waiting forever.
    Can your dreams wait forever? Didn’t think so.

    5 :: Dreamers allow themselves to be sidelined by failure. Doers understand that failure is a necessary for success.
    Ah… Failure. It has taken out many a would-be visionary and relegated them to annals of mediocrity time and time again.

    If you want to be different- if you ever want to become extraordinary- you must accept failure. Embrace failure. Seek out failure. Because failure means you are taking action. It means you are being consistent and going all in on your dreams. It means that you are truly alive.

    You must not stay hidden in the shadows of life for fear of what will happen when you step into the light. For fear of someone seeing you for who you truly are.
    Remember, failure does not mean you have failed forever. Unless you succumb to that instance of failure. Unless you refuse to get back up again.

    The finest visionaries, minds, and artists have seen more failure than most people could ever imagine. And, they asked for it. They craved it. Because they knew it meant that they were putting themselves out there, in all their glory and imperfection. They knew that massive amounts of failure are required to reach greatness. And they wanted to be great more than they feared temporary failures.

    So, you must ask yourself which you fear most. Failure? Or dying with your dreams unrealized inside of you? If you answered the latter, it is time for you to become something you may have never been before. Something scary. Vulnerable. Awe-inspiring.

    It is time, Love, for you to become a Doer.

    The 5 Hidden Things that Separate Dreamers from Doers

    Posted on October 12 2015

    THE 5 HIDDEN THINGS THATSEPARATE DREAMERS FROM DOERS  5 Hidden Things that Separate Dreamers from Doers Article by Nikka Karli SalifuPhoto Credit: Hailley HowardMagazine: Issue #29Have you ever defined yourself...

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  •  Putting Your Plans Into Action in 3 Steps!

    Putting Your Plans Into Action in 3 Steps!


    Article by Darlene Dunn
    Photo Credit: Hailley Howard
    Magazine: Issue #29

    You have been in ‘planning’ mode for what seems like forever. You are ready- ready to move. So what do you do----you ROCK-it!!!

    Realize it is up to you :: Take that step of faith. Put the foot on the gas and engage. You have your ideas, your plan, you have everything you need, just flip the switch! Find an accountability partner to help you keep moving.

    Open your computer :: If you are not fully engaged on Google +, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook- now is the time to spruce up your profile and start building excitement  over your brand! Need some help, check out some awesome courses that are offered at Check out- “How to use Pinterest to get in front of a 6-figure audience.

    Count your blessings :: And then count your money!! Stay positive and stay engaged and the money will come.

    Keep your vision in front of you, adjust as necessary but stay excited and stay moving. It is a-ok to make a mistake, most successful business owners have made and learned from more than a few. 

    Go ahead, you have it in you. Stop sitting there wondering if now is time, stop sitting there thinking –‘I need to get it just right’. Stop sitting and ROCK-it!!!!

    Putting Your Plans Into Action in 3 Steps!

    Posted on October 10 2015

    Putting Your Plans Into Action in 3 Steps! PUTTING YOUR PLANS INTO ACTION IN 3 STEPS!Article by Darlene DunnPhoto Credit: Hailley HowardMagazine: Issue #29You have been in ‘planning’ mode for...

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  •  8 Easy Tips to get More Referrals

    8 Easy Tips to get More Referrals


    Article by Heather Jadus
    Photo Credit: Hailley Howard
    Magazine: Issue #29

    What’s better than landing a client because someone knows, likes and trusts you? Landing a client because you were referred by someone else who knows, likes and trusts you. Referrals are the pulse of any small business. You cannot survive without them.
    Are you doing everything you can to get as many referrals as you can? Take these 8 tips and implement them TOMORROW if you are not already. You will see your business sky rocket! To the TOP!

    1| Referral Incentive
     A referral incentive is for those customers that already support your business. All you need to do is give them a SPECIAL Current Customer ONLY incentive; an exclusive freebie, punch cards (many new apps available for this), a percentage of your next order/service. 

    2| Constantly Update Your Current Clients on What You Offer
    Make sure your current clients know about all the products and services you offer and how you help so they can either refer within their company or to others they know. Too often sellers assume their clients know more about them than they do. Keep telling your story, keep showcasing your products and services, keep giving the information you have. You might feel like you’re being a broken record but it takes many times for a potential client to understand what you offer and how much they need it unfortunately.

    3| Create A Referral Form
    Place this form on your website, Facebook Page, newsletter etc. Offer an incentive to have people fill it out with names and numbers of referrals.   

    4| Offer an Affiliate Program
    This plan works best for high priced service items like coaching or courses. Anyone who brings a client to you gets a percentage or a flat incentive for bringing in that client.

    5| Got Followers?
    Traffic from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. etc?? Ask for sharing and retweets in hopes of gaining access to new people. There could be a giveaway incentive, or feature incentive of some sort of special depending on your business but you get the idea. Use those who follow you (current clients or not) to spread the word for you.

    6| Help Others Pro Bono
    There are many stories of helpful people getting business just from the goodwill they create from helping on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media/ communities. Always be willing to lend a hand if you truly have an expertise in what they are looking for. They may come back for more and know you are worth the money if you’ve already helped them.

    7| Give your raving fans the tools they need to refer you
    Do you have stacks of business cards to give to every person you know, or met, or worked with or worked for or coached or sold to, etc. etc. etc? Want to know how you can? A virtual business card; when you give it to someone, they can share it with anyone, anytime, no extra cards to carry; it’s always with them because it’s on their phone. There are so many choices out there so pick one that is inexpensive and works FOR you! There are many out there but my favorite is Knomii because it IS a virtual business card but it does so much more. Find out more at or contact me at

    8| GIVE a referral
    It's one of the best ways to get one in return. Here’s the key. You need to refer as much as you want to be referred. Support your fellow business entities and you too will prosper.  

    I hope as a result of this you get a ton more referrals. Let me know!  


    Knomii is a brilliant small business tools that only costs you pennies per day! But here they are giving you 14 days FREE! Test it out! Build your Knomii. See how it can be a small business marketing tool, a small business marketing app and a small business contact management system.

    This small business branding and marketing app is ONE of a KIND and will be a household name. Just like Facebook, Google and Instagram.

    8 Easy Tips to Get More Referrals & Make your Business a Referral Magnet!

    Posted on October 08 2015

    8 Easy Tips to get More Referrals 8 EASY TIPS TO GET MORE REFERRALS & MAKE YOUR BUSINESS A CLIENT MAGNETArticle by Heather JadusPhoto Credit: Hailley HowardMagazine: Issue #29What’s better...

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     Astral Business Tools

    Astral Business Tools

    Article by John Scardina
    Photo Credit: Hailley Howard
    Magazine: Issue #29

    I have been on a spiritual journey for many years since becoming an entrepreneur. One statement that I’ve found to be true is “Religion is for those who believe in hell, spirituality is for those who have already been through hell”. We all understand in the beginning process of building a business or brand (or at least we think that we do), those moments when planning and executing consumes us with an overwhelming amount of decisions. We as business owners make final decisions based on a plethora ideals that originate from experience, coaching, facts, science, and advice. As we use our arsenal of tools for decision making, we sometimes forget how many other tools are available to us that are gifts free for the taking.

    Astral events including moon phases may be something to pay attention to when making decisions especially as an entrepreneur. Something so simple and yet so powerful, the moon has the ability to cause oceans to rise and lower. With that said, the full moon can also affect our decision making just ask Police, doctors, nurses or anyone that works in an emergency room during a full moon. As entrepreneurs we have an extra tool to use if we watch these astral events and use them to our benefit.

    There are a couple of astral events that I utilize on a regular basis. At this point in our lives we are all aware of manifestation, yes it works! But we can also manifest and bring it to a higher momentum by following the moon’s phases. The moon phases include new, waxing, full and waning.

    1| Plan large projects during a new moon.
    2| Manifest events that you want to happen or add to your business during a waxing moon.
    3| Celebrate all positive efforts that have be created in your business during the full moon.
    4| Manifest events that you want to remove form your business during the waning moon.

    Never discount any new ideas to your decision making efforts. By realizing there are forces so much older and larger than ourselves we can achieve better results as entrepreneurs from a higher spiritual perspective. 

    Many people speak of Mercury retrograde with despair. Although this is a time of a slowdown and caution we should not worry about not making decisions during this event that occurs four times a year. We should most likely make precise decisions, checking every detail prior to committing to the final one.

    1| Accept that Mercury retrograde is a time to slow down, do not stop making decisions make conscious ones.
    2| Realize that this is also a good time to slow down yourself and review all events in your business. Double check each event in detail.
    3| Do not fear this event make it work for your needs.

    Astral events are gifts and they are free, just understand how to utilize and embrace them, these are tools that can bring you to a higher level of your business.

    Astral Business Tools, a Gift for the Taking

    Posted on October 06 2015

    ASTRAL BUSINESS TOOLS, A GIFT FOR THE TAKING Astral Business Tools Article by John ScardinaPhoto Credit: Hailley HowardMagazine: Issue #29I have been on a spiritual journey for many years since...

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  •  Knowledge is Power. So's Sharing it.

    Knowledge is Power. So's Sharing it.

    KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. So's Sharing It.

    Article by Cinthia Singleton
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #28

    Knowledge is power. Well, that’s what Sir Francis Bacon first said, then many many others after him in one way or another. Then we all assumed that if one KNOWS something, extra-special, super powers are bestowed upon us. This, of course, also assumes a few things, that our knowledge is:

    1. a vast amount of information
    2. exclusive and specialized, unlike another’s
    3. recalled swiftly and on demand
    4. providing deep enlightenment
    5. not only guaranteeing the extra-special, super powers but in perpetuity

    Problem is this is also assumes that knowledge is wisdom when, without application, it’s just data, statistics, etc. So use it or lose it. Share it. THIS is part of being a compassionate member of a community, and it’s wise. True wisdom is the act of sharing the information you got. Therein lies the empowerment. 

    So what’s the reason not to? No good one but the very real one is insecurity. We fear not being as expert as we perceive in our own head.

    The Chopin preludes we play at home sound pretty darn good and skilled. Then we meet that person who can play anything by ear. [Insert Sound Effect: sad trombone] 

    Question is asked of us, “How do you prune roses?,” and while we can garden like Mother Nature herself, we suffer a sort of stage fright as the librarian for the Gardening Dept. in our head can’t get to the filing cabinet fast enough. [Insert Sound Effect:  crazy run-slip-crash] 

    Maybe it’s difficult for to explain step by steps and dry hows in an interesting, energized way. [Insert Homer Simpson loop: Youreboringeveryonequitboringeveryone] 


    Perhaps we’re too attached to our title of Expert to share an iota of what we know because, well, then everyone will know and it/we won’t seem as precious. On the flip side, we might feel like only the real experts (Nobel Laureates, Golden Globe winners, published author agents) are listened to so why bother?

    Yes, it can be awfully scary and risky to share this stuff but …


    This is the true super power bestowed upon us. The dynamic of sharing. You and another. You and the class, workshop or the people who read your blog. The discussions. The questions. The comments that make you think. The answers that aren’t quite being grasped and need further extrapolation. The person who asks WHY in such a way we really need to deviate from rote explanation and challenge ourselves. New seeds are planted and from them grow further curiosity and passion. Doesn’t matter if it’s native “intelligence” or laboriously acquired with years of study; to not share what we know or what we’ve learned it is wasted arsenal. Henry Miller said something interesting about books, which also holds true for the information we can share with others: “When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. But when you pass it on, you are enriched threefold.”

    So whether it’s treating laundry stains, speaking a foreign language, splitting atoms or dancing swing, the dynamic of sharing (teaching, helping, healing) is the glue. It, not the information we amass, is why we’re here.  Sharing it is the power, wise one.

    “It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.”  — Snoop Dogg

    Knowledge is Power. So's Sharing it.

    Posted on September 14 2015

    Knowledge is Power. So's Sharing it. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. So's Sharing It.Article by Cinthia SingletonPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #28 Knowledge is power. Well, that’s what Sir Francis Bacon first...

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     What To Do When Everything Seems Out Of Control

    What To Do When Everything Seems Out Of Control

    Article by Ling Wong
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #28

    Have you ever felt like everything is spinning out of control and you are so overwhelmed that you have NO idea what to do?

    The solution is not to do more, or to run yourself to the ground.

    The first thing is to assume personal responsibility that we CAN take back control. When we feel like everything is out of control, we are relinquishing our personal power to external circumstances and taking on a victim mentality.

    I don’t mean being a control freak – trying to control circumstances we cannot control adds a lot of undue stress, and further confirm that we are not in control! But we can decide how we perceive a situation and hence change how we react.

    By surrendering, we often open up possibilities that we are unable to see because we are fixated on one specific outcome. There is a fine line between being empowered in a situation and letting go. For me, it always helps to stop, be still and listen.


    After stopping and being still, the next thing is to exercise discernment and discipline. When we exercise discernment, we go back to understanding what’s important for us and get clear on the outcome we want

    Then we can strip away things that don’t contribute to that end. More often than not, you will find that a lot of things just don’t matter, and you can stop doing them!

    You also need discipline because it’s one thing to identify what can be stripped away, it’s another thing to really do it. We may be afraid that we are not good enough to make that judgment or let go of whatever we need to let go of. We may be afraid that if we don’t do certain things for other people, we will be considered not worthy. We may be afraid that if we don’t perform certain task a certain way, we will get criticized or judged. We may be afraid of missing out if we don’t do certain things.

    We have to be able to see through our fears, and have the discipline to take the actions that will lead to the desired outcome.

    What To Do When Everything Seems Out Of Control

    Posted on September 11 2015

    WHAT TO DO WHENEVERYTHING SEEMS OUT OF CONTROL What To Do When Everything Seems Out Of Control Article by Ling WongPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #28Have you ever felt...

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  •  3 Success Strategies to Get Over Failure

    3 Success Strategies to Get Over Failure


    Article by Marinna Rose
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #28

    Have you ever had a dream that you took massive action to attain and it did not happen? This has happened to me more times than I can remember, but the part that I remember most is the Aftermath!

    We have a tendency to only be able to wrap our minds around more realistic goals and dreams. What we forget is that Universal Intelligence knows exactly what is for our highest best, and usually this is way beyond what our minds can fathom. 

    So when you take massive action towards your goal and it does not happen, know in that moment that the Universe is interfering on purpose. It is really saying to you that you can achieve higher, so don’t settle.

    Even though in that moment we cannot imagine something better, or think of a reason for why it did not come to fruition. We feel deflated, depressed; frustrated…to us it’s our goal and so not just settling!

    Sometimes we need to simply “Sit tight, trust and allow.” Yes, this is the guidance I was downloaded the other day on my walk. These 3 steps reminded me of all the times I became the Phoenix rising from the ashes in the aftermath of loosing. I always ended up with something bigger and more perfect than my mind could ever conceive. In that process gained strength and inner power that could never be taken away.

    Success Strategy  #1 - Sit Tight

    Of course we are talking about after you have taken massive action. Sit tight does not mean give up or do nothing. It means don’t over analyze, don’t be deflated, and don’t let frustration get the best of you.

    It is imperative that you keep your vibration and frequency as high as you can through this process. It needs to be in the resonance as if you are just about to attain that goal. If not you will start to repel the bigger goal that the Universe had in mind for you in the first place! 

    We don’t want you to repel what is meant for you. So remember when you are licking your wounds that the longer you stay here, the longer and further your dream will be to come to you.


    Success Strategy #2 - Trust

    You must be able to trust the process. Don’t hold onto the goal so tight that you suffocate the life right out of it. Or allow your emotions to get the best of you ruling the situation, holding on for dare life thinking this is your only option or opportunity.

    This is your ego speaking to you, telling you this is your last chance. Not true, it could not be farther from the truth. 

    You must be in awareness enough to recognize when to walk away. Let’s just say when your health becomes at risk that is a sure sign!

    Trust that the Universe has your back at and is supporting you at all times. Trust that you gave it everything you had to get there and that was the very best that you could do.  

    In this trust the frustration fades into the past, there is no more need to analyze, you simply fall into the knowing that everything is in perfect divine order for your highest and best life to unfold.

    Success Strategy #2 -Allow

    Allowing the whole process to flow through you from beginning to end is the key! Allow the frustration to come, but usher it out through your body just as fast as it showed up. Keep it moving. Go for a run, walk anything you can do that releases it. While you are releasing this energy feel yourself replacing it with hopeful excited energy again, trusting that it is just around the corner.

    By being in a state of allowing you are not being dormant, you are staying balanced with your emotions and being aware of the next opportunity.

    So important to keep your awareness In doing this you will be welcoming the new opportunity allowing it into your life with open arms!

    In every loss there is a winner. For everything has it’s ying and yang, negative and positive. You become successful in everything when you master the art of success in the aftermath of loosing.

    Now that you have mastered the art of success in the aftermath of loosing, be prepared to take massive action again. This time around you’ll have this priceless life experience, knowledge and inner strength that guides you fearlessly.

    Remember, don’t be defeated just “Sit Tight, Trust and Allow.”  

    3 Success Strategies to Get Over Failure

    Posted on September 09 2015

    3 Success Strategies to Get Over Failure 3 SUCCESS STRATEGIESTO GET OVER FAILUREArticle by Marinna RosePhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #28Have you ever had a dream that you took...

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    Article By: Darlene Dunn
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #28

    We have all had to deal with that customer, coach or consultant that had knowledge from a book but was clueless on how to implement it or help you implement it. We have all also had to deal with those who we just had to ‘smack our head’ and wonder how they made it to whatever age they were. If we are honest with ourselves, we too have also been the people in the above statement. So, how do we grow so we are not that person anymore?

    The first step is to convert your knowledge into applied knowledge. Have you attended a seminar or read a book and thought that the information was great but that was as far as you got? You just wasted your time and money- knowledge is useless if you don’t apply it. My challenge to you is to choose 1-2 items that you learned from your last seminar and apply them in your life and business….not tomorrow or the next day, but NOW. Once you integrate those choices, pick some other things you learned and continue this process to expand your applied knowledge base. If you do not do this, then all the money you spent on seminars, trainings and books is not an investment, it is a waste.   Don’t fret, you can turn that knowledge into something valuable by starting to think differently and apply what you learned.

    The second step is common sense. You may think if you aren’t born with it, you don’t have it! That is a lie! In today’s day world most follow the crowd, in other words, there are a ton of sheeple out there! Don’t despair, you can learn common sense- it is otherwise known as thinking for yourself and critical thinking. There are resources to help you learn how to use critical thinking- books and you tube videos are easily accessible. Take some time to gain the knowledge- and then APPLY IT!!!  The next time someone takes a stance on something- don’t automatically agree- ask questions, do research and form your very own opinion. I know, novel idea, right? The world needs more independent thinkers that aren’t afraid to apply what they have learned.

    Once you begin this process, you will be amazed that people will want to know how you became so smart and wise. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle

    The Wisdom Equation: Applied Knowledge + Common Sense

    Posted on September 05 2015

    THE WISDOM EQUATION:APPLIED KNOWLEDGE + COMMON SENSE Article By: Darlene DunnPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #28We have all had to deal with that customer, coach or consultant that had knowledge...

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    {and Satisfaction} FOR EVOLVING WOMEN

    Article By: Kiki Federico
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #28

     Success and Satisfaction for Evolving Women

    Success and Satisfaction for Evolving Women

    Our modern society puts a lot of weight on what we know and what we do as “proof” of what makes someone a leader. With the rise of holistic living and ancient wisdom traditions such as yoga, meditation and spirituality, our ideas of what makes someone a leader is rapidly changing. We are no longer willing to sacrifice our health and satisfaction for professional success. We are finding that Evolving Leadership ­ the kind the world desperately needs ­ has more to do with who you are and how you show up than your resume or accomplishments. Evolving Leaders are change­makers, and are here to BE the change. Here’s how:

    Success + Satisfaction Secret #1: Get radically honest with how you feel.
    Our ancestors were NOT told, “you’re too emotional.” In fact, Native American women were consulted by the men during their moon cycle. Their feelings were deeply honored as wisdom that was used to make decisions on matters that affected the whole tribe. As women, our feelings are one of our greatest powers and forms of intelligence, so let your feelings be heard, girl! Grab your journal and reflect. Give them a voice with trusted girlfriends. What is draining you? What fills you up? Whatever you do, do NOT ignore your feelings… They are here to tell you something! Practice tuning in to how you feel at least once per day.

    Success + Satisfaction Secret #2: Slow down for self­care.
    Self­care can often feel like another “to­do” on the list, but it doesn’t have to! You actually care for your energetic body and elevate your vibe when you slow­ down. Slowing down means less of your energy is leaking out, so more of it becomes available to you. Besides, frantic, frazzled and scattered energy doesn't resonate with people who are looking for a leader. Consider simple things you do every day as part of your self­care practice, like walking, breathing, and talking to friends. Consciously try to slow down, stop multi­tasking, breathe more slowly and deeply and look people in the eyes.

    Success + Satisfaction Secret #3: Be willing to listen within.
    In the digital age, it can be tempting to ask all your friends on Facebook or Google for advice. But the sages and mystics have known for aeons that the true teacher and all of your answers lie within. First, you must be willing to receive the inner guidance that is ready to flow through you. Then, make the time and space in your busy day to open to receive it. This means prioritizing alone time in silence, meditation, nature or movement to get out of your head and into your body to hear the voice of your deeper desires and inner wisdom.


    Success + Satisfaction Secret #4: Listen to your community.
    Stepping into leadership can be scary when we think that we have to be the authority and know it all. A true sign of leadership is understanding what your tribe thinks and cares about. A leader is more than a manager. She holds a vision and creates culture to motivate and inspire, in part by listening to her people. Take the pressure off yourself and schedule time to listen to your community or team. Allow others to feel heard. What do they need support with? What are their strengths? How would they approach things differently or make it better?

    Success + Satisfaction Secret #5: Co-­create -- share and receive the support of sisterhood.
    When we lived in tribes and villages, we had a naturally interdependent lifestyle. This is how we are designed to survive, hence our desire to feel like we fit in or belong. So the fiercely independent woman who doesn’t need anybody is a dangerous archetype. So is the belief that women are catty or competitive. Thankfully, wiser feminine qualities such as vulnerability, communication and collaboration are emerging as coveted qualities for modern leaders. Evolving Leaders leave their inner control freak behind and embrace being a team player. This isn’t just working well with others. It means believing that your success equals and enhances my success. It means actively supporting other women and receiving it in turn,­ building your a­team and sharing your vision. When you ask for help, you give someone the opportunity to feel the satisfaction of contributing. You tell the universe that you are worthy of receiving
    support and want to focus more on what lights you up.

    Success + Satisfaction Secret #6: Embrace death -- Let go.
    Death is a time of gratitude and celebration in many ancient cultures. It is an opportunity to honor what has come before and release it to make space for new life. Death is a recurring, natural part of life and can symbolize the end of a project, job, relationship, habit, or belief. Clinging and attaching to people, ideas, memories, fears actually goes against our true nature. Make time in your calendar (the new moon is perfect for this) to regularly celebrate what you want to release that no longer serves you. What are you clinging to that you need to let go of?


    Are you an emerging­leader, change­maker or socially conscious woman in business?

    Then be sure to grab your FREE GIFT here on Owning Your Divine Feminine Power at Work {How to be heard without sounding like a bitch.}

    6 Secrets to Success and Satisfaction for Evolving Women

    Posted on September 03 2015

    6 SECRETS TO SUCCESS{and Satisfaction} FOR EVOLVING WOMENArticle By: Kiki FedericoPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #28 Success and Satisfaction for Evolving Women Our modern society puts a lot of weight on...

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     Online Success Strategies

    Online Success Strategies

    Article By: Yetunde Taiwo-Shorters
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #28

    Here is the truth that no one really shares; Publicists are like brand therapists. We ride a fine line between being in your business and handling your business. Here are 10 success strategies to help you ROCK IT ONLINE that is all about your “business”.

    This means from this day forth, everything you say, do or share has to be intentional about the message of your brand. No more random posts, no more venting on social media. If you feel the need to vent, count to 20 (LITERARILY or wait a day) and then decide if you still want to post that emotion. If you do or do not post, at least you had momentarily think time.
    Your audience/customers are the number one most important part of your online success. What you offer them must be at all times sincere about your value. It is important that you respect them at all times online or in-person. Yes, even when they may not respect themselves. They are the reason you are in business. Building a relationship with them gets you a lifetime of clients. Take it seriously.

    As you step into this journey that is your brand purpose, please understand that you are officially your brand spokesperson. It is important that you be your best self as often as possible. You will have trolls and naysayers; you will also have supporters and fans. The trick is to remain the constant in this relationship.

    I recommend that you keep your personal stories in the public space PERSONAL. That means: the public does not need to know everything about you. Keep things light, relatable and honest. In unique circumstances, you may share a deeply personal story, but only if it is for the greater good, or for a story angle on your brand to get you publicity, not just new information on a “just because” clause. 


    It is always important to PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! before any interview, read and re-read any copy that your publicist needs you to, for clarity and understanding. Should you ever be faced with a question on a live interview that throws you off, it is ok to THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. It may be awkward, but we would rather you reply with some thought. If you give a thoughtless answer, well lets just say the crisis management may cost you a lot more than a few second to thing. So, a couple of seconds of thought is a better choice than any thoughtless engagement. 

    I would like you to remember that as your social media fan base grows do not underestimate the power of social media. You now have to constantly remember, whether you like it or not, you are officially a role model (GLOBALLY, as the Internet is worldwide). Stop thinking you are talking to your real life friends. Your fans and your 2000+ fb followers are not your friends. Be intentional about what you say online. Again, just as it is okay to think before you talk or respond to press, it is okay to think before you hit that tweet or publish button.

    Should any of the trolls or naysayers start a rumor or escalate a minor misunderstanding that could affect your online success, at no point should you resort to social media bashing or subliminal messaging online about the situation. In those cases (though rare), please call your publicist and share EVERYTHING you know about the situation (it helps when we know the whole truth, so we can address it head on professionally, either with a press release, media alert or PR strategy). You should also call your attorney. But never respond emotionally and publicly without communication with your PR and LEGAL team.

    As your team develops a relationship with you and the media or prospects, please note, at no time are you allowed to discuss dealings in meetings with anyone except your attorney or your PR team. So those random tweets or instagram selfies “live at the meeting”. THINK TWICE and ask for permission. It is important that you build trust with the media and your partners as a brand with integrity. Until they sign on the dotted line, do not blast it off on social media.

    As we know, integrity is important in building relationships. If at any point you have some partnerships or friendships that appear to be a conflict of interest with your brand, discuss it openly. 9 times out of 10 you would rather eliminate the conflict unless in unique circumstances.

    10| HAVE FUN
    Change is usually uncomfortable, but it is more fun when you are open to it. Have fun being you, have fun with all you will learn. I recognize that some or all of the above messages may seem challenging or new to you, but it works. Use them to ROCK YOUR BRAND ONLINE.

    Online Success Strategies: 10 Ways to Rock It Online

    Posted on September 01 2015

    ONLINE SUCCESS STRATEGIES:10 WAYS TO ROCK IT ONLINE Online Success Strategies Article By: Yetunde Taiwo-ShortersPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #28Here is the truth that no one really shares; Publicists are...

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  •  Makeover Your To-Do List

    Makeover Your To-Do List


    Article by Priscilla Wainwright
    Photo Credit: Nancy Schoenmakers
    Magazine: Issue #27

    Most of us have to-do lists of some kind or another. Maybe it’s a goal list or activity list on your work planner. Perhaps it’s a tick-list of things you want to get done around the house or other personal things.

    Are you a “list person”? Many of us are. I have a girlfriend who is so organized, she has a “list of lists”. She’s a human dynamo, but she still grouses to me that she hasn’t got enough time to get it all done. While she won’t admit it, she sees her life as one interruption after another. Do you fall into that category by any chance?

    Do you have any time or activity on your list for your personal enjoyment, or development of a pleasurable nature? How about time for reflection or some other quiet time or Spiritual practice?


    We women can be gluttons for doing, serving, and multitasking. (Supposedly we typically do the latter better than men.) I’m sure you’ve heard the old saw, “Men work from sun to sun; women’s work is never done.” This is often so true. Finish a hard day at work, come home, and who’s gotta cook, clean, take care of the kids? This can all become very draining after a while.

    Proper self-care is critical to your physical, mental, and spiritual health.    Are you factoring personal nourishment (other than meals!) into your daily schedule? Every athlete knows that constant practice can lead to burnout and that periods of relaxation, especially prior to a match, improve performance.

    Look over your to-do list and your daily schedule. See where you can insert a calming, relaxing practice, or maybe a gym workout. That ultimately will refresh you as well. Whatever you choose, do something that will lift your spirit.

    If you’re new to this, you might need to deal with guilt or self-imposed demands, or felt pressure to accomplish. Determine a practice that you can live with over time, and commit to stick with it for 30 days at least.   By then, it should be a habit, and you will find new levels of energy.

    Go for it, Tigress. You’re worth it!


    Want help defining and living into YOUR innate feminine glory?  Come onto our site and join Tigress Tribe, our online community. Since our community is new, you’ll be a Charter Member. In our Forum, you’ll get personal attention and help, and can help others as well.

    It's Time to Makeover Your To-Do List

    Posted on August 18 2015

    Makeover Your To-Do List IT'S TIME TO MAKEOVER YOUR TO-DO LISTArticle by Priscilla WainwrightPhoto Credit: Nancy SchoenmakersMagazine: Issue #27Most of us have to-do lists of some kind or another. Maybe...

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  •  Building a Brand with Permission to Fail!

    Building a Brand with Permission to Fail!


    Article by Sophie Mihalko
    Photo Credit: Nancy Schoenmakers
    Magazine: Issue #27

    I used to get out of bed and look at my to do list. I would get dressed, get the kids ready for school and with a hot cup of coffee set out to do the best I could with what I got. 

    I would deal with the problems, find the solutions, and feel somewhat accomplished to have solved things. I would take small steps toward growing a business I loved, knowing it was normal that it took so long since every one else was going through that growth process. 

    But inside me was that gnawing feeling that something else was possible. 

    Consciousness includes everything and rejects nothing, says Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness®. This means that being successful has as much value as failing. It means not feeling like doing something may create as much as doing 10 things on my list. It means NOTHING is bad nothing is good. Everything is allowed. 

    When I first understood the true meaning of Consciousness I felt very uncomfortable. I had no more points of reference. But it also meant total freedom. I could make any video, write any blog post, create any product and if no one ever saw any of it, or bought any of it, I could no longer judge myself.

    Wow! it gave me so much more room to create. The joy of my business was in the creation process, not in the result. I did not look at the analytics, at the receipts or any kind of result.

    I was having fun, creating more than I ever knew and most of all I had so much more energy than before! I had never realized how much energy it took to do things right. Now, I was sleeping less time, ate less and felt much more energized. 

    I am sure you know what follows. The money is in the bank and the people love how “crazy” I am.

    Consciousness is the most expansive space to do business in. It allows me to be everything I always wanted to be, and everything I did not know I wanted to be. 

    How does it get any better than that?


    Celebrities are getting paid for being themselves. Is it time you do?

    Learn the easy, practical tools they use to get there, from someone who left her job and started making 3 times more money within a month of choosing to get paid for Being Her.
    This e-course consists of an audio class and PDF, and was created by Sophie Mihalko, CFMW. How does it get any better than that? Get it now!

    Consciousness: Building a Brand with Permission to Fail!

    Posted on August 11 2015

    Building a Brand with Permission to Fail! CONSCIOUSNESS: BUILDING A BRAND WITH PERMISSION TO FAIL!Article by Sophie MihalkoPhoto Credit: Nancy SchoenmakersMagazine: Issue #27I used to get out of bed and...

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    Article by Yetunde Taiwo Shorters
    Photo Credit: Nancy Schoenmakers
    Magazine: Issue #27

     7 Things to Know Before You Hire a Publicist

    7 Things to Know Before You Hire a Publicist

    What do publicists do? They leverage media relationships for their clients to maximize their exposure by millions, so they can increase exposure and growth that in turn influences your profits. In my 15 years in Branding, Publicity and Marketing, I know that people consistently mix the 3. These 7 tips will help you be conscious of what you need, so you can work with your publicist to make the most of your product or service 

    1. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BRANDING, PUBLIC RELATIONS, ADVERTISING AND MARKETING? - The job of your publicist is to provide PUBLIC opportunities to help expose your product, service or expertise. It provides opportunity for the marketing person to convert that publicity to dollars. But you have to repeat it multiple times (advertising) so that people remember. You usually need all 4 on your team for a very effective strategy.

    2. BE CLEAR ON YOUR CUSTOMER PROFILE - If you have an idea of your target audience, It can help you identify which publicist to go for and can put your publicist to work faster. You should know the following as a business owner before you hire a publicist: 

    • Your gender market i.e. – Male, Female, Boys, Girls, Students
    • Their Age demographic i.e.- Age 10-18, 20- 25, 30-45 etc.
    • A clear value statement of what you will be providing to themWhy they should pick you over the competition

    3. INTERVIEW YOUR PROSPECTIVE PUBLICIST - Public relations is one major way to get exposure to millions of people at one time. That opportunity is invaluable. So before you make that financial commitment, you should interview your publicist. Here are 5 top questions you should ask your prospective publicists.

    • What are the top 3-5 results they can share with you about their successful campaigns?
    • What major media do they have good relationships with?
    • Are their efforts more prominent on print, TV, radio, online?
    • Do they focus on local, national or international publicity?
    • Do they charge by results (À la carte) or with a monthly retainer?

    4. PICKING YOUR PUBLICIST - Declaring your customer profile helps you almost immediately identify the publicist you should approach. Find and contact publicists that have experience in your industry, genre or target market.


    5. BE FLEXIBLE - You may come ready with your customer profile, branding etc. and your publicist says “you need to re-brand, what you have now is not going to work for the media you want to receive.” Be flexible. Make the changes. If they can show you proven results of their success conversion, invest in updating your brand to get the results you desire.

    6. HAVE A REALISTIC MEDIA WISH LIST - A wish list is the ideal media you would like your publicist to get you into via TV, Print, Online or Radio. Be realistic about the type of publications you want to get in. If your brand is aligned with that media’s image then you have a higher chance of getting featured. But remember it may take weeks or months. 

    7. BE PATIENT - Public Relations is “RELATIONS”. It’s building a relationship with the world about your offer. Just as you don’t always open your door to every stranger that you meet, you have to see your new brand as a stranger to the public, but the more they get to “know you” the more they feel more comfortable with you. Twitter is a perfect example. Most of us who joined twitter when it started were not immediately tuned to it and now, even if it is not used, many people have Twitter accounts. That took almost what: 7 years? YES, so be patient and give people a chance to know what you, your product or service is about.

    Everything you say or do is Public Relations” - (Anonymous). Be aware of how you are relating to the world. Imagine if your product were a person, what kind of person would you want to be friends with? That should help you be intentional with your brand and it’s message to get Global Publicity so you can dominate the world. GOODLUCK.

    7 Things to Know Before You Hire a Publicist

    Posted on July 21 2015

    7 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU HIRE A PUBLICISTArticle by Yetunde Taiwo ShortersPhoto Credit: Nancy SchoenmakersMagazine: Issue #27 7 Things to Know Before You Hire a Publicist What do publicists...

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    {So They Can Be Self-sufficient for Life}

    Article by Heather Jadus
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

     Business Building Skills You MUST Teach Your Kids

    Business Building Skills You MUST Teach Your Kids

    I have always been an entrepreneur at heart.

    When I was 15 I bought a car even though I couldn't drive one yet. I wasn't going to make payments on something I couldn't use so I leased the car to my brother because his car was on the fritz. Brilliant, right? Ha!

    I've always had money; sometimes more than others but always had it and never had to rely on anyone. This is a skill I plan on handing down to my kids so that they too will be self-sufficient when they grow. Teaching your kids entrepreneurial skills at a young age will set them up for success and build their confidence throughout their entire life. Think about it, who as a kid or an adult couldn't use the following skills:

    1. Goal Setting: Every entrepreneur knows that you must set high yet achievable goals in order to be successful. Reiterating this to your kids will get them to focus on what their expectations of themselves are. Have them set a few goals over a certain period of time and also help them with some action steps and a clear plan of how to reach those goals.

    2. Opportunity Recognition: Teach your kids to see how they can help someone solve a problem. My example above of leasing my car to my brother because I couldn't drive it was entirely my idea. I don't think I was taught that but I'm sure that you could open your child's eyes by getting them to think about how to provide people with solutions and perhaps even monetize it eventually.

    3. Creativity: Letting your kids be creative and come up with ideas that are "outside the box" is a great way to broaden their marketing perspective. Don't shut down any ideas they have.  Let them play it through and see how it goes. Better to make mistakes and learn from them now rather than later in life.

    4. Sales: Selling is an important skill that can be invaluable in life. Selling products, services or even yourself as a person is required for everyone at some time. I am big into consignment sales so my 4.5 year old daughter already knows that if she gives some of her toys to sell at the sale that she can take some of that money to buy something "new to her" from the sale. She finds it fun. She also knows that the toys that don't sell get donated to a child who might not have the money to purchase toys. Lots of learning going on there.


    5. Communication: Communication is the key to relationship building and we all know how important that is to growing a business. Teach your kids how to say what they mean and ask for what they want. Also teach them that being kind to everyone is important but not letting people treat you poorly is just as important. If someone hurts them, they should be able to speak up.

    6. Money Knowledge: Teaching your kids how to make money, what money can buy, how to save for things and the basic economics of how money works is key. I honestly cannot believe that they don't teach this stuff in a high school course. Things like balancing your checking account, opening a savings account and how saving now for retirement can look like in 50 years. Invaluable and powerful information to ingrain into kids brains at a young age.

    7. Dealing with Failure: No business growth happens without some failures involved. Teaching your kids to try and try again to get to the goals they wish to reach is the only way to get there. Never give up. It's just not an option. EVER!

    These skills can will help your kids no matter what age they are now and throughout their whole life.

    What do you think? Is entrepreneurship a born with trait or a trained trait or both?  

    Be Informed. Be Safe. Be Healthy.


    Roxy Grace is a girl who wants to spread the message to young girls that “Kindness is Cool”.  And how to be smart about the ingredients you put on your skin.  She’s also looking for young recruits to spread the word and learn about being an entrepreneur! 

    The DIY kits available are lip balm, sugar scrubs and bath fizzies. Click HERE to get more info on Roxy Grace + also get a FREE lip balm sample and Use CODE: JADUSH02 So I know you found me here on Holistic Fashionista!

    Mompreneurs! 7 Business Building Skills You MUST Teach Your Kids

    Posted on July 13 2015

    MOMPRENEURS!7 BUSINESS BUILDING SKILLS YOU MUST TEACH YOUR KIDS{So They Can Be Self-sufficient for Life}Article by Heather JadusPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26 Business Building Skills You MUST Teach...

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    {in the 21st Century Global Marketplace}

     Better Business Relationships

    Better Business Relationships

    Article by Heather Rebecca Wilson
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

    While everyone has been obsessing over knowing their ideal client inside and out, I’ve noticed that in a great deal of my interactions with other “global" entrepreneurs, many of us don’t know ourselves inside and out. When we can’t see ourselves clearly, or have a 360 degree view of our identity, this often leads to cringe-worthy moments when a well-intended comment actually has a negative impact on someone and can unnecessarily put the brakes on an exciting business deal or relationship.

    “Cultural Competence” is the ability to work effectively across differences with curiosity, humility, respect, empathy, and without judgment. Unless you’re planning to only work with people who are exactly like you, whether it's joint venture partners, team members, or even clients, without this 360 degree view of your identity, your ability as an entrepreneur to lead others and transform the world with your unique message is on shaky ground at best.

    "Cultural Humility" is an orientation that first and foremost, recognizes the inherent power balances that exist in our everyday lives and requires a commitment to ongoing self-reflection in order understand the experience of others. Your ability to navigate an increasingly uncertain, complex, and yet collaborative world is key to your success or failure in the global marketplace of the 21st century. Your ideal client might be just like you, or so you may think! Some dimensions of identity are invisible. So, how does one become culturally competent or humble? And what is identity exactly?

    Identity is how you see yourself, how others see you (in the world of social psychology this is referred to as your “social identity), and your reaction to that outside perception. We are all born innocent. Identities develop over a lifetime. Additionally, they can be extremely complex and fluid. So, identity is the dynamic relationship between these elements and can be pretty darn complicated.

    Your “social identity” refers to your membership in certain social groups and the implications of belonging to these groups. Social groups are defined by gender, age, ethnicity, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. Examples of this might be your place of work, a religious or spiritual community you are a part of, or a private club that you or your family belongs to.

    Here’s the kicker: our self-identification with a particular social group may have no influence on how we are categorized by others. We are constantly evaluated by others in ways that make sense to them, not necessarily to us. This is a bitter pill to swallow for most everyone, but it is a reality that one must acknowledge to have an honest conversation about the role of identity in our global community.

    Take some time to reflect on the following and make a new plan to up your game in this area:

    Success Strategy #1: Know how you self-identify among the different dimensions of identity and how this affects the person you are today. These dimensions include but are not limited to: age, body size/shape, sexual orientation/questioning, family structure, socioeconomic status, language of origin, ability, sex, religion, race, and ethnicity (connected to race, but different; involves cultures, traditions, and geographical location). How have your identity related experiences colored the way you see the world? What are your core values? In what areas are you in the minority? In what areas have you benefited from majority privilege? Where might you have some blind spots? 

    Success Strategy #2: Effective leaders understand that success is built on relationships. Make a concerted effort to educate yourself about how others who identify differently than you may perceive you and why that is. There are many resources available, especially on the internet. Educating yourself about the experiences and perspectives of others is YOUR responsibility. Lack of knowledge or awareness of the experiences of those who are not like you can often be misinterpreted as a lack of caring or worse, prejudice.


    Success Strategy #3: Never assume. There is a time for asking questions and a time for just listening. Be discerning. Be present. Be patient. 

    Success Strategy #4: Have a growth mindset as you embark on the cultural competence and humility journey. Know that you will make mistakes on a regular basis and be OK with that. If you do offend someone, hear them out when he or she wants to talk about it, make a heartfelt apology, and a genuine effort to do better in the future.

    Success Strategy #5: Be open and honest about this new endeavor you are undertaking to become more culturally competent and humble. Let others know that this is important to you and that you’re interested in connecting with likeminded people for inspiration, support, and accountability. Start conversations. Be visible. Be vulnerable. 

    Cultural competence and humility will help you navigate and stay relevant in this new world where consumers and potential creative partners are increasingly diverse, savvy, and in search of authentic connections with other people who “get it” and “get them”

    5 Success Strategies for Better Business Relationships

    Posted on July 10 2015

    5 SUCCESS STRATEGIES FOR BETTER BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS{in the 21st Century Global Marketplace} Better Business Relationships Article by Heather Rebecca WilsonPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26While everyone has been obsessing...

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     Position Your Business for Success

    Position Your Business for Success

    Article by Shana Yao
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

    Earning $10k a month is a goal of many new entrepreneurs and for many, it is their measure of success. While it seems unreachable for some, it easily becomes the standard for others.

    What sets apart a brand that makes $10k a month from one that only makes $3k a month?

    One of the most overlooked things by entrepreneurs when they start their business is positioning their brand in the marketplace. Whether you are a coach, or sell a product, your business sits within a category filled with other businesses that sell similar products and services. Where your brand sits amongst the competitors will determine how valuable your business is to your target clients. Many entrepreneurs leave their positioning up to the consumer - but the reality is, we teach others how to value ourselves. Your potential clients judge your value based on the products and services you offer, the quality, your communication, your marketing, your branding, and your prices.


    Positioning, as defined by Jack Trout and Al Ries– experts in marketing and branding and author of the book “Positioning”, define it as the perception your clients have of your product or service. It’s how you “place” the product in the mind of the consumer.”

    Positioning is the value and experience you deliver to your customer. If you position yourself as high end, you know your product or service is at the top level of quality for the category it is in. It delivers benefits that no other brand delivers, and therefore, you know you can charge a higher rate. To create positioning for your product/service/brand, you need determine how your brand stands out to that target market.

    Here are 3 things you can do right now to position your brand for success.


    Understand who you are - how your talents, strengths, life experience, and your unique personality play into your brand. After all, if you don't recognize these important facets of your personality, your ideal clients won't be able to connect with and find you. Who you are is more than just a business message. It's the deeper story behind the message - your WHY of why you are started your business in the first place. It's understanding your personal value, and the things about yourself that make people take note.

    Who are you? Why do you do what you do? Tell your compelling story - it's how you build strong connections.



    WHAT do you do? What makes you amazing? What is the value, the transformation, the experience you give to your clients? Whatever it is you do, show others your expertise.

    The most effective and successful businesses show their brilliance by GIVING it away for free.

    WHAT??? (screeching car slamming on the brakes)

    Yes, brilliant brands are so confident in the value they deliver, they proudly show others and GIVE their best stuff away. This could be through videos, articles like this, public speaking, effective graphics - anything that demonstrates your expertise.


    Be known for who you are. Many new entrepreneurs think they have to create a persona that isn’t them, just to “fit in”. They try to embody what they think the market might like. But doing this is exactly the opposite of what will create effective brand positioning.

    PEOPLE BUY YOU. Yes, you read that right. Sure people want what you sell, but the decision to work with you over a competitor is based on who you are and the emotional experience you deliver in your brand. Owning your value, being bold in your actions, and not worrying about judgement from others is how you create an irresistible brand.


    As you can see, positioning your brand for success is something that needs to be proactively addressed. Without it, your brand will not stand out in it's category and in the end, not make the money you deserve.

    Positioning is not just what you do, it's a standard, a state of mind, and an embodiment of who you are as a person and who you need to be in your business. The most successful business owners are ones that are congruent in their being so that they deliver a consistent message and consistent value in their business.

    This is why I believe it is everyone’s real job in life to become the person they are meant to be and having a business is the best way to do so. Because having a business that uses your greatest strengths, talents, and life experience makes you step up to become your successful self NOW. It's how you launch into your business as an expert and it makes you step up to that expert status everyday. You get paid for being YOU.

    If you would like to find out more about building a successful business that always has clients and makes you the money you deserve, I invite you to schedule a chat with me.

    How to Position Your Business for Success

    Posted on July 07 2015

    HOW TO POSITION YOUR BUSINESS FOR SUCCESS Position Your Business for Success Article by Shana YaoPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26Earning $10k a month is a goal of many...

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    Article by Angel Quintana
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari

     Celebrate when Prospects Unsubscribe

    Celebrate when Prospects Unsubscribe

    I’ve been getting lots of questions from clients and Club Members about what to do when you get a lot of people unsubscribing to your newsletter, membership site, Facebook group, etc… and I wanted to nip it in the bud.

    When people opt-out or cancel any subscriptions, celebrate. When you worry about those people who no longer want to hear from you— you are simply wasting precious time. The real problem you should be dealing with is attracting new leads and getting in front of those who would happily take their place. Do you have an automated strategy for that? If not, you should.

    In fact, I’m going to suggest you start emailing more often, sharing more rad ideas in your group, and maybe even up your prices for your Membership site so you can find out who's really a HOT LEAD. There are a zillion new leads out there who would happily take their place — why furrow your brow and get wrinkly for those people who don’t matter?

    Remember this: when you worry about who doesn’t like you or no longer wants to hear from you, learn from you, or buy your stuff, think of it as a blessing. It’s the push you need to get marketing and in front of NEW leads, which should be your primary job 7 days a week.

    Check out this FB post that I did yesterday - Business Tip of the Day

    Learn more about our Pro level Club Membership and start advertising to find those new leads. We’re here to help, when you’re ready to get serious.

    Now… go celebrate!



    Angel Quintana builds holistic brands. She is the CEO and Founder of Holistic Fashionista, a marketing and consulting agency for holistic leaders looking to start and grow designer businesses. Acclaimed for her renowned Signature System©mentoring programs, Angel helps over-achievers launch strategic sales funnels to sell high-end, holistic products. Her non-traditional consulting style focuses on asking hard questions and listening attentively to clients in order to: write compelling sales copy, creative problem solve, launch killer marketing plans, and attract their Kismet Clients™.

    While her tattooed exterior shows her creative tough side, it is her thoughtful approach to brand building that has won her thousands of raving fans. She is also the author of Funnel Foreplay, the little black playbook of sales strategies for a new generation of internet marketers who celebrate the art of business-to-consumer relationships without jumping into bed with cold leads. To learn more about Angel, visit


    Why You Should Celebrate when Prospects Unsubscribe

    Posted on July 01 2015

    WHY YOU SHOULD CELEBRATE WHEN PROSPECTS UNSUBSCRIBEArticle by Angel QuintanaPhoto Credit: Dasha & Mari Celebrate when Prospects Unsubscribe I’ve been getting lots of questions from clients and Club Members about...

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  •  Ways to Market in Facebook Groups

    Ways to Market in Facebook Groups


    Article by Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

    Many of my clients tell me about their constant frustration with Facebook. If you don’t know already, Fanpage owners have had a rough time getting more of their Fans to see their posts. Facebook is a business, and it decided one day to monetize even more by ushering Fanpage owners into paying to have more of their fans see posts.

    Frustrating, indeed.

    The good news? Even if you aren’t too happy with Facebook right now, you can still take advantage of this tremendous social media platform by using Facebook groups and doing that thing that helps build your business: building relationships with your Ideal Clients.

    Here are my top three tips to help you use Facebook Groups to market your business in a non-sleazy, holistic way!

    Pick Highly Targeted Groups

    One of the key factors in marketing is always to niche down and get specific about what your services are, and who they are meant to serve. This same principle applies to everything in your business, including marketing in Facebook groups.

    Make sure that the groups you choose to join actually have your Ideal Clients in them! If not, you are wasting your time. Remember that as awesome as it can be to network with your peers, your business is built on getting new clients who don’t have the knowledge or skills you have, and they aren’t going to necessarily be in the same groups as your peers.


    For example, if you’re a health coach, using groups that have fellow Health Coaches in them isn’t targeted. That group is where others in your industry hang out. Instead, find groups that have men or women who are trying to lose weight or eat healthier, depending on what problem you help your clients solve.

    Introduce Yourself!

    I know this isn’t rocket science, but introducing yourself is important for you to be seen in the groups you have chosen to join. Most group members rarely make an appearance. You want to be a thought leader in your chosen groups. You want to be seen, and stand out. 

    Make sure you introduce yourself as soon as you join, and in your introduction, mention what you do for work, and how you help your clients, as well as who your Ideal Client is.


    The key to success in Facebook groups is consistent engagement. By engaging. By adding high value content. By not spamming. By being helpful and consistent.

    If you follow these top Facebook marketing tips, you’re not only going to get more clients, you’re going to make some incredible friendships. I truly believe Facebook groups are the best way to find and interact with your Ideal Clients, regardless of what industry you’re in.

    3 Ways to Market in Facebook Groups

    Posted on June 30 2015

    Ways to Market in Facebook Groups 3 WAYS TO MARKET IN FACEBOOK GROUPSArticle by Elizabeth Kelsey BradleyPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26Many of my clients tell me about their...

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    Article by Angela Anderson
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

    The energy you pour into your business is not just in the actual moments you are meeting with clients, on the computer, or doing other business related activities. Your actions and rituals outside of office hours are major factors that determine how productive, energetic, and effective you are when you work your business.

    What’s the first thing you do after you wake-up in the morning?

    What do you do the first hour of your day?

    What do you do the last hour of your day?

    Do you exercise regularly?

    Do you have a personal development practice?

    Do you eat food that supports your health?

    Your daily practice can result in laser sharp focus and unwavering mental clarity. You can have a thriving business, live life to the fullest, and feel like a million bucks with these NINJA tactics:

    NINJA Tactic #1:  Exercise (hint: not the treadmill or walking the dog)

    I’m going to take this century old recommendation and put some cayenne in it for you. Cardio machines are boring, unless you are listening to some killer beats. Walking the dog is relaxation, not fitness. I’m asking you to resistance train.  

    Resistance training, even if it’s just using your own body weight, sets off a hormonal cascade throughout your body that lasts hours after your workout ends. It’s a humming feeling that is with you all day long. Resistance training encourages production of youth hormones to keep you lovely and stimulate fat loss. And most importantly, studies about resistance training show mental health benefits. These benefits include: improved memory, improved executive control, lessen depression, less chronic fatigue, improved quality of sleep, improved cognition, less anxiety, and improved self esteem.

    NINJA Tactic #2:  Feed Your Brain, literally!

    I’m sure you “get” that you feel tired, unfocused, and foggy after eating desserts. You probably keep your alcohol consumption under control for the same reasons. To improve mental clarity, eating “clean” is a great start, but it’s only the beginning. What is your idea of a healthy, holistic diet? Do you follow a specific nutrition protocol?

    More and more, health & fitness experts are releasing information and case studies about carbohydrates and the devastating effects they can have not only on your physique, but your overall health, including your brain function.

    The carbohydrates I refer to are not just pastries, pastas, bread and white rice. I’m referring to any food whose composition is mainly carbohydrate: all grains (brown rice included), fruits, sugars, and starchy vegetables (butternut squash and sweet potatoes included). Read your food labels and use Google to find out just how many carbohydrates are in your food.

    Focus on eating a diet high in lean proteins, fat, and low starchy vegetables. Use your carbohydrates to feed your muscles after a resistance training workout, otherwise, the constant carbohydrate loading will just go to your brain and fog it up.


    NINJA Tactic #3:  Personal Refinement

    Take the book-ends of your day (the first and last hours of your day) and devote them to your personal practice. Make no exceptions. If you are a mom, get up earlier (or use naptime) and shorten that hour to 10 minutes. No excuses.

    Ninjas are so focused and so elite because of their daily practice of developing a deep knowledge of themselves, their personal power, their strengths and weaknesses, and their influence.

    To have ninja focus in your business, you have to be very clear about your intentions, commitments, and personal motivations in life. Your daily practice will give you mental endurance, lessen egotistic judgment, and improve your perspective.

    Read, meditate, sing, pray, listen, even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day. But do it every day. All of these modalities will center and ground you so that you have unwavering focus while you work.


    Stuff yourself skinny, only workout 30 minutes a day, and become a fat burning machine! Free PDF download reveals the 1 THING to incorporate into your daily routine that will tone your body and cut loose extra weight. Get it now!

    3 Ninja Tactics to Mastering Your Mental Clarity During Business Hours

    Posted on June 24 2015

    3 NINJA TACTICS TO MASTERING YOURMENTAL CLARITY DURING BUSINESS HOURS Article by Angela AndersonPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26The energy you pour into your business is not just in...

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    Article by John Scardina
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

     Is Networking Bad for Business?

    Is Networking Bad for Business?

    For years I have been a fan of networking, I like to think I have a rather large network of professionals in many different aspects of business and knowledge that I can converse with to acquire answers, opinions, ideas and clients. Networking is the human mind and body in marketing mode, always changing, adapting and growing with each new contact. The amazing part of networking is that you never know who you will meet and what or who they know. In business we all solve a problem that someone has and many of many of us solve very unique or niche problems for clients. This is what makes us so adaptable to “Networking with the enemy”.

    As a practitioner I network with other practitioners in and out of the same field I practice. This is where I hear from others, stating “you should never network or share business info with someone that practices in your same field”, especially in the same geographical area that you practice. That’s like “networking with the enemy”. “You are losing business by doing this”. I personally do not believe in these fears or statements. The problems that you solve for clients go much deeper than a cookie cutter practice and knowledge gained from likeminded people is so very valuable. They understand your business, they have made the same mistakes, overcome the same obstacles and have a world of info to share that is a benefit to your business. The greatest importance of this is, knowledge and client acquisition. So many practitioners offer so many types of services and there are also many services that they do not. The big picture here is to network with everyone you can and feel comfortable with them completely. This is how we learn and grow within our business.

    In my history I have only lost one client to another practitioner since 2009 with networking in this manner. This client admittedly was not a great fit for my services and I was happy to have introduced them to another practitioner. The end result was I avoided conflict with a client and still helped the client overall. I have gained so many more clients in return by this very same method of networking. With consistent sharing and networking with like practitioners we all improve the world as a whole and almost always have an answer to a business problem. The plain and simple fact is, if I cannot service a client fully I will pass this client along to someone I know and trust and the same works in reverse. The more you network with the so named “enemy”, the more knowledgeable and powerful you become as a resource to your clients.

    There is no such thing as “networking with the enemy”!

    1| Network with all types of people, even those who provide the same services.
    2| Know these people well and build a trust.
    3| Share knowledge and experience
    4| Be confident in the knowledge and service that you provide.


    Treat yourself. Shop Natural Ways for thousands of natural products for you & your family.

    Shop now and get free shipping with orders over $50.

    Is Networking Bad for Business?

    Posted on June 22 2015

    IS NETWORKING BAD FOR BUSINESS?Article by John ScardinaPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26 Is Networking Bad for Business? For years I have been a fan of networking, I like...

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  •  Mastering "Minding Your Own Business"

    Mastering "Minding Your Own Business"


    Article Jenni Cornette
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

    It never ceases to amaze me that my greatest moments of growth usually come as silent spirit-like whispers in my ear. These are reminders from my childhood that my parents and grandparents would plant in my soul. These words of wisdom from my family like "mind your own business" were perceived differently when I was a child.  Yet they still planted and as these wise words come to be life lessons, I can't help but giggle to myself and wonder if they knew then what I know now?  that were planted into my being when I was a girl.  

    I usually know its time to take a look within when I find myself paying too much attention to others, taking the actions of others which I know I cannot control personally, or I am over emotional or feeling drained and uninspired.  Now that I am mature, I have come to realize that minding my own business has nothing to do with anyone but myself.  If I have time to be concerned with others "BUSINESS", success, or opportunities than I know something in my own life is out of balance.  It is time to be mindful of nurturing  and caring for myself. 

    If you are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, disconnected then it is likely you are suffering from an in-balance in your life.  Take a moment to check yourself (literally) and discover if you currently are not in a healthy cycle.  I know personally as a natural giver, do-gooder, and healer that I am the first to put myself last.  In a holistic business it is important to practice what we preach and take the essential steps necessary to SCHEDULE STRESS RELIEVING rituals on our calendar.  As the world is becoming more and more connected to devices and computers and working long hours with no downtime, it is easy to get distracted and forget our most important asset.  Our bodies were not made to perform at such high stress levels for extended periods of time.  We need to equally nurture our relationships, ourselves, our earth and our spirit.

    Some things to be mindful of when creating a balanced lifestyle are scheduling time for yourself, time to connect with others on a human level and to practice rituals in your life.  Try to maintain regular sleep cycles,  exercise at the same time daily, have dinner at the table at a similar time every night with your family.  Being on a schedule keeps our body and mind in a rhythm, this allows us to balance ourselves.  Schedule a date night every other week on your calendar with your husband, have a monthly girls night out to nurture your relationship with your soul sisters, and pick three (one hour) time slots on your calendar dedicated to PLAY weekly.  And I don't mean only schedule playtime if you have children, of course we need to schedule that, but if you don't have children, you still need to play.  Take your dog to the park, find a kindred spirit and go roller skating, or swim in the ocean.  All of these stress relieving techniques will make you more productive, more creative, more ah-mazing!  Creating rituals will allow your body and mind to become aware that you are attempting to stay in balance.  Meditate when you wake for 10 minutes, Take a bath once a week,  a nice soak with healing salts, make sure your cell phone or computer  are not within reaching  reaching distance, so you are not tempted to scroll social media post.    Light a candle daily as gratitude, pray before your meals, spend 30 minutes reading with your children EVERY night before bed or burn essential oils 20 minutes when you done with your day.  All these rituals help your brain know its time to not stress. 


    As an entrepreneur, I agree that business building is a rush and using our creativeness is an outlet to promote our passion.  However, do not forget to practice what you preach especially when you are in a holistic or wellness business. There is nothing sexy about being in a mental fog, being overwhelmed and anxious or walking around with bags under your eyes and boulders on your shoulders.  

    You can manage balance in life by simply listening to your body. Massage is the perfect way to not only feel your tension in your body, but also an opportunity to rest your mind.  Massage falls under the holistic or alternative medicine field.  It is no longer considered a luxury, instead used in  healthcare  to treat a wide range of medical conditions and is used in recovery from and prevention of disease.  Do yourself,  your family and friends a favor; and schedule a massage on your calendar as a ritual.  It can be weekly or monthly, just do it, you deserve it!  You will add years to your life and your marriage. You will be a more patient Mother, a better wife or partner, a better friend and yes a better business genius.  Massage will not only help you manage stress, but it will also slow the aging process, detoxify your organs, help with cellulite by increasing circulation and releasing happy hormones.  Anyone who is near forty like myself can appreciate the need for happy balanced hormones.  As more and more awareness is being brought to the importantance of managing stress in our lives and our business, massage memberships have been introduced at wellness centers, holistic practices and spas to make this essential healthcare regime easily affordable and accessible.  Having a massage membership  often offers  discounted rates and other perks, and they will  hold you accountable to the scheduled time I suggest you make for yourself.

    I have reached the higher levels of success not only in business, but in health and my personal relationships when I am being mindful to nurture myself by "minding my own business".  You will honor yourself and reach new levels of success too when you schedule and prioritize yourself with wellness rituals that have been used since ancient times to balance our mind, body and soul.  I also promise you, you will think differently when using or hearing the wise words my family spirit still whispers in my ear from time to time. 

    Mastering "Minding Your Own Business"

    Posted on June 19 2015

    Mastering "Minding Your Own Business" MASTERING "MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS"Article Jenni CornettePhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26It never ceases to amaze me that my greatest moments of growth usually come...

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  •  Elevate Your Brand

    Elevate Your Brand


    Article by Keisha Shields
    Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
    Magazine: Issue #25

    It’s a funny thing really. To be a smart, gifted, brilliant woman. One who is amazing in her own right. Maybe it was being top of the graduating class, or maybe it was moving up the ladder pretty quickly. Being the envy of so many who look up to you as a mentor. Yet, feeling so far away from where you know you should be at this stage. 

    The problem. You’re excellent at what you do, but you feel like an internal disconnect has happened somewhere along the way. You wanted to take what you do and elevate it so that you can be handsomely paid for it by amazing people who adore how you improve their lives (and not continue working for those who undervalue or under-appreciate your tireless efforts). What happened instead, though, is that you realized that this meant that you needed to show up in a bigger way. To possibly expose that vulnerable side of you that feels embarrassed or ashamed because you went from being the best of the best (and knowing it) to feeling stalled and out of alignment because somewhere along the way you settled big time for less than what you know you deserve. You’ve used this cocoon-like state to protect you for far too long. It’s time to bring your gifts back to the surface.

    Creating the luxury brand or the luxurious, beautiful life that you want first starts within the mind. Sometimes you truly just have to hit the reset button. Here are 4 success strategies for smart girls and high-level women entrepreneurs who are ready to reclaim their thrones and get back on top!

    Smart Girls’ Success Strategy #1: Stop Doubting Your Capabilities
    The time, money, and energy that you have invested into your education, your career, your business, your brand, your love life, and your friendships has not been in vain. You are fully capable of becoming who you know you are meant to be.  Stop doubting yourself. Confidence is super sexy. As Suze Orman often states “Power attracts; Powerlessness repels.” Tap into your power source, because as women entrepreneurs and women CEO’s doubting yourself is limiting your cash flow more than you may even know.

    Smart Girls’ Success Strategy #2: Reconnect with Your Vision
    This is my absolute favorite part of helping smart girls with their luxury brands and luxury lives, because I get to help women like you to re-connect deeply and intimately with that vision that you’ve always had for how you envisioned your life. To help you reconnect and remember the possibilities all while being reminded that it’s still very much possible to make that vision happen right here right now. Take note of the ‘action source’ of the vision.  For example, does your vision involve you having a luxury brand? Is it more about you having the freedom to travel to luxurious destinations or become a well-known philanthropist? Did the priority for you come in the form of needing more socialite time in your life? 


    Smart Girls’ Success Strategy #3: Get Life Support
    A critical component to reclaiming your throne is having the space to process and support what is happening emotionally in your life, in your career, and in your business. 

    Once you know the action source, getting support is very important. At this stage, nonjudgmental support will help keep you from self-sabotage or being derailed trying to go it alone.  Women's empowerment is so important to the future of luxury business, so get high-level support or none at all. Smart girls require a different type of mentoring and instruction than your average jane. When reclaiming your throne™, you need a trusted team of people who can support YOU (the smart girl), and not just your business.  If you know that your issue is that living in your head causes interference to your emotional intelligence, then find a mentor that you connect with that does both (supports you and consults your luxury ventures).

    Smart Girls’ Success Strategy #4:  Set your Goals for Accelerated Success 
    70 days or bust! Ok, so not exactly. What you need to know is that once you have teamed up with a mentor, a coach, a strategist, or other expert, you need to create a deadline-driven strategic plan that allows you to know what you need to be doing and when so that you can accelerate your success. Take the guess work out of the day-to-day decisions (this is where you can get into trouble because your emotions and deep-thinking ways can stall you) and you will be well on your way to reclaiming your throne, making way more money with more ease, and getting back on top! 

    4 Success Strategies to Elevate Your Brand

    Posted on June 16 2015

    Elevate Your Brand 4 SUCCESS STRATEGIES TO ELEVATE YOUR BRANDArticle by Keisha ShieldsPhoto Credit: Mariana GarciaMagazine: Issue #25It’s a funny thing really. To be a smart, gifted, brilliant woman. One...

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     Get Your Power Back &amp; Become Present

    Get Your Power Back & Become Present

    Article by Marinna Rose
    Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
    Magazine: Issue #25

    Your Power resides within you always in every moment. We sometimes think it can be found from somewhere else, outside of ourselves. The more we seek, the further away we get from our birth given power. The more present we allow ourselves to be the closer we attune back to our power. I have given 3 very powerful, yet simple strategies for you to take this power back and become present.

    Success Strategy #1: Become Consciously Aware

    Conscious Awareness is the Key that can unlock the door to long lasting change in your life! The pre-step is awareness that allows you to see and feel your consciousness.

    Consciousness is omnipresent, which means it is present everywhere, all the time. You are Consciousness and it is up to you to become aware by being here on earth. To what degree you become aware is up to you! 

    Combining Awareness and Consciousness is when you allow yourself to really feel the sensations that resonate throughout your physical body. Follow these suggestions below:

    • To become more aware, try turning off the tv, radio, leave all distractions and go out side. Take in the smell of the air, listen to the beautiful tunes that the birds are singing. Maybe even try to see if you can figure out the kind if bird just from it’s tune. Just take it all in and be one with nature.

    • Try the Om Meditation. This is when you say Ommm as you exhale during your meditation. You use your natural voice to vibrate throughout your body. As you continue you will feel your whole body begin to vibrate. Then your ears will pop, this is a sign of your frequency being raised! Talk about tuning in and becoming more present!

    “Many of our ideas and beliefs about ourselves, and the world are so deeply ingrained that we are unaware that they are beliefs and take them, without question, for the absolute truth.” - Rupert Spira

    Success Strategy #2: Acceptance

    Being able to understand to your core that where you are is perfectly where you should be in this moment is the key to Acceptance.

    Acceptance for me is finding the sweet spot between Pursuing and Allowing. When we are pursuing, hitting the road hard for what we “want” in the future, we are unable to be happy and find peace in the present moment. The present moment is all that exists, so how are we going to create what we “want” in the future if we are not happy and in acceptance now? 

    Being in the state of allowing is wonderful and in the rhythm of nature, but you must stay in awareness and take action when the opportunity presents itself. 

    The perfect harmony here is the keynote between pursuing and allowing!

    To arrive in the frequency of Acceptance follow these suggestions below:

    • Write down where you are in your life right now, really think about it and use Conscious Awareness. Now, accept it, in your heart, give yourself the acceptance and unconditional love you deserve.

    • Everyday write in your journal one thing that you feel you are in total acceptance of. Everyday you must seek and find one more, even if it is something really small. You will create momentum into full blown acceptance!

    “By accepting what is, you become bigger than what is.” - Eckhart Tolle

    HF Radio

    Success Strategy #3: Practicing gratitude

    There is nothing more direct to allow you to become present than being in Gratitude! When you are practicing Gratitude you are able to see the blessings in every situation in life. It is one of the highest frequencies that you can resonate to.

    We all have something to be grateful for. Try these suggestions and see how quickly your life changes! 

    • What are you grateful for? Write down 3 things that you are grateful for right now.

    • Start a gratitude Journal, a place where every evening you write down the things that you have been grateful for or that have made you happy throughout the day. This practice allows you to be mindful of all of the wonderful things the universe is giving you, and manifest even more in your life.

    • Now Create 10 affirmations of what you are grateful for that are very specific to you. Remember, they need to feel real in your body and soul or you won’t believe them, and will be mentally and spiritually resisting the very thing you are trying to create! So if you have to start with very simple affirmations, then that is where you start.

    “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” - Melody Beattie

    3 Success Strategies to Get Your Power Back & Become Present

    Posted on June 08 2015

    3 SUCCESS STRATEGIES TO GET YOURPOWER BACK & BECOME PRESENT Get Your Power Back & Become Present Article by Marinna RosePhoto Credit: Mariana GarciaMagazine: Issue #25Your Power resides within you...

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    Article by Marlo Wright
    Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
    Magazine: Issue #25

     Outsourcing for Your Company

    Outsourcing for Your Company

    With so many available outsourcing options for the busy entrepreneur at so many different price levels, the challenge is finding the right person for your team. 

    An outsourced member of your team, is still a team member. It is YOUR responsibility to check behind, followup with and stay in constant contact with the team member, even if overseas. Just as any other employee in your office, people unfortunately have the tendency to skate around the corners and not do things quite exactly as you would. This is the challenging part. Too many cut corners can equal low quality in your produced outcome. This could mean bad business and your customers level of expectations are not being met. 

    The saying is, trust, but verify. Trust what employees tell you they’re doing— Verify every step of the way. In the early stages, especially, this is critical to your public image and company foundation. Misleading, poor quality, or deficient customer service can hurt your business before it takes off, and damages could potentially be irreversible. 

    There are several outsourcing sites/companies from music, to commercials, to personal assistants, varying in prices and features from which to choose. Remember, you get what you pay for, and though choosing the least expensive option seems to make sense as you count every penny, it may not yield the best return on your investment. Every dollar, even if it's five dollars is important and should be spent wisely! 

    Do you need the help? Often times, we are told that we should get rid of the tasks that are “not worth your time”, but, if you’re having to redo those tasks, you've now wasted time, money and energy. Ultimately the frustration from the situation can spiral you into a negative space that in turn wastes more time. 

    Patience. The right outsourcing opportunity will come at the right time. 

    Here are 5 ways to make sure you’re making the best outsourcing decisions for your emerging company:

    1| Is it necessary? Doing what we have to do vs what we want to do can impair our better judgement. As the owner of the company, it’s your job to know a little about each position before delegating. Therefore, spend some time actually doing the assignment before giving it to someone else. That way, you’ll have a working knowledge of how it should work.

    The Club

    2| What are my sourcing options? Do the research. Ask for referrals. Check references. 

    3| How much help can I afford? Never give cart blanche assignments. Rather give in small hourly increments. Write it in your budget.

    4| How long will I need help? Is this an unlimited time frame or a specific project you'll need help with?

    5| What specific duties will they accomplish? Create a specific job description, though it can be tailored as your needs change. 

    Ultimately outsourcing means your business is growing, or showing signs of growth. As stressful as it can be, you have to exercise patience and positive thinking to get you through. You won’t know it all, and you’ll learn a lot that will make your business grow all the more. 

    Is Outsourcing the Best Option for Your Company?

    Posted on May 22 2015

    IS OUTSOURCING THE BEST OPTION FOR YOUR COMPANY? Article by Marlo WrightPhoto Credit: Mariana GarciaMagazine: Issue #25 Outsourcing for Your Company With so many available outsourcing options for the busy entrepreneur...

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     Are you Dating, Loving or Just Flirting with Your Business?

    Are you Dating, Loving or Just Flirting with Your Business?

    Article by Ellie Isacs
    Photo Credit: Fabiola Zamora
    Magazine: Issue #24

    Damn right, you did it! You are officially self-employed, entrepreneur, your brand is top notch and you are diving into the marketing roaring ocean of possibilities. You are the next best thing……..stop, re-wind, are you actually successful, loving it and thriving? 

    Starting and running a business is a journey of learning, growing and excelling. But have you stopped for a second to examine your relationship with your business? Is it fulfilling, easy and flowing? Or is it a struggle, a worry and most important becoming an avalanche of pain?

    The way your business is treating you is the exact mirror image of how you are treating yourself. If you are living with low self-esteem, nagging negativity and flat out bashing yourself daily, then the chances are this is how you are treating your business and how it is treating you back.

    Examine the relationship you have with your SELF. 

    Define your terms – This might sound easy and no brainer but so many fail here. Learning and growing from your mentors is invaluable, but it gotta work for you. Define the terms– who are you hanging out with, are you pleasing people at all cost, are you spending time on yourself, are making your body, mind and spirit a priority? Define what is important to you and make sure you do it. Know yourself, dare yourself and love yourself……….rinse and repeat. Establishing daily practices of self-love and appreciation will allow you to define the terms on which you live life and do business

    Decline their demands – Over-achieving can work for you, as long as it is not directed at pleasing others. Whoever they might be! Whenever you feel you are living someone else’s script, stop and rewrite it. You are worth the effort to decline outside demands, when they do not resonate with your true personality and soul. It is tough love but one needed for you to thrive. When you live in your truth, your business will reflect the respect, appreciation and care you grant to the most important person – you.

    HF Radio

    Design your life – After knowing your terms and excluding those who suck your energy dry, it’s time to design the pieces. Defining what you want is key, we are not taught to want in life, we are taught to give. Well now combine the two – give yourself what you want most! You will find the ways and means to achieve your success but you have to know how you want it to be. Find out how you envision each area and work on it. Your design is uniquely yours.

    Love yourself and start creating a relationship your business filled with love, care, authenticity and spice. The results will follow.

    Are you Dating, Loving or Just Flirting with Your Business?

    Posted on May 02 2015

    ARE YOU DATING, LOVING OR JUSTFLIRTING WITH YOUR BUSINESS? Are you Dating, Loving or Just Flirting with Your Business? Article by Ellie IsacsPhoto Credit: Fabiola ZamoraMagazine: Issue #24Damn right, you...

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  •  Efficient in Business

    Efficient in Business


    Article by Ling Wong
    Photo Credit: Angel Quintana
    Magazine: Issue #24

    The core of being efficient and effective in your business starts with YOU. The best way to make your business run efficiently is to tap into your strength, and design structures and systems to maximize the income-producing potential of your strong suits.

    It is easy to talk a good game about tapping into our strength and being in the flow. But putting it into practice can take some mindset muscle.

    Growing up, many of us were conditioned to be “humble” or not to show off our strengths (especially for women.) A lot of times, we discount ourselves thinking the things that come so naturally to us is not valuable, is “just how things are done.” As a result, we are not deploying our genius in a way that will make our lives so much easier, at the same time generate more income.

    Here is how to make your business more efficient and effective by tapping into your strength:

    1| Find It

    Of course, the first step is to identify your strengths. To acknowledge the abilities that you take for granted probably don’t come naturally to other people.

    There are many tests and assessments to help you take this first step. The key is to translate your results into a business model and some smart strategies to support it.

    2| Claim It

    “Claiming the hell out of it” is way more than a marketing tactic just to toot your own horn. The process also strengthens your mindset so you can step up and be confident in selling what you offer. 

    For most of us, we were raised to be “humble” and this preconditioning is sabotaging our success because we are afraid to talk about (let alone sell) our strengths.

    3| Articulate It

    We are talking about business and to make a venture a business it has to make money, which means you need sell something.

    To sell something means you have to be able to tell your potential clients why your products or services are valuable to them – why YOUR unique blend of strengths and superpowers is relevant to helping them solve their burning issues.

    The process of articulating your strengths can also help you gain more clarity. When you have to “find your voice” to tell your story – you need to get clear on who you want to BE in your business, and who you want to be for your peeps. This clarity can become the guiding light for your long-term success.


    4| Build Around It

    After defining your strengths, it’s time to make sure your business is structured to highlight and utilize every ounce of it.

    You can also create systems so the business and marketing activities that play to your strengths are put on autopilot as much as possible.

    5| Sell It

    A product or service sitting on the shelf won’t do you any good, and you can’t really call your business “efficient and effective” if it’s not making money! That means you have to get comfortable with SELLING. For most coaches, consultants and service professionals, that means having sales conversations with potential clients.

    You can take all the world’s sales trainings and have a dozen “scripts” collecting dust on your hard drive, but if you don’t have the right mindset behind your conversation, your results are going to be patchy as best.

    Having the right mindset means you are empowered in your conversation, and you have healthy boundaries around money so you are not undercharging, over-delivering, constantly discounting or (god forbid!) giving services away for free.

    All clients have their money stories, but ultimately, it’s OUR own money stories and projection that are holding us back. Imagine you can state the price of your high-end package with no charge, just like you are saying “give me 10 carrots so I can make you a stew!”

    The confidence and ease you have in stating your price is proportional to how well you can sell.

    6| Chuck It

    As in, your weakness. Stop beating yourself up for “not measuring up” in those areas. Stop fearing that you are “not good enough” because you are not “well-rounded”. Stop feeling you have to do everything everyone tells you, and excel in every single one.

    Stop spending time, energy and money to make your weakness “better.” It will be mediocre at best and mediocre is not where the big bucks lie. If something is not your natural strength, you can outsource it. You can find a partner with complimentary talents. You can structure your business so you spend minimal time in those areas.

    But it doesn’t mean you look the other way. Knowing your challenges can help you set up systems and routine to mitigate those weak points.

    6 Key Steps to Being Efficient in Business

    Posted on April 20 2015

    Efficient in Business 6 KEY STEPS TO BEING EFFICIENT IN BUSINESSArticle by Ling WongPhoto Credit: Angel QuintanaMagazine: Issue #24The core of being efficient and effective in your business starts with...

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    Article by Darlene Dunn
    Photo Credit: Jana Cruder
    Magazine: Issue #23

     How to Obtain the 'Right' Resources

    How to Obtain the 'Right' Resources

    There is a skill that is often overlooked but that has served me well in both my professional life and in my entrepreneurial life. What is that skill you may ask? It is the skill of knowing how to find an answer and the ability to discern its validity. In most industries, and the holistic industry is no exception, the amount of information that someone needs to know in order to be effective is insane. 

    Early on I learned to gather ‘resources’ that I trusted- whether they were books, websites, phone numbers, people. To this day I have an extensive network that I can tap into in order to obtain whatever answer is needed. This ability to ‘obtain’ an answer has helped me establish a reputation as ‘the person to go to for answers’.  

    Why is mastery of this skill vital for any entrepreneur?  Mastery of this skill allows the entrepreneur to ‘be the expert’.  Clients look to you for help in solving their problem or meeting their need.  You have the base knowledge but realistically, can you know everything there is to know about your area of expertise?  The answer is no; however, you CAN know how to obtain all the answers so your client believes that you are amazing!

    So, where and how do you gain this skill? 

    • First, network- network-network!!  Build a network of individuals that can be a resource for you and you for them.  You can cross-refer clients and so much more. 

    • Second, look at websites/books and validate the information - in other words, look up things you already know and see how they address things, once you have validated a site/book/author, you are more confident when you need to use it for ‘true’ research. 

    • Third, develop your critical thinking skills - this will help you to discern whether the information you have located is really what you need.

    Start building your ‘answer’ portfolio today!!

    How to Obtain the 'Right' Resources for Your Business

    Posted on April 10 2015

    HOW TO OBTAIN THE 'RIGHT' RESOURCESFOR YOUR BUSINESSArticle by Darlene DunnPhoto Credit: Jana CruderMagazine: Issue #23 How to Obtain the 'Right' Resources There is a skill that is often overlooked...

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  •  Taking Control of Your Own Success

    Taking Control of Your Own Success


    Article by Cinthia Singleton
    Photo Credit: Angel Quintana
    Magazine: Issue #23

    To be an expert in a specific area of study or field. To gain the utmost respect and receive oodles of recognition. We all want it. Well, let’s do it!

    1 :: Don’t wait but DO. Actually get that paint, brush, canvas… the still life… and paint. You want to have your own business? What are you good at and what are the steps to take to actually start it. If you’re not doing, research those in the know.

    2 :: Expect to try, don’t except to be perfect. The City Ballet dancers didn’t just roll out of bed to amaze us. They struggled, each and every day, to perfect. It’s a verb not an adjective; so much of mastery is.

    3 :: Attendance is 90% of the struggle. If you find yourself saying, “I would love to write,” you’re not. 30 minutes of fully engaged writing is far more ‘present’ than 2 hours of talking about it. Outline that novel or short story. Push the words out of your head and onto the page or screen. Be the verb.

    4 :: Assume no one but you can really help YOU, i.e. “attend” as in 3. But rest assured that their are others who’ve either 1. been where you are, 2. can inspire you to find your way. Meet those people. Read their books. Listen to their Ted Talks. So much inspiration comes from those who’ve been there and pushed through it. 

    5 :: The more you learn, the more you learn but the more you combine and blend, the more you learn how creative you truly are. THAT is a master, one who can craft the present gifts and be fluid as new ones evolve. Start out making soaps, discover a product that would be amazing for a body scrub… and a new line is added to your products.


    6 :: The element of fluidity IS when we truly become masters of our, well, mastery of whatever it is we work so hard to achieve.  

    So enjoy the chase. Would you do what you’re doing for free? If yes, you are on the right track. True, money is a vital energy we need to survive, but it’s not the best motivator. See, the energy of MONEY best translates as a tool. We work hard, we get paid.  We get paid, we can pay for [rent, clothes, car, food, trips, etc]. If not used as the tool that it is, money creates things that lack soul and are inauthentic to you.

    “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.”  Maya Angelou

    You and the gifts you master are the footprint of YOU. Be true. Be brave. Savor it.

    Taking Control of Your Own Success

    Posted on April 06 2015

    Taking Control of Your Own Success TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR OWN SUCCESSArticle by Cinthia SingletonPhoto Credit: Angel QuintanaMagazine: Issue #23To be an expert in a specific area of study or field. To gain...

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  • Own Your Niche by Mastering Your Expertise

    Posted on April 02 2015

    Mastering Your Expertise OWN YOUR NICHE BY MASTERING YOUR EXPERTISEArticle by Denita AustinPhoto Credit: Jana CruderMagazine: Issue #23In order to become a master of your unique gifts, you must first...

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    Article: Angel Quintana   Photo: Michelle Kim   Issue#18

     &nbsp;How to Advertise Your Holistic Business

     How to Advertise Your Holistic Business

    If you're ready to advertise, you're ready for success! When building a holistic business one of the best marketing strategies is to use online advertising to attract new customers. However, to assure your money brings you a return on investment (ROI), you're going to need a strategy.

    Before you even begin designing your advertisements, take into consideration a few pre-advertising to-do's, which will help to assure your advertising dollars work towards the primary goal: the increase sales.

    Create an Introductory Product or Free Goodie

    First step is to make sure you have a low-cost product or free product ready. Remember, new potential customers may not know you yet, therefore, they might not trust you yet. So having a low-cost introductory program or an SEO-friendly Free Goodie is paramount. When I say low-cost I mean under $100.

    Create a Landing Page that Converts

    Once you have created your low-cost or free goodie product, you'll need a well-written landing page to showcase all the benefits of that product. If you don't know what should be on a landing page, not to worry, we have a course on how to create a landing page that converts designed specifically for this.

    Create an Advertising Plan

    After the landing page is completed, you are almost ready to start an advertising campaign. The next thing you need is an advertising plan, which includes where you will advertise (all over the web with display ads, Facebook, etc...) a set budget, and a strategy. This strategy includes know where you want your ads to show up, what major websites share your ideal customers, your keywords, a conversion or tracking pixel, and more. If you're not how to set-up your advertising campaign click here.

    Design Your Advertisements

    Next you'll need professionally designed and branded advertisements. If you know how to design your own ads, good for you. If not, you'll need to have someone design them for you. (This is a service we offer to Club Members).

    Once you've completed the four steps, you are officially ready to advertise your holistic business and start attract new customers while you sleep! Isn't the internet a beautiful place to grow your holistic business? I'll say it is!

    How to Advertise Your Holistic Business

    Posted on March 31 2015

    HOW TO ADVERTISE YOUR HOLISTIC BUSINESSArticle: Angel Quintana   Photo: Michelle Kim   Issue#18  How to Advertise Your Holistic Business If you're ready to advertise, you're ready for success! When building a...

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     Mastery, Success, or Perfection

    Mastery, Success, or Perfection

    Article by Tamisha Ford
    Photo Credit: Angel Quintana
    Magazine: Issue #23

    In The Rise, by Sarah Lewis, she intricately defines mastery this way:

    “Mastery requires endurance. Mastery, a word we don’t use often, is not the equivalent of what we might consider its cognant – perfectionism – an inhuman aim motivated by a concern with how others view us. Mastery is also not the same as success – an event-based victory based on a peak point, a punctuated moment in time. Mastery is not merely a commitment to a goal, but to a curved line, constant pursuit."

    Mastery’s Style

    Mastery is curvy. She doesn’t stay in the lines nor does she like them. If she were a dating profile, she’d say “a little extra.” This is because mastery, by nature, is dedicated to building on itself – it never sees perfection as an end goal. Instead, it focuses on excellence and consistent movement & improvement.  Mastery is known for its commitment to process. When it comes to our creative expression, embracing a mastery mindset means liking the prefix “re”. Re-mixing. Re-mastering. Re-branding. Re-launching. Re-painting. Re-doing. And being totally okay with it. 

    Perfection’s Style

    The style of perfection is best described by Anne Lamott:

    “Perfectionism is a mean, frozen form of idealism, while messes are the artist’s true friend. What people (inadvertently, I’m sure) forgot to mention when we were children was that we need to make messes in order to find out who we are, and why we are here…”

    Here’s the thing about perfectionism – it usually has good intent. If you’re like me, as a recovering perfectionist, it always came from a genuine place of just wanting to make my parents proud of me. The thing is, that created the precise unrealistic expectations perfection needs in order to thrive. It’s motivated purely by how it’s viewed by others, which is the reason it’s unhealthy.

    The Style of Success

    Success in our society has been painted as the resident “she made it” attitude. It’s a pinnacle. It’s the mountain peak. The climax, if you will. The question I have for this version of success is “what happens when you get there?” How have you built it? 

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having goals. I just think we have to be careful how & why we achieve them. Mastery gives us permission to do it our way and define and refine our work along our path. It allows us to be flexible with change and master our creative and self-expression with servitude and heart - continuously. 

    Mastery, Success, or Perfection... What's the Difference?

    Posted on March 31 2015

    MASTERY, SUCCESS, OR PERFECTION...WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Mastery, Success, or Perfection Article by Tamisha FordPhoto Credit: Angel QuintanaMagazine: Issue #23In The Rise, by Sarah Lewis, she intricately defines mastery this way:“Mastery requires...

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  •  Attract New Customers to Your Holistic Brand

    Attract New Customers to Your Holistic Brand


    Article: Angel Quintana
    Photo: Rose Jane

    We are both entrepreneurs and let's face it, we're in business to make money. Without customers and clients, there is no money to be made and without any money there is really no business. Whether you think the market is saturated or you just aren't getting enough traffic to your website, you must always be looking to attract new customers to keep your pipeline full. This goes for seasoned entrepreneurs and new holistic businesses who are just getting started.

    Attracting new customers starts with knowing who you ideal customer is, or what we like to refer to as your Kismet Clientele™. If you know who they are, then you just might be able to figure out where they are hanging out--online.

    Attract New Customers with Facebook:

    With 1.34 billion people on Facebook, it's probably safe to say your ideal customer is hanging out there. They might have joined some Facebook groups or perhaps they are ranting in the newsfeed, whatever they are doing, they are looking to be distracted and entertained. I think it's safe to say, marketing your holistic business on Facebook is a good idea.

    Using the newsfeed as a tool to drive traffic back to your site is a great way to get new customers to discover who you are and what you do. However, if all you have is a couple hundred friends and few thousand fans on your Facebook fan page, it might be difficult to bring in new customers without advertising.

    Facebook advertising is becoming more and more popular to driving new customers to your landing page and/or website, but why not take it a step further. You might already be sharing valuable content on your website, why continue to share your blog posts all over the web and cookie your visitors with a pixel. Why?

    Retargeting advertising is one of the best forms of advertising with a great ROI. The way it works is to place a small "cookie" or piece of javascript code onto the footer of your website. Once you have placed the cookie on your site, this allows visitors to be tracked. Once you have tracked your traffic you may now start an advertising campaign to target the visitors who have already visited your site. Why is this important?

    People who have already heard of you (or in this case, visited your website) are more inclined to visit again and are far more likely to buy from you than someone who have never heard of you. Facebook retargeting advertising become a valuable resource to finding new customers or convert old browsers into paying clients. Win win!

    Attract New Customers with High-Traffic Blogs:

    You and I both know blogs are a hot commodity when growing a business. This would include blogs you have written and shared and blogs that you frequently visit for inspiration. Finding blogs that share your target audience is one of the best kept secrets to internet marketing. 

    With domain specific advertising, you are able to targeting blogs and high traffic websites and have your advertisements show up. Think of how many new customers you could attract from your advertisement being displayed on the Huffington Post, Refinery 29, and even Fitness Magazine! There are a zillion of website that display advertisements, there is absolutely no reason why one of those ads couldn't be yours.

    Take a moment to hop on over to Bloglovin and write down 50 blogs (have have advertisements on them) that you believe your ideal customer is hanging out. Set-up an advertising campaign and target those specific websites. You'll have new customers and more traffic in no time!

    Attract New Customers with Authority Sites:

    Authority sites are a huge asset to any entrepreneur because authority sites provide instant information and expertise that is essential to any internet browser. Each day all of us spend time "Googling" questions and phrases into that tiny box hoping to find a solution to our problems. Turns out, your ideal customer is doing the exact same thing.

    While your website may not come up on the first page of Google search results yet, that doesn't mean it never will or that it's the end of the road for you. In fact, most authority sites have advertisements on their website because their main source of revenue is affiliate marketing and to monetize their information with (you got it) advertising. 

    Having your advertisement show up on an authority site (which is really just a high traffic niche website) that fits your ideal customer profile is a win situation for attracting new customers. Start by making a list of all the authority sites you believe your ideal customers is browsing and target these sites in your advertising efforts. The best way to discover these sites is to hop on over to Google, type in the keywords search you believe your audience is typing and click on all the results on the first page results. Write down the url for each website that has advertising and you believe is an authority sites.

    Remember, authority sites are the websites that provide value-- not just some gimmicky website that is trying to sell you something.

    Attracting new customers is as easy as putting together an advertising campaign that targets the past visitors, Facebook folks, and internet browsers who are searching for solutions to their problems. If you need help setting up your advertising web-based and retargeting Facebook advertising campaigns, please looking into joining The Club.

    How to Attract New Customers to Your Holistic Brand

    Posted on March 27 2015

    Attract New Customers to Your Holistic Brand HOW TO ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS TO YOUR HOLISTIC BRANDArticle: Angel QuintanaPhoto: Rose JaneWe are both entrepreneurs and let's face it, we're in business...

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