• How to Tap Into Your Higher Power and Let the Universe Take Over

    Posted on November 08 2016

    HOW TO TAP INTO YOUR HIGHER POWER AND LET THE UNIVERSE TAKE OVERArticle by Cinthia Singleton Tape PInto Your Higher Powert the Worry on Ice Ice Baby Think. Ponder. Review....

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    CEO/Founder: Angel Quintana    Photo: Chanelle Sladics    Magazine: Issue#35


    Ever wonder when your big break will hit, when clients will pour from an insatiable well, and business becomes a walk in the park? I’ve been there. I think every entrepreneur on this planet has mosey’d down roller coaster lane, wondering when will it finally work out for me? And the worse part, is most people will have no idea why you’ve been pounding the pavement day and night trying to get your business off the ground— that’s because they’re not an entrepreneur.

    “Nobody said it would be easy, but it will be worth it.” Right?

    You see, being an entrepreneur isn’t just about starting a business or even hosting a webinar trying to sell your stuff; it’s so much deeper than that. It’s like deep sea diving in the middle of the ocean and when you finally come up for air, your ship has sailed. And then what? You’re left feeling like, Oh shit! I’m going to die without anyone knowing the treasure I just found buried deep inside the ocean.

    What a crappy feeling. Welcome to the emotional chaos that comes with being an entrepreneur. So what now? 

    You were born different, have a mission that yanks at your heart daily, and things are not moving along as quickly as you’d like— and the people around you have no idea why you’re so bloody ambitious. They think you’re nuts!

    It’s a lonely place to be. So I’d love to share with you my top 3 tips for picking yourself up, even on the days you feel like throwing in the towel:

    1) Make You a Priority.
    I made a promise to myself today that self-care needs to play a bigger role in my entrepreneurial adventure. Yes, I’m talking about spa days, facials, foot rubs, green juice cleanses, and an extra heaping spoonful of magnesium in your daily practice. You have to stay sane. The easiest way to recharge your batteries is to put YOU first, even if you’ve got 3 small children and a long laundry list of to-do’s. Make a promise to yourself today that without vibrancy, your entrepreneurial adventure will lose it’s luster and then nothing will get accomplished… and then think about all those lives you couldn’t impact. That’s not going to fly!

    2) Share Something Positive.
    Every time you feel Negative Nelly creeping her devilish head, post something positive on your social media feed to show her the door. Remind yourself how crazy good your “big why” is and talk about it often. Talk about why you’re passionate about what you do and do so by speaking to just one person: your Kismet Client. You will be shocked at who shows up at your virtual door with flowers. Positivity always wins the race.

    3) Revisit an Old Friend.
    I know what you’re thinking— sometimes you’re just too busy to pick up a new book and sink your teeth into it. So instead, pick up a book you’ve already read and skim a page or two. Since you’re familiar with the content, it’s kinda like visiting with an old friend. You get together for coffee or tea and explore a topic on a deep level. You have an ah-ha moment, and then you make plans to do it again next week. After all, tomorrow is another day to visit with another friend. You don’t have to read a book in its entirety or stick to the same book every day. As long as you get your mind back to focusing on the prize, you’ll never feel like throwing in the towel. That’s how you win the race!

    You can’t impact others’ lives when you’re feeling beat down. You can’t take care of the world when you aren’t taking care yourself. And when you’re feeling Negative Nelly peeking her little head again, that’s when you need to invite support and protection to the ball game. Ask for help.

    Check out my list of book recommendations if you’re looking for a fresh perspective or need inspiration. And when you’re back in the swing of things and ready to share something positive, consider joining us in The Club. Afterall, an entrepreneur community will be your best kept secret to staying sane and inspired as you move through the ebbs and flow of the surly roller coaster ride.

    Have a beautiful day!




    Angel Quintana is the founder and CEO of Holistic Fashionista®, a business academy and magazine helping philanthropists build boutique brands so they can help change the world. In The Holistic Fashionista Academy, she helps clients discover their Kismet Clients®, develop a product collection that represents their cause, and build well-thought out sales funnels to change more lives and make more money! 

    In her book, Funnel Foreplay, she teaches change makers how to successfully quickly warm up cold leads and turn them into buyers. While her tattooed exterior shows her creative tough side and her road to success has been difficult, it is her thoughtful approach to brand building and unique selling approach that has won her thousands of raving fans. Angel and her businesses have been featured on: Apparel News,, Law of Attraction Radio, and spoken on stage at Digital Marketing for Business, At The Helm, and Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA.

    3 Tips to Taming the Emotional Chaos that is The Entrepreneurial Ride

    Posted on April 01 2016

    3 TIPS TO TAMING THE EMOTIONAL CHAOS THAT IS THE ENTREPRENEURIAL RIDECEO/Founder: Angel Quintana    Photo: Chanelle Sladics    Magazine: Issue#35 Ever wonder when your big break will hit, when...

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  •  Could Health Be The Cause Of Hair Loss

    Could Health Be The Cause Of Hair Loss


    Article by Melva Williams
    Photo Credit: Victor of Valencia
    Magazine: Issue #35

    So many people are unaware of how their health can cause hair loss. Some of us have not made the connection of how our medical issues and hair issues are related. Anything that affects your blood stream is going to affect your hair. Most people see hair loss as an external problem; things that cause external hair loss such as too tight weaves, braids, and chemical over-processing. But there are internal reasons why we lose our hair as well, such as poor diet, hormones, stress, medications, over exercising, and hydration. All these things have to do with internal issues that can lead to hair loss but often over looked. 

    The roots of your hair are nourished by tiny blood vessels called capillaries. If the circulation to these blood vessels is disrupted, they can fall or break. It is for this reason that the internal issues can cause hair loss. 

    Hair growth is regulated by hormonal changes in the body. These hormones can affect not only how much grows, but whether growth stops and new hair grows.

    The hormones with the most direct effects on the hair growth are androgens, the male sex hormones that include testosterone. Changing your diet, avoiding excessive caffeine, and exercising. This reduces stress and gives you balance. When it comes to medication and medical issues, always check out the side effects yourself to see if they list hair loss. These drugs interfere with the hairs normal growth cycle allowing the follicles to go into a resting phase for a longer period of time. Consult with doctor for any changes in medication if you notice hair loss. For strengthening your hair, talk with stylist or hair care professional about protein treatments that build up your hair.

    Then there are the stress factors...

    Severe stress causes white blood cells to attack the hair follicle, stopping growth and making the hair fall out.

    Emotional or physical stress pushes large numbers of growing hairs into a resting phase, after a few months the affected hairs suddenly fall out when combed or shampooed. Last, the irresistible urge to pull hair from your scalp (picking in head); this is a way with dealing with anxiety, tension, loneliness, fatigue or frustration.These that I have outlined are just a few, but there are many other reasons for internal hair loss causes. 

    I see so many women today going natural for various reasons. One of the concerns is that I heard some say it’s the stylist or the chemicals that brought out my hair. The truth of the matter is it could be one of those or neither. It could very well be what’s going on with your body that's causing your hair loss. When going natural the whole idea is to go back to the basics. Taking it back to the roots, so to speak. For some this works, for others it may not if there are issues lying dormant. So what happens when you go natural and your hair is still not healthy, not growing, or you’re still having hair loss? 

    We can’t continue to cover up what’s going on with our hair. It’s ok to wear wigs, weaves, and braids as an extension of ourselves. What happens when you can no longer wear chemicals because of hormonal issues or high blood pressure medication because your body is reacting with the chemicals? When you’re tired of all this and finally decide, I want to wear my own hair! 

    This is where you must educate yourself, whether client or stylist. You must expand your knowledge of the internal things that cause hair loss. First, by knowing your body, giving an honest account of where you are in your health, diet, and fitness regimen. Next, are you on any medications or have medical reasons that cause hair loss? What is your stress level, any hormonal imbalances, or anemia? Last, are you hydrating yourself properly? 

    I have given you information on some of the internal cause of hair loss. Have you begun to connect your dots of how your medical issues and your hair issues are related? Remember, whatever is going on inside will eventually show up on the outside.

    Could Health be the Cause of Hair Loss

    Posted on March 21 2016

    Could Health Be The Cause Of Hair Loss COULD HEALTH BE THE CAUSE OF HAIR LOSSArticle by Melva WilliamsPhoto Credit: Victor of ValenciaMagazine: Issue #35So many people are unaware of...

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    {and your life}


    Article by Nikka Karli Salifu
    Photo Credit: Sajas Minrah
    Magazine: Issue #34

    When was the last time you were actually turned ON by every area of your life and were completely in touch with the wisdom of your body and all of her power?

    A while?

    We spend so much of our time here on this planet trying and forcing. TRYING to be who we think we are supposed to be in order to not rock the boat, to save other’s feelings, to be a part of our tribe. FORCING our lives, our work, our relationships, our health.

    But what if there was a different way?

    One where you actually could love your body, speak your truth unapologetically, and be deliciously fulfilled on every level?

    Well, Gorgeous, you’re in the right place because I’m about to share some fabulous tips to set you onto your path of smokin’ hotness.

    1 :: Give Up The Idea That You Need To Look Like Someone Else In Order To Be Beautiful
    Who cares what that one chick in the magazine looks like or how perfect that fitness competitor’s ass is while she’s maxing out in the squat rack?... Oh wait. You do. And that’s why you’ve been beating yourself up about how you’re not ready to follow your purpose, meet your soulmate, speak on sold out stages, start your tv show... Because you still think you need to be something other than you are to live your dreams. Hint: You are already more than enough and it’s time to own your freakin brilliance.

    2 :: Release Your Hold On Your Old Habits And Limiting Beliefs Surrounding Soul Care
    What do you think is going to happen if you start taking exquisite care of yourself?

    …Unwanted attention?
    …You’ll be spending all your money at lulu?
    …The chicks at the yoga studio are horrid creatures who will judge you and call you names?
    …Taking a bath is just a waste of precious time that you could/should be spending making money?

    Whatever B.S. you’re telling yourself about why you shouldn’t go to yoga, start running again, meditate, or shake your gorgeous groove thang is all just resistance standing between you and your most lusciously confident self.

    So stop worrying about why you shouldn’t nourish yourself and start making it happen.

    3 :: Cultivate A Mindset Of Commitment And Discipline
    We’re so used to living below our potential. We spend a bunch of time and energy thinking about the things we DON’T want in our lives and not nearly enough on the things we actually desire.

    Begin taking a deep look at the things you are currently committed to… Your mediocrity. Your people pleasing. Your TV. Your addiction to struggle.

    And now think about the things you need to be spending your time and energy focusing on if you want to become the smoking hot, turned on, sensual goddess you know you want to be.
    And then- here’s the kicker- start becoming that woman. Act as if you already have what you desire. Think the way she would think. Cultivate the daily discipline towards your dreams and freedom. Show up as HER and commit to her way of living.

    4 :: Tap Into Your Gratitude And Love Multiple Times A Day
    If you are always waiting for something to happen before you are happy, before you love more, and before you appreciate your life, you will never be satisfied. Never be turned on. Never be fulfilled.

    And, in turn, you will not become the paradigm-shifting leader you were placed on this planet to be. Show gratitude for your journey, blessings, and miracles you’re manifesting every single day.

    5 :: Give Yourself Permission To Receive Pleasure
    Pleasure. In all of her glorious forms. Orgasms. Dancing. Kissing. Yoga. Laughing. Watching the sunrise. Sitting under the moonlight. Release the automatic “no” that seems to escape your lips when someone offers you a joyous and delicious experience. Feel into it. Let it sit with your body. And then say “yes” to everything and everyone who speaks to your soul. Without shame or guilt or fear.

    6 :: Trust In Your Desires
    If you always second-guess what you want, who you are, and whether or not you are provided for by the Universe… you will always remain on the other side of your greatest passion in this life.

    You can have what you desire, but only if you believe. Trust in who you are and trust that you are enough to have what you are asking for. When we lack trust in ourselves, we also lack trust in our partners, our creativity, and our own success. Give yourself the space to heal the wounds that are holding you back from accepting your desires and pleasure.

    So, Lover, if you want to be turned on, you must turn yourself on. With the way you show up in the world. In the way you carry yourself in your conversations and relationships. With every thought you allow in that incredible mind of yours.

    Only one go round in this life.

    Why spend one more day as anything less than the beautiful, sexy, kickass woman you were born to be?

    How to Become Completely Turned on by Your Body {and your Life}

    Posted on March 07 2016

    HOW TO BECOME COMPLETELYTURNED ON BY YOUR BODY{and your life} Article by Nikka Karli SalifuPhoto Credit: Sajas MinrahMagazine: Issue #34When was the last time you were actually turned ON by...

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  •  Isn’t it Time You Got Your SHIFT Together?

    Isn’t it Time You Got Your SHIFT Together?


    Article by Nikka Karli Salifu
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #31

    You know that thing you say you want? That thing that you’ve been talking about with whomever would listen for the past 3 months. Or 3 years. Or 3 decades.

    That thing.

    When are you actually going to do what needs to be done to make it happen? When are you going to allow yourself to step into who you need to become in order to stand in the power of your “thing”? When are you finally going to do the work?

    Because the only way that you will ever achieve the thing that has been searing holes into your soul is if you get out of your own way and commit.

    Transformation doesn’t come from dipping in your toes. It doesn’t happen when you limit your message and your truth because you’re afraid of what others “might” say about you.

    Real shift happens when you decide you are no longer available for anything less than your worth.

    So, what are you deciding in this moment? With your thoughts? Your words? Your actions?

    What does the way you are choosing to show up in the world say to your dreams? …Does it say that you believe in them? …Or does it say that you aren’t really sure that you can have what you desire? You might want to start asking yourself what your actions have been saying about you behind your back.

    Are you allowing yourself to live in a place of fear and doubt, with your dreams coming in a weak second to your self-imposed limitations?

    You say you want real shift to happen in your life, your calling, your art. Well, it’s time to give up the way you think you are “supposed” to be doing this thing called life. And, instead, it’s time to give yourself permission to truly live. To finally surrender and just be. Be your dreams. Be your art. Be your genius. Be the divine light of truth that runs through your veins.

    Because there is no magic pill to swallow that will transport you to the land of your desires. You’ve got to be willing to do whatever it takes to get yourself there. And you’ve got to do it every day. There is no letting up when it comes to your dreams.

    And no, that doesn’t mean all you do is work day and night without pause. Rather, that you take intentional steps every single day that will move you closer to living the life your soul is so desperately seeking.

    You must always remember that with each breath, you are given a choice. With each space between your breaths, you are given a choice.

    To believe. Or to give up.

    So. Will you choose your dreams today? Will you choose the life you want over the life you have been told you should settle for? Will you choose to show up, day in and day out, and commit?

    This breath. This moment. This dream.

    Here’s to your Untaming.

    Isn’t it Time You Got Your SHIFT Together?

    Posted on December 13 2015

    Isn’t it Time You Got Your SHIFT Together? ISN'T IT TIME YOU GOT YOUR SHIFT TOGETHER?Article by Nikka Karli SalifuPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #31You know that thing you...

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  •  Three Reasons To Meditate As An Entrepreneur

    Three Reasons To Meditate As An Entrepreneur


    Article by John Scardina
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #30

    Meditation has been around forever and we all know the benefits of its practice. The mindful relaxation and clarity that it brings to our mind, body, and spirit.

    As entrepreneurs, we often struggle through our day looking for that mindful peace, and seldom make time for it. After all, there are clients, products, marketing, and at least thousands of other fruitful projects bouncing throughout our mind. As a business owner, you do not have the same mindset as your regular nine to five employee. We push, we strive, we plan, we conspire (in a good way); all of this to become successful. We do not run at full speed only eight hours a day and go home and try to forget the previous hours- we sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and start a project or new business plan. Because it is fresh in our mind and now is always the right time.

    We become our business and our business becomes us, it is a spiritual journey always evolving into what our minds have created prior to any physical action. After all, we are the power that is regarded as inspiring a poet, artist, thinker, or the entrepreneur.

    1| Seeing your business from the inside or with your inner self
    During meditation you are removing all external noise and forces that will conflict during your normal day. While meditating and mindfully bringing your business into your relaxed quite thoughts, you can process each individual component of your business and bring it to the forefront and evaluate it without stress. This allows you to really see the life or energy that each portion of your business holds clearly viewing in what direction it will grow or which direction you choose that it will grow.

    2| Gain mental clarity for major decisions
    We all struggle with major decisions from time to time. Making these decisions quickly during the normal course of an extremely busy day is not always the best time to act or decide. These quick types of responses will always carry energy that is already part of your day and may not be the energy you want attached. Meditating on major decisions will allow you to be in a relaxed state and bring a calm clarity to all factors affecting your choices prior to making any decision.

    3| Combine your business into your being, don’t just leave it as something you own or run
    Meditating on all aspects of your business can create a bond that creates an energy between you and your business that will eventually become one living organism. This, once achieved, balances out all future ventures and decisions, as you will start making decisions about the business easily and not as an outsider. 

    Admittedly this does take practice, and sometimes most of us think we are short of time, but the result makes you your business, and your business you. One cohesive force that is firmly connected, nurtured, and in tune with your future success. Try it!

    3 Reasons to Meditate as an Entrepreneur

    Posted on November 09 2015

    Three Reasons To Meditate As An Entrepreneur 3 REASONS TO MEDITATE AS AN ENTREPRENEURArticle by John ScardinaPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #30Meditation has been around forever and we all...

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    Article by Michelle Bennington
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #30

     Unleashing Your Inner Muse

    Unleashing Your Inner Muse

    "I am my own muse.
    I am the subject I know best.
    The subject I want to better."

    -Frida Kahlo

    The journey in search of inspiration is always a deeply personal one. From the face of a stranger, to the soothing sounds of nature, it can truly be uncovered anywhere. While keeping your eyes open to the endless possibilities surrounding you, it is also essential to look within. Have you ever considered that YOU are your greatest work of art? Do you view your life as your ultimate masterpiece? Contemplate the following questions and challenge yourself to unleash your inner muse.

     :: What do you adore about yourself?

    Perhaps you love your sense of style, your ability to make people laugh, or the way you can always liven up your own day by dancing! These traits aren’t anything to sweep aside and are exactly what muses are made of. Inspiration is found in the smallest details and it’s imperative not to exclude your own appeal from your attention. Focus often on your gifts and be mindful of everything you have to offer. Certainly there's a physical trait you prefer over the others as well. Do you have your mother's lips, hands that remind you of your best days, or an unbelievable booty!? Take a quick Polaroid and add it to your vision board as a quiet reminder to love yourself daily.

     :: Are you living in alignment with your beliefs?

    Whether it be eating for health, conserving energy, never saying "no" to a golden opportunity, creating artwork often, or not supporting other people's negativity-- you have beliefs you’re deeply passionate about. When you ignore these beliefs in your everyday activities you are thrown out of alignment with your true self. Not honoring the sincere callings of your heart discounts your convictions and in return weakens the bond with your inner muse. Be conscious of your daily decisions and ensure they aren't contrasting your core beliefs. You’d be surprised how much this can affect you unknowingly.

     :: Are you being genuine in your interactions?

    The quickest way to lose connection with your inner muse is to censor your existence to fit some sort of pr­e existing societal mold. There's no need to put on a mask for others and it doesn’t help anyone to pretend you are someone you aren't. Genuine connections are rich in truth as well as acceptance from both sides and simply cannot be duplicated by falsities. Relationships built with the background of fabrication will by no means enrich your life and honestly aren’t worth a minute of your time. Perhaps by showing your true colors you will lose a few untrue friends but you will gain so much more, and you will surely encounter your inner muse.

     :: How can your personal story inspire growth and change?

    Undoubtedly you've endured misfortune and come out stronger on the other side. You've fought some serious hardships and you've WON! It's so easy to overlook your own accomplishments while focusing on what you still want to achieve but take a second to step back and just admire the work of art you’ve already created. Your life is one-of-a-kind and no one else could have done it precisely like you. Consider every lesson you’ve learned and how you can share those lessons to help others overcome similar obstacles. Be willing to view yourself as the hero of your own story and open to allowing others to do the same.

     :: How can you help the world today?!

    So much of becoming your own muse is extending yourself into the universe and inspiring others even in the most basic of ways. Think about what the people you know may need and don’t be afraid to reach out if you think you can help. Often the effort alone is enough to brighten someone’s day. Smile at strangers. Pay it forward at the coffee shop. Text an old friend. Ensure no one you pass feels invisible today. In return you'll also feel seen, more alive, and more in touch with your inner muse.

    Unleashing Your Inner Muse: Questions to Enhance Self-Love and Inspiration

    Posted on October 27 2015

    UNLEASHING YOUR INNER MUSE:QUESTIONS TO ENHANCE SELF-LOVE AND INSPIRATIONArticle by Michelle BenningtonPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #30 Unleashing Your Inner Muse "I am my own muse.I am the subject...

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  •  3 Empowerment Tools for Better Business Practices

    3 Empowerment Tools for Better Business Practices


    Article by Sophie Mihalko
    Photo Credit: Hailley Howard
    Magazine: Issue #29

    There was never a better time than now to guide people out of the murkiness of the news, depressive moods of the economy and judgements of their bodies. 

    Today, more than ever, the world needs the bright lights that we are. Here are 3 simple ways to being the brilliant star you are meant to be in your business:

    1 :: Listen to your body
    Your body knows everything about you, what you are capable of creating and even what other people need from you. So when looking to be the brightest star you could ever be in your business, ask your body questions like:

    “Body, who can I call today that I can contribute the most to?”
    “Body, what can I do different today to create more in my business right away?”
    “Body, what do you want me to know about me that I am not acknowledging?”

    Any dis-ease, illness or potential problem with your body is a sign that your body has been talking and you have not listened. Ask more questions. The first thing that pops is what your body wants you to know.  

    2 :: Do that thing you think is wrong
    Being the brightest star you are meant to be does not mean you can ever reproduce what someone else has created. Your light is different, it’s unique and that’s why it is required in the world. But often, being you, being different feels like the “wrong” thing you do. I mean, if it was the right thing, wouldn’t everyone do it? WRONG!!! No one can do what you do the way you do it so doing what feels like you, even if it feels wrong because it’s so different than what everyone else is doing. 

    I am French and I like to make people laugh so I often include jokes and funny faces or funny ways of saying things (with my Frenglish) in my business videos. It’s not necessarily the “right” thing to say but when clients choose to work with me they are aware there will be laughter, I don’t take their stories of limitations seriously and my accent is strange. It makes them want to know me even more.

    So what if what you think is wrong about you is actually what is right about you?

    3 :: Know that you know
    I often see people hesitating when they are talking about themselves or their business. I do not mean hesitating in finding their words, no, because they have rehearsed enough, I mean hesitating in choosing what to do, what to say, what to wear, who to talk to, what to put on social media, etc....

    The truth is, you know everything there is to know. How many times did someone asked you a question and you knew the answer even though you never “studied it”. Everything that pertains to your business and the services you provide, you know about it. Therefore, everything that pertains to the people who require and are ready to receive your business and your services, you know about it. If you stopped second guessing yourself, you will see how true this is.

    Doubt is the most paralyzing thought. I don't even try to get away from it anymore. Instead, I ask: "What do I know about this that I am pretending I don’t know?" I can always go back to doubt 10 seconds later

    The world needs the light of the star you bring. Don’t rob us from it. Use these three tools and let us all see it shine!

    3 Empowerment Tools for Better Business Practices

    Posted on October 13 2015

    3 Empowerment Tools for Better Business Practices 3 EMPOWERMENT TOOLS FOR BETTER BUSINESS PRACTICESArticle by Sophie MihalkoPhoto Credit: Hailley HowardMagazine: Issue #29There was never a better time than now to...

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  •  Better Business & Higher Self

    Better Business & Higher Self


    Article by John Scardina
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #28

    The list of struggles when starting or operating your own business is long depending on how you approach and view your business plan. I could write about these struggles in detail for days and not cover all of them. There is only one struggle that should be addressed so that all others will be diminished greatly. One thing I have learned since being introduced to Reiki as a Master/Teacher is that everything is energy and amazing amount of this energy is within your control. With controlling this energy you have the ability to reach your higher self, a wonderful tool for self-improvement in life and business.

    Two huge struggles when starting or running a business are self-doubt and taking advice from those around you who may be negative about your dreams of solving problems. Everyone reading this will understand exactly what I’m talking about if you own or are starting a business. The daily decisions of your business plan will leave you with doubt at almost every turn and those who fear for your failure or many others reasons, will tell you don’t take risks. These two reasons alone are enough to grasp the knowledge and practice on tuning into your higher self. This alone is your connection to your inner wisdom, which is connected to all universal energies and this is a place that holds every answer that you will need to succeed in business and life. We are wired for this and all have the ability to tap into our higher self, if only we practice. 

    In the process of accessing your higher self, some of the best practices are to...

    1| Believe in that fact that your inner wisdom is already in you and connected to energy that is all things, or the divine if you will. It is in you and you can find it and access it with practice.

    2| Remove for a moment the materialistic world and enter into the spiritual world. You want to explore your conscious and subconscious.

    3| Make time for yourself alone, in order to hear your inner voice. This allows you to make room for your higher self to connect without a cluttered mind.

    4| Become one with your inner voice, hold conversations. It will most certainly have the right answers.

    5| Meditate if even for only a few moments a day.

    6| Ask yourself every day, no matter what daily life or business activities may be, what you have learned today? Never stop learning.

    7| Pay attention to your dreams, when daily stress and activities are removed from your mind, your inner voice speaks. Journal these dreams, we all dream about our businesses, don’t we? A surprising business plan, or at least part of it came to me while sleeping.

    8| Focus more on the present, planning is great but the present is happening every minute. The practice of being conscious of every present moment without the concern of what has already happened and what will happen is just golden.

    9| Be patient reaching and connecting with your higher self does not happen quickly for some. It is a process. Your higher self is always there just be patient and conscious of how to connect. Only then will you get the true support you need in all aspects of life and business.

    It is with these practices that I have been able to contact my higher self and make business and life decisions that I already know the answers to that otherwise would have been changed by self-doubt and negative advice. We all want to succeed in business and as visionaries and change makers we do have the answers in us, we just need to make a direct connection to them. One more lesson learned from being attuned to Reiki.

    9 Practices For a Better Business & Higher Self

    Posted on September 08 2015

    Better Business & Higher Self 9 PRACTICES FOR A BETTER BUSINESS & HIGHER SELFArticle by John ScardinaPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #28The list of struggles when starting or operating...

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  •  Easy Steps To Be the Gusty Go-To Gal

    Easy Steps To Be the Gusty Go-To Gal


    Article by Debbie Moore Johnston
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #28

    Imagine a life and business that moves with ease. No second-guessing yourself— just your badass super powers showing up when you need them. You start getting the clients of your dreams. Your family starts to do things to make your life less stressful. Your creative super powers are just on fire.

    Here’s 4 Easy Steps to get your GUTSY GO TO GAL Super Powers on HIGH:

    1. Listen to your GUT! Gut reactions are usually spot on. Don’t question yourself. It’s usually just FEAR trying to divert you. Step into your POWER

    2. Negative Nelly showing up. You know, those little voices that tell you can’t, shouldn’t, it won’t work, what will people think. Step back, sit down, and start writing a PRO/CON list. It will make things more clear. Unless someone is going to catch on fire or die---then forge on!

    3. Wait a minute!!!! Don’t get in such a hurry tiger. Step back from the situation. Take a walk. Clear your head. Meditate. Eat some chocolate. Breathe. You’ll come back with a different perspective

    4. BFF. When the going gets tough---call your BFF. What are friends for? In business and life, the people that know you best will be your biggest cheerleaders. And they’ll shoot it to your straight---you know the one. They’re the one that knows your deepest secrets---and wouldn’t tell a sole where the body is buried So put on your cape and shiny gold cuffs! You’ve got this one! The world is waiting for someone just like you.



    Boutique without Borders---there's no Junk in our Trunk! Made in the USA with LOVE. Feminine Style inspired by reality. Experience KOKOON for yourself! You won't regret it.

    Want some personal love and attention? Email me: Mention you're a Holistic Fashionista Diva.

    4 Easy Steps To Be the Gusty Go-To Gal

    Posted on September 06 2015

    Easy Steps To Be the Gusty Go-To Gal 4 EASY STEPS TO BE THE GUTSY GO-TO GALArticle by Debbie Moore JohnstonPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #28Imagine a life and...

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     Breaking Down Mind Body and Spirit

    Breaking Down Mind Body and Spirit

    Article by Jenni Cornette
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #28

    I am the first to admit I am a stubborn girl. I don't like anyone telling me what I can or cannot do, most of the time if someone tells me I can't do something is when I do it. My mind and body will even speak to me "Jenni, why did you just say you can do that?" . My spirit will speak up and say ...Excuse me but why don't you know by now we can do anything?. This relationship is a double edged sword as it truly has gotten me to places that others could only dream of going in personal life and in my business.

    I would like to share some wisdom I just discovered after 40 years of living and 20 years in the mind body beauty business. JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DO IT, DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD. I recently was slapped in the face with this lesson while realizing I was working too much and too hard to benefit others. My heart and soul were depleted. I was unable to focus, I stopped doing all my favorite things including working out, taking care of myself physically and mentally, spending quality time with my family. I was stuck in a space of doing everything for everyone in my business that I was actually going against my entire company vision and mission. I wanted to help others that were unwilling to put in the same amount of effort or even half the effort I was (because let's face it ¬ there is only one me) to help them to grow. I was nurturing all my seeds but not taking care of myself and when I finally after years realized this, it was like a slap in the face. I was resentful, hurt, disappointed and confused, I essentially was destroying my soul by handing out too many efforts and not ever getting anything in return. I was reading my children THE GIVING TREE one of my all time favorites and I had the biggest realization that I WAS THE GIVING TREE! Everyone had picked all my leaves, taken my fruit, cut my limbs and I was just a stump that was used to sit upon even when that is all I was after all the giving. Oh My! I am a stump! I have always had a soft and giving heart. I want to save the world, I root for the underdog, I enjoy picking people that are lost or at rock bottom climb to the top. My Daddy always says, "Jenni Lynn, you have got to start caring as much about yourself as you do everyone else".

    It took me all these years to understand the wisdom he was giving to me, you have to put yourself first. You have to get back what you put into projects, you have to be balanced in who you work with and spend your time with to stay at your highest functioning creative entrepreneur. If you allow yourself to be surrounded by other business associates that don't have the same goals and passion, you all end up confused and off balance. Business friends, please understand to be mindful of who you allow into your tribe. Do not be in such a hurry to reach your goals that you allow less motivated people to weigh you down trying to sell them on the idea of hustling or motivated intentions. Save yourself the lesson by learning from me, surround yourself with like¬minded, fair tribe members that inspire you as much as you inspire them. Care as much about yourself as you do everyone else, by only allowing those that will have your back 100% of the time in your circle.

    Nurture yourself, make time for wellness and health, don't forget to eat foods that help support your lifestyle of hard work, exercise and spend time with your family and friends. Do not allow unbalanced work relations to steal your spirit and time. Have a massage and facial once a month, meditate, drink tea, take a bath. You deserve it! You will feel like the person you were meant to be, you will not be stuck in unhealthy think cycles, your work will feel rewarding and you will have the time to live in balance with work and life. Passion is NOT something you can teach someone. Learn to say this just doesn't feel balanced and love yourself by walking away from all those that don't lift you up and bring you joy. We are in the business of mind body beauty, don't forget your passion.

    The Business of Breaking Down Mind Body and Spirit

    Posted on September 06 2015

    THE BUSINESS OF BREAKING DOWNMIND BODY AND SPIRIT Breaking Down Mind Body and Spirit Article by Jenni CornettePhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #28I am the first to admit I...

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  •  What to Do When it All Falls Apart

    What to Do When it All Falls Apart


    Article by Nikka Karli Salifu
    Photo Credit: Nancy Schoenmakers
    Magazine: Issue #27

    Have you ever been out, hanging with your peeps, shaking your groove thang at the baddest club in town? Looking smokin’ HOT, sipping your delish, rarely-been-seen-before, Carrie-worthy, beyond-fantabulous cocktail? Your skinny jeans are putting in WORK, calling all the gorgeous and consciously-evolved boys to the yard? You know, the total life of the party?

    Only to realize that, despite all your best efforts and pretty freakin’ exquisite {ahem} bottom line, you aren’t actually enjoying yourself?  Like, at all? As in, you are actually completely and miserably unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and (if you’re being honest with yourself) unsure of how in the world you’re going to FIX the situation? Ugh.

    Or how about this. There you are, cruising along to your favorite 80’s movie soundtrack. Tunes are hot. You’re singing at the top of your lungs (maybe even somewhat in-tune). Hair looks fly. Outfit is on point. And then out of nowhere, your phone dies (taking your beloved tuneage with it). Your voice starts cracking like a Vegas sidewalk in the dead of summer. Your hair is frizzing like nobody’s business (and you now look like YOU belong in an 80’s hair band). Oh. And you spill your venti soy chai (extra hot, no water, no foam) all over your sweet new maxi.

    Ever have one of those days? Ever have one of those years?


    Everything is good. I mean, SO GOOD. And you’re happy. Like willing-to-overnight-babysit-your-bratty-whiny-spoiled-niece kind of happy.

    But then the bottom falls out. And it falls so far that you think it’s probably traveled all the way to the core of the earth by now. As in, there’s no possible hope of ever seeing that bad boy again.

    What’s an up-and-coming visionary to do? Throw in the proverbial towel and give up on your dreams of making an impact and building a global platform of change? Or slap some gel in that wayward hair of yours (big hair is kinda in right now anyways), grab your spare leggings and crop combo from the back seat (because a girl’s always gotta have a backup), and decide that you’re just going to have to bootstrap your life together?

    The latter of the two above options? Those are the kind of people who make it. They are the ones who see their dreams turn into reality. It is these driven and ambitious souls who- despite the world seeming to fall apart around them- are motivated to actually see their umpteen years of labor come to fruition.

    So, which one are you? The one who crumbles in the face of resistance? Or are you the one who rises above? The one who knows that YOU choose the course of your life and that only you get to determine your own destiny?

    Yes, of course there will be hard times. Some of them will be so ridiculously hard that you may wonder if you will ever get to see the light of day again. And some of them will threaten to break you into a million pieces of shattered hope and obliterated dreams.

    But, if you make the decision that- no matter what- your dreams are not optional, you will succeed. You WILL actualize your vision. You WILL overcome the battle that rages.

    “But how?” you ask…

    • By unleashing the power of your inner genius, your intuition, your fullest potential.
    • By making a pact with your soul that you will never again back down in the face of adversity when it comes to your dreams.
    • By giving yourself permission to free your power, that sacred energy of truth and wisdom that you have kept dormant for way too long.
    • By not caring what other people think of you and your journey.  Like, EVER.
    • By- regardless of distraction, resistance, or fear- fully committing to your brilliance and going ALL IN on what you say you want.
    • By being of service.
    • By loving yourself more and owning EXACTLY who you are.

    And, once you make the decision to commit, you must then take action. Daily, consistent, MASSIVE action in the direction of your goals.

    You must keep your eyes focused on the horizon of your vision. You do not let your focus waver. Not for one second. (And then, when it inevitably wavers, you brush that shizz off and get right back to chasing down your dreams.) You must endeavor to always be both persistent AND consistent.

    If your passion is there, your actions will follow.

    So, when in doubt, follow your passion. Take balls-to-the-wall action day in and day out. Let no one and no thing deter you from your purpose. You must no longer rely on anyone else to make your dreams come true. It’s all up to you, Gorgeous.

    And the funny thing about it? It always has been. Here’s to your Untaming.

    What to Do When it All Falls Apart

    Posted on August 17 2015

    What to Do When it All Falls Apart WHAT TO DO WHEN IT ALL FALLS APARTArticle by Nikka Karli SalifuPhoto Credit: Nancy SchoenmakersMagazine: Issue #27Have you ever been out, hanging...

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    {...and why we need them!}

    Article by Jentana Lee Dabbs
    Photo Credit: Nancy Schoenmakers
    Magazine: Issue #27

    Bless the people who piss us off in our lives, you know those people, we all have them around us, our close friend, sibling, parent, love relationship, the person who you may have just recently blocked on Facebook.

    Most of the time (not all the time) those people are in our lives to help us become aware of something deep inside that we may either not be aware of or we are in just plain denial about.

    What do I mean?  
    The other day, I was speaking to a friend of mine (I’ll call her Anna) and she expressed to me that she had been upset all week at her father, therefore she was doing all she could to stay away from home as much as possible and avoid speaking to him since she lived with her parents. She opened up to me about how much he had hurt her because he was criticizing her and he told her that she was greedy. Anna said that being called “greedy” hit her the hardest, because she had been so careful with money.   Anna couldn’t even be around her father after that and she was so angry with him. I did a little probing and I asked if there was some fear deep inside her of being greedy? At first she was in denial, then I probed a little deeper and sure enough, she did have some deep fear of being greedy and she had extreme guilt around money, which reflected in her business and her life to the point where after 5 years of being a coach, she was still giving away her service for free and living at home.

    The invisible signals we send
    Many of us are unaware that we either send or receive unconscious signals that those close to us will pick up or we will pick up from them. The closer we are to a person and the longer we have been around them, the more they will pick up our unconscious signals and most likely throw those signals back at us in some way. In addition, we will attract whatever unconscious signal we are sending out. For example if a woman is constantly attracting relationships that are abusive in some way, then chances are high that she has been beating herself up inside for many years and the only way to stop this cycle is through self love and becoming continuously conscious of when she beats herself up inside until the point that she has full control over her own self abuse and stops it.

    How it works
    Lets say you write a book and your hubby says to you “your book will never sell” or you get involved in a relationship with a man and he begins to call you “superficial” or “self-centered” anytime you express a desire to go out more. Rather than getting upset at the person for being unsupportive or an absolute jerk, really get honest with yourself, I mean DEEPLY honest with yourself and ask yourself these questions:

    •    Is this this how I really feel inside?
    •    Is this a deep fear I haven’t been willing to face?
    •    Is this an unconscious belief that has been blocking me and is now being revealed to me?
    •    What am I going to do to change this belief, starting now?

    Once you’re clear and conscious on what is really going on deep inside, then silently give gratitude to the person who pissed you off and then get to work on fixing this personal issue you have because once you do that you will notice a few miraculous things happen:

    •    The person close to you who normally criticizes you, will either leave your life or become more loving and supportive
    •    The blocks that you had towards some of your goals will begin to lessen and vanish
    •    You will have an increased awareness in yourself and the world around you
    •    You will become a more confident and happier person, because you are consciously aware of your own crap and you quickly do something about it!

    Be aware that, there are true jerks out there who just get pure joy by bullying others and the great thing is that you will become so aware and strong in your personal truth about yourself, that not only will they not affect you, but you’ll be able to just smile and gently release those people from you life, while continually be able to recognize and be grateful to ones that are there to piss us off for our highest good!


    Reaching your dreams takes guts, uniqueness, persistence and an assertive attitude that many women were never taught how to have. You want success? You want to lead? You want to be happy? It's time to put your big girl panties on and step into the spotlight with confidence, to make it happen on YOUR terms! No amount of business and marketing training is going to bring you success until you say “good bye” to the good, little girl attitude and “hello” to a woman on fire attitude! Download your FREE 3 part video training to “Ignite Your Assertive Power and Kick-Ass Confidence for Success, Leadership & Happiness.” This 3-part video will show you how to stop doubting your greatness and start living in your badass power, helping you create the money, relationships, career and general all around awesomeness you so desire. Download your FREE video today and start living!

    The Truth About People Who Piss Us Off

    Posted on August 13 2015

    THE TRUTH ABOUT PEOPLE WHO PISS US OFF{...and why we need them!} Article by Jentana Lee DabbsPhoto Credit: Nancy SchoenmakersMagazine: Issue #27Bless the people who piss us off in our...

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    {and Being a Badass Entrepreneur}

     3 Keys to Owning Your Niche

    3 Keys to Owning Your Niche

    Article by Marinna Rose
    Photo Credit: Nancy Schoenmakers
    Magazine: Issue #27

    When someone asks me the fastest way to discover his or her Highest Self, I tell them start your own business. Become the biggest badass entrepreneur out there in your niche!

    Yes, you heard me, I did not say go work with some Guru, or meditate for two weeks in silence, or do a 30 day cleanse…I said “Become a badass Entrepreneur.” It sounds so simple doesn’t it? Well, it is. Put one foot in front of the other, it’s that simple.

    The secret benefit to being a “Badass Entrepreneur” is that it is the fastest express train to your Highest Self! The self-discovery process you will go through is the most life changing experience you will likely ever have.

    Below are some Keys to show you how to unlock this Secret!

    Key #1- Discover Your Purpose. 

    • What are you passionate about?
    • What are you so good at it feels like you are not even thinking about it when you’re doing it?
    • What comes so naturally to you, but to other’s it’s difficult?
    • Now take some action! How can you turn your passion into your business?

    The key to becoming a “Badass Entrepreneur” starts with unleashing the fire burning within. You must love what you do as an entrepreneur or you will fail just out of the gate. Also, that is the whole reason you take this path, to be able to do what you love!

    Key #2-When your business is not succeeding, do not look at everyone and everything on the outside …

    • You must seek within when you are recognizing issues arising in your business. You can try to blame this person, that technology, this copy etc, but until you can look at YOU, your business is going nowhere.
    • When your business is not succeeding it is the literal mirror of your soul.

    Key #3- Resolving issues of Value

    • When your clients are not willing to pay the value you are asking for your services, you must look within and ask “How do I value myself?”
    • Look at your life. Evaluate how you treat yourself. Do you treat yourself to extra things, massages, pedicures, house cleaners, yoga class etc… Or are you the type of person that always passes over yourself and allows others to benefit for example: Husbands, children. If you are like so many of us and find yourself saying, “Hmmm yeah, I actually always spend the money on them first because I don’t really need it.” Think about the energy that comes from you doing that…are they are worth more than you? I think not, than why are your actions reinforcing this imbalanced value?
    • For women especially “value” is the biggest issue I see over and over, like a broken record. As women we were instilled to care for others first and go without.  Men suffer much less from this issue because society up until now has supported the value in the masculine. It is just now coming into balance-thank goodness! But we woman still have a lot of layers to peel away first.

    When you dive into the big deep ocean of “Entrepreneurship” you will be surrounded by some highly introspective like-minded individuals feeling more supported, more crazy, having more questions about life than you ever imagined!

    Think about the result you have from diving into this ocean. Not only do you find yourself on the express train to your highest self, you find yourself helping others at the same time!

    I look at it as the best prescription the doctor could ever give you as medicine when you have a visit. You need to be prescribed some “Badass Entrepreneur”, be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle:

    • Do not stop taking this pill no matter how bad it makes you feel, just give it some time. It will feel bad, sometimes even real bad and you will question why you are continuing. Trust me it gets better if you persevere.
    • Do not keep adding more pills onto this like more certifications, more skills, just K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple Sweetie. Don’t complicate things or else the prescription won’t work. You must allow it to stand-alone and trust in it’s power!
    • Don’t start questioning the power of the pill when you start looking around and no one else is taking the same pill as you. This is what you want, you must stand out and be the black sheep in your business or you will not be seen and you need to be seen to have success! 
    • If you know anyone else that can benefit from this pill, please recommend to the best Doctor that will prescribe them the same “Badass Entrepreneur Pills.”

    Here’s to getting some “Badass Entrepreneur Pills.”

    3 Keys to Owning Your Niche

    Posted on August 10 2015

    3 KEYS TO OWNING YOUR NICHE{and Being a Badass Entrepreneur} 3 Keys to Owning Your Niche Article by Marinna RosePhoto Credit: Nancy SchoenmakersMagazine: Issue #27When someone asks me the fastest way...

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     Signs You’re Sleepwalking Through Life

    Signs You’re Sleepwalking Through Life

    Article by Keisha Shields
    Photo Credit: Nancy Schoenmakers
    Magazine: Issue #27

    Becoming sophisticated is a skill, a level in which one reaches. As a sophisticated man or woman you hold yourself to high standards, have your daily rituals in place, and you accomplish more in a week’s time than many people do in longer stretches of time.  You are an icon, a role model, an up-and-coming generational leader who is inspiring so many others to pursue their callings.  But what happens when there is a curveball, a shift in the atmosphere, a major devastating change in your life? Many of us who have reached sophistication and climbed many ladders of success may find ourselves in an unfamiliar place. One where suddenly, days seemingly go by with little to no progress made, or you notice that the oomph that was in your step seems to be gone, and perhaps you realize that you haven’t been achieving things like you used to. This is a major sign that you may have unknowingly sabotaged your subconscious mind, and for high achievers like you, this is an urgent problem that needs to be addressed or it can become your downfall -- the thing that brings your empire to a grinding halt. 

    So what can you do to stop your subconscious mind from sabotaging you? First things first, let’s understand the core functions of the conscious vs the subconscious mind. Although there are many official and complex definitions for these terms, at a simplistic form, the conscious mind is the rational part of the mind that gives the commands and the subconscious mind simply obeys the commands. Your subconscious is not rational. It obeys, strictly from information that is programmed in your mind; things like your self-concept and your beliefs about what you can and cannot achieve in your lifetime.  After all, the function of the subconscious is to store and retrieve data. Let that sink in for a moment. The subconscious simply obeys commands from information that is programmed into your mind! When your subconscious mind becomes your master -- meaning that this becomes the source from where you are retrieving data to make decisions in your life, you will find yourself being constantly pulled back into your comfort zones, or you will find yourself making decisions from a highly emotional place because this is the part of the mind that memorizes your comfort zones and memorizes your patterns and does whatever it can to ensure that you continue those patterns throughout your days. Anything outside of the comfort zone makes the subconscious mind enter a place of being emotionally uncomfortable, and that is when you are most susceptible to begin feeling as though you are actually sleepwalking through your daily and feeling as though you are settling and unable to pull yourself back out of it.

    Let’s take a look at 8 carefully selected signs that you (the change maker and tastemaker) may be sleepwalking through your daily life. 

    Sleepwalking through life Sign #1: You feel hopeless, and you feel that you have lost your power; the power to turn your life around and to get back to that level of efficiency and achievement that you are used to.

    Sleepwalking through life Sign #2: You don’t recognize yourself or your life anymore. When you don’t recognize yourself, or your life, it usually indicates that you feel that you have lost control of your destiny and that you are disconnected.

    Sleepwalking through life Sign #3: You spend your days being very busy, but actually having very little (if any) productivity. 


    Sleepwalking through life Sign #4: You dread getting out of bed in the morning.  You have lost your mojo, your oomph, your zest. Operating from a place of a zombie-like state is a very hard place to be in. Dreading getting out of bed every morning may be a sign that there is something even bigger happening, and is a sign that you may be in the throws of depressive like states. If this is the case, please seek professional help to address what is happening in your mind, spirit, and body.

    Sleepwalking through life Sign #5: Your days are completely repetitive, unfulfilling, and you are in such a state of unawareness that you don’t even notice it (or worse, you do notice it but can’t do anything about it). 

    Sleepwalking through life Sign #6: You feel isolated and feel that you don’t have the level of support that close friendships and relationships can provide. When you feel this way, this is a great opportunity to awaken and take proactive steps to meet some new people. You can join meetup groups to do things in person, or at minimal you can find some online support groups where you feel safe and can meet other similarly-situated people. Just be careful that the people you surround yourself with are uplifters and not downers.

    Sleepwalking through life Sign #7: Your life is consumed with your business or career. Yes, it is important to feel engrossed in your work, especially when you have high-profile work or work that brings you to work with affluent and high-impact clientele, however, if every conversation and action that you do throughout your daily life is consumed by business, that is a sign that you are sleepwalking through your life.  To combat this, use your schedule to your advantage. Be sure to schedule in some time off, some time to play, and some time to enjoy leisurely company.

    Sleepwalking through life Sign #8: The final sign in this list is that you can identify most (or all) of the above signs as being true for you and your life.  Look, I know all too well what it feels like to go from being a high-achiever with a heart of gold, to feeling like an underachiever who is struggling to just breathe and keep some level of sanity and normalcy in her life. Sleepwalking through your life means that you’re not fulfilling your mission. Reconnect with the things that light you up in your life.  

    Your subconscious mind can be reprogrammed. Remember, that all it does is obey. So, step up into consciousness and make intentional decisions that will get you back moving in the right direction! Take a breath. You can absolutely make it happen! Start today.


    If you know that what you REALLY need immediately is amazing, soul-sister support from someone who has your back, who won’t judge you, and who knows that you were indeed created for greatness then this is the best option for you. It’s time for you to get back in alignment with who you were designed to be. I know that your privacy is critically important to your business, your career, and other high-profile roles that you have. Most importantly, I have been in this very position that you’re in now. You feel so disconnected from who you are. You feel embarrassed and ashamed that you’re not where you know you should be at this stage in your life. You know there’s more. Sign up to experience a Reclaim Your Throne™ luxe 1-day deep-intensive (in-person or online!) where I will help you to reset and reclaim! Enrollment bonus available.

    8 Signs You’re Sleepwalking Through Life

    Posted on August 04 2015

    THE SABOTAGED SUBCONSCIOUS:8 SIGNS YOU'RE SLEEPWALKING THROUGH LIFE Signs You’re Sleepwalking Through Life Article by Keisha ShieldsPhoto Credit: Nancy SchoenmakersMagazine: Issue #27Becoming sophisticated is a skill, a level in which...

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    Article by Darlene Dunn
    Photo Credit: Nancy Schoenmakers
    Magazine: Issue #27

     Keep Your Life and Business on Track

    Keep Your Life and Business on Track

    Have you ever been driving and daydreaming and the next thing you know you are 50 miles off course? Or have you forgotten to change the oil in your car and found yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere? Whether it is in life or in business we need to maintain a certain level of awareness of where we are and where we are going or we’ll either end up in the boonies or stuck on the side of the road.

    Below are four ways to help you keep your life and your business on track:

    • Don’t make excuses as to why you aren’t moving forward. Take a good look at what is holding you back and then move forward with diligence. (Side note: diligence means ‘with intense effort’). Don’t let fear overtake you, keep your heart focused on the goal and start moving forward again, even if it is just little steps.
    • Be conscious of changes you need to make. We should always be changing. So get your map or GPS- your goals and vision- and keep them in front of you to help you correct your course.
    • Be purposeful in balancing your life, if you aren’t purposeful then life will run you over. The same holds true for your business….be purposeful in balancing so your business won’t run you over.
    • Sometimes you have to stop, reflect and readjust in order to keep moving forward with purpose. Celebrate your failures and make a decision to learn and grow from them.

    You spend a lot of time learning and growing, but remember knowledge is not power. The power comes from applied knowledge. So, do life on purpose. “BE on purpose.


    Are you busy? Want to be healthier? Get your free book of 50 Quick and Easy Tips for the Busy Professional to Move Toward a Healthy Lifestyle!

    4 Ways to Keep Your Life and Business on Track

    Posted on July 25 2015

    4 WAYS TO KEEP YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS ON TRACKArticle by Darlene DunnPhoto Credit: Nancy SchoenmakersMagazine: Issue #27 Keep Your Life and Business on Track Have you ever been driving...

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  •  Stressed Out? Keep Calm and Grab these 3 Apps...

    Stressed Out? Keep Calm and Grab these 3 Apps...


    Article by Debbie Moore Johnston
    Photo Credit: Nancy Schoenmakers
    Magazine: Issue #27

    We are all so busy these days. Our To Do List seems to be overflowing: home, work, family, life and everything in between. When will we get a 36-hour day? I’d probably fill that up too.

    It’s exhausting and stressful; At least it is in my world. I suspect that many of you are also in the middle of a juggling act. With all of the stress going on, it can be challenging to take a step back and just BREATHE. RELAX. BE ALONE.

    Well, these 3 APPS have become my IPHONE favorites to help me step back and Breathe---even if for only a moment.

    1| Happify: Even the name makes me feel good. “Elevate your happiness and feel good about yourself.” It’s been featured in the NY Times, and made’s Top 10 to train your brain.

    2| Stop, Breathe, Think: This one gets used a lot on my phone. Even if you don’t like to meditate, I think this one will get you going. You can Check-In with yourself daily, track your progress and create a little more peace in your life.

    3| Joel Osteen: Even if you’re not the religious kinda gal, I think that you’ll appreciate his messages. Love the Daily Inspirational Messages and Motivation. Keeps me inspired to Thrive, not just Survive.

    I hope that you find these as useful as I have. It’s great to have them right on your phone when you have those — 911 moments to keep the CALM!


    Grab yourself some chemical free CALM!

    Stress is a major contributor to illness and disease, in fact, it is estimated that more than 90% of all visits to health care professionals are related to stress. Serenity is a blend composed of individual oils with known calming properties which create a sense of well-being and relaxation. Lavender, sweet marjoram, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, sandalwood and vanilla bean create a subtle aroma ideal for aromatic diffusion or topical application. Applied to the bottom of the feet at bedtime, dōTERRA®'s Serenity is an excellent way to promote restful sleep. Added to a warm bath Serenity creates the perfect escape with its peaceful, renewing fragrance. For topical or aromatic use. Shop now!

    Stressed Out? Keep Calm and Grab these 3 Apps...

    Posted on July 24 2015

    Stressed Out? Keep Calm and Grab these 3 Apps... STRESSED OUT? KEEP CALM AND GRAB THESE 3 APPS...Article by Debbie Moore JohnstonPhoto Credit: Nancy SchoenmakersMagazine: Issue #27We are all so...

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  •  Failure Does Not Define the End of Your Business

    Failure Does Not Define the End of Your Business


    Article by John Scardina
    Photo Credit: Nancy Schoenmakers
    Magazine: Issue #27

    Some businesses have and some have not. That event when you realize that owning your own business is not working out. That moment when failure is the only foreseeable outcome, at least in your own mind that impending feeling of helplessness and doom that consumes you. This consumption can be devastating to your mind and body.

    Definition of FAILURE: Source Merriam-Webster

    1 :: a: omission of occurrence or performance; specifically: a failing to perform a duty or expected action <failure to pay the rent on time>
    b: (1):  a state of inability to perform a normal function <kidney failure> — compare heart failure (2): an abrupt cessation of normal functioning <a power failure>
    c: a fracturing or giving way under stress <structural failure>

    2 ::  a: lack of success
    b: a failing in business: bankruptcy

    3 :: a: a falling short: deficiency <a crop failure>
    b: deterioration, decay

    4 :: a: one that has failed

    Enough of the doom and gloom portion of this. These events sometimes unavoidable can be controlled and overcome with the right mindset rather than being consumed by the fear of failure. These moments are teaching moments and you already have experience and knowledge of what was not working. Now is the time to take this event and manifest it into an entrepreneurial dream and reality. Failure is that teaching moment that helps you better prepare a business plan and continue with well calculated decisions for your successful future.


    For myself the following quote holds so true and is something that has been engrained into my mind. “In business there are only challenges and opportunities”, author is unknown to me.  This quote alone allows the entrepreneur the mindset to never accept failure and turn negative events into a positive solution for your business. Utilizing what you already know, at don’t leave out items that did not work for you in the past. These are lessons of ever changing opportunities. I’m a huge cheerleader of this process as I have had a failed business in the past and this now allows me not to repeat past fruitless efforts and to push forward in a market that has some many variables, learning to quickly adapt to all and any market changes.

    Items to consider when adapting to your next endeavor... 

    Preparation list:

    1| Positive attitude only, never let the negative manifest itself
    2| Define your product or service
    3| Product or service need in a niche market
    4| Marketing, Holistic Fashionista, what a resource for everything you need to know.
    5| Customer acquisition and retention
    6| Ability to adapt quickly to changing trends
    7| Do not accept failure as an option
    8| Embrace challenges and seek opportunities

    Remember “There are only challenges and opportunities in business”


    Natural Ways Consulting LLC. A holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition consulting service that provides individual analysis to help promote wellness and lifestyle changes: To inspire, educate, and support the benefits of natural health. Learn more at

    Failure Does Not Define the End of Your Business

    Posted on July 22 2015

    Failure Does Not Define the End of Your Business FAILURE DOES NOT DEFINE THE END OF YOUR BUSINESSArticle by John ScardinaPhoto Credit: Nancy SchoenmakersMagazine: Issue #27Some businesses have and some...

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     9 Mood Boosters

    9 Mood Boosters

    Article by Amanda Egger
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

    The act of singing releases endorphins, the brain’s “happy” chemicals.  Let your inner rock star out!  You can create a “my happy theme songs” on your iPod, sing in the shower or heck you could even write your own little happy tune.  Never mind if you don’t have the voice of an angel, Just Sing and release your happy chemicals.

    Wear Pink or Yellow
    Pink is associated with happiness & romance so if your feeling down in the dumps throw on a pink top and get happy.  In need of some cheering up throw on your yellow sweater and Cheer Up, Butter Cup!  Yellow is associated with inspiration and intelligence.

    Take part in an activity that makes you happy- such as riding your bike, swimming, baking, walking and of course Dance.  There is always time for a Dance Break. Have you ever been in a bad mood after you danced?  Shake your groove thang!

    Hang out with your besties
    Get your girls together (unless your friends suck & bring your mood down. Then go get new friends).  Have some fun with your friends. Eat, Drink & be Merry.

    Be Grateful
    Make a list of all the things in your life that you are truly grateful for.   Put your focus on what you have at this moment and you’ll surely feel happy with all that you have.

    Wake up with a smile.
    Wake up with a big smile on your face. By moving your muscles into a smile you will increase endorphins.  You could state a happy positive affirmation to yourself while you are grinning ear to ear.  It could be as simple as “I am Joy” or “My future is always bright and happy. I look at only the bright side of things.”

    Not just a little chuckle a great belly laugh. Ya know where you laugh so hard you could pee your pants.  You could go to the comedy club (ever see anybody leave there miserable?) Or you could watch some LMAO videos on youtube.


    Send yourself Flowers
    Research proves that flowers have an effect on a person’s emotional and behavioral state. Flowers are linked to immediate happiness of a person.  You don’t need to wait for somebody to show up at your door with a bouquet.  Call the florist and have them delivered to your office.  You could have the florist write a happy quote on the card.  Don’t want to spend the cash for delivery?  On your way home when you stop off to grab some dinner pick up a beautiful bouquet.

    Plan a trip
    “Anticipating a trip makes you happier than actually taking the trip.”  Research shows that people planning a vacation are happier than those who aren’t.   Grab some travel brochures and plan “your vaca” or you could create a board on Pinterest.  Have fun with it, plan it as if it is truly happening and soak up those happiness vibes.

    Fix Your Funk with these 9 Mood Boosters

    Posted on July 14 2015

    FIX YOUR FUNK WITH THESE 9 MOOD BOOSTERS 9 Mood Boosters Article by Amanda EggerPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26SingThe act of singing releases endorphins, the brain’s “happy” chemicals....

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    Article by Jentana Lee Dabbs
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

     Benefits of Having Low Self-Esteem

    Benefits of Having Low Self-Esteem

    Believe it or not, having low self-esteem/self-worth is actually beneficial for some people and can make people more powerful. Self-esteem reflects a person's overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. It is a judgment of oneself as well as an attitude toward the self.  Many people, especially women, are a bit challenged with issues in the self-esteem/self-worth department and they choose not to do anything about it, since they don’t recognize the impact that it has on their lives, however, here are 5 surprising benefits of having low self-esteem/self-worth.

    Top 5 benefits:

    1.    Weak men, can get a wonderful woman who will spend every waking moment trying to please him, regardless of his appearance, income level, physical or emotional abuse, or any other type of demeaning thing he will do to her, because a woman with low self-esteem/worth is on a mission to prove that she is good enough for him and she is blind in seeing that what he is doing is wrong.  

    2.    Cheap, low level employers can hire talented people for very low wages, minimal benefits and sometimes even hostel work environments, because they know that for every confident person that stands up and say’s a firm “no,” there are about 10 people with low self-esteem/worth eagerly waiting to say “yes,” because they feel they “can’t” get anything better and their “lucky” for even getting this job. 

    3.    People who are looking for someone to work for them for free while they profit from that persons free labor, can easily attract someone with low self-esteem with the “promise” that the free work will lead to exposure, credibility, more work in the future with good pay or possible full time paid placement in their organization, which sadly, rarely happens. 


    4.    People who are looking to hire you as a coach, freelancer or whatever your independent business is, can get you for dirt cheap, regardless of all of the years and money you’ve spent on educating yourself, nor how good you are, because people with low self-esteem are afraid of losing the sale and/or being “disapproved” of if they ask for more money.  They have no idea how much they are really worth, because they lack personal self-worth.

    5.    You’re making plenty of room for other peoples dreams to happen, because many people with low self-esteem, rarely make their dream a reality, they hold back with the belief of, “nobody wants what I have,”  “I’m not good enough to be paid for my services,” and they give up too soon, before they can even get a glimpse of their possibilities and how powerful they really are.

    The truth is, if you have low self-esteem/self-worth, it actually benefits OTHER people who will take advantage of your weakness and NOT benefit you at all.   It also gives those people who take advantage of you more power, because you are giving them YOUR POWER.  Having low self-esteem/self-worth, not only hurts you, but hurts others and future generations, by keeping a cycle going of low wages, negative work environments, men degrading and disrespecting women, clients who expect cheap prices, people who expect quality for nothing and so on, because low self-esteem/self-worth people let them get away with it!

    If you feel you have self-esteem/self-worth issues, then do yourself and others a favor; ignite your inner fire and personal worth, by getting the help that you need to do it because change is not easy alone, through workshops, hypnosis, coaching, books, invest in yourself, because once you raise your self-worth, your net-worth will increase along with it and you will not only be happier, but you will create a happier and prosperous future for everyone.


    Reaching your dreams takes guts, uniqueness, persistence and an assertive attitude that many women were never taught how to have. You want success? You want to lead? You want to be happy? It's time to put your big girl panties on and step into the spotlight with confidence, to make it happen on YOUR terms! No amount of business and marketing training is going to bring you success until you say “good bye” to the good, little girl attitude and “hello” to a woman on fire attitude! Download your FREE 3 part video training to “Ignite Your Assertive Power and Kick-Ass Confidence for Success, Leadership & Happiness.” This 3-part video will show you how to stop doubting your greatness and start living in your badass power, helping you create the money, relationships, career and general all around awesomeness you so desire. Download your FREE video today and start living!

    Top 5 Surprising Benefits of Having Low Self-Esteem

    Posted on July 13 2015

    TOP 5 SURPRISING BENEFITS OF HAVING LOW SELF-ESTEEMArticle by Jentana Lee DabbsPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26 Benefits of Having Low Self-Esteem Believe it or not, having low self-esteem/self-worth...

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  •  Master Catalyst Mindfulness in Your Business

    Master Catalyst Mindfulness in Your Business


    Article by Nicole Zaagman
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

    As this issue is all about being mindful, question for you. Have you been paying attention to past or present catalysts? Maybe you are wondering what a catalyst is! Well let’s dive in. A catalyst is defined as: a person or thing that precipitates an event. Synonyms include: stimulation, spark or incitement. For example, this can take the form of a new business opportunity, new mentor, a job change, life changing medical diagnosis, a movement, change of relationship status or a chance meeting with a kindred spirit or soul. 

    So what the heck does this look like? Just as the description states, it’s something that precipitates an event eluding to change. Could be change of location, change of mindset, beliefs, change of heart or all of the above. Something that can literally turn your life, upside-down. Unfortunately, unless, you’re mindful about the importance and significance of this sometimes tumultuous event in your life, you may completely miss out on the unexpected blessing in disguise! 

    So now that we understand what a catalyst is, how does it have effect on your life? Well believe it or not EVERY experience you go through in life can be a catalyst, depending on the outlook and stance you take on the situation and experience. Let’s go through 3 key things to pay attention to when one experiences a significant catalyst. 

    Remembrance: Life is ALL about remembering. Remembering WHAT we came here to do. It can take years to discover your soul purpose, as it has for me and many others. Sometimes if we’re lucky enough we’ll encounter a series of catalysts quickly right after another. This can be absolutely exhausting, which I’ll talk about next. I’ve had a series of my own catalysts, health challenges, personal and family changes, relationship changes. It’s sometimes hard to not get bogged down in the wear and tear of the moment and not become resentful of what we’re experiencing, whether it be negative or positive. But get down remembering that every significant life event you go through has a purpose.


    Rest: As I mentioned earlier, the wear and tear of such a jolt of significance can leave you absolutely exhausted, you may even lose your heart throughout the process. This is why REST is an absolute MUST during significant times such as these. I’ve had several instances where I felt like I just needed to plug ahead in my business. My computer stops working, things don’t work or take 3-4 times as long to accomplish simple tasks. When I see this is happening I’ve learned to take it as a sign from the Universe to STOP. Rest, take a bath, take a step back, and make time for you. Get council when needed, drink a cup of warm tea, drink lots of water, eat nourishing food and take care of yourself. 

    Recognition: Once you recognize the situation/said catalyst for what it truly has brought to your life. It is much easier to move forward and to walk towards faith and fate. Leaving the ultimate outcome to the powers that be. This can take time to get to this point, weeks, months and sometimes years and a lot of lost sleep. Be gentle with yourself throughout the process and remember the truth is an absolute MUST. If you bottle your feelings, your experience to yourself when it often involves others, it WILL suffocate you. Ask for forgiveness if needed and one last thing, LOVE YOURSELF unconditionally. Once you’ve made a decision, recognized the significance of this catalyst in your life, love it, bless it and accept it as a very important step in your journey.

    Once I grasped this concept as something good, instead of wasting time and energy on wishing something away, my whole mindset changed. I learned to appreciate the everyday lessons I experience, and embrace change with open arms. When you feel like you’re going through more than you can handle, just be mindful, aware and know that the solution you’re seeking is often in the catalyst you’re experiencing. Blessings.

    3 Keys to Master Catalyst Mindfulness in Your Business

    Posted on July 09 2015

    Master Catalyst Mindfulness in Your Business 3 KEYS TO MASTER CATALYST MINDFULNESS IN YOUR BUSINESSArticle by Nicole ZaagmanPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26As this issue is all about being...

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     Feeling Overwhelmed? 3 Ways to Hit the Reset Button

    Feeling Overwhelmed? 3 Ways to Hit the Reset Button

    Article by Keisha Shields
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

    Sometimes the higher you climb, the lonelier it becomes. Other times, the more of an impact you begin to make on the world, the easier it is for your truth and your essence to become compromised and the easier it is for you to lose yourself.

    In this comparison nation, the pressure to do more in a shorter period of time can become overwhelming. Don’t get it confused, as high-achievers and overachievers that innate drive you have to do more and to go bigger and be better is totally supported (and encouraged). The issue arises, however, when that drive becomes an obligation to conform based on views and desires outside of your own.  This can be especially true when you are in high-profile, high-visibility roles in your life and your business or career. 

    When you feel overwhelmed and pressured and when you feel that there is discord in your spirit and in your world, that may be a sign that it’s time for you to hit reset in your life. When people look up to you, and see a picture of perfection and success, they often don’t realize that there is sometimes deep disconnection and pain lingering in the background.

    That feeling of being lonely even when people are all around.

    So how do you proceed with being completely solid as a leader and visionary when you realize that you have disharmony in your life? You get permission to hit the reset button as often as you need! As women, it is a beautiful phenomenon to have the ability to self-empower and to be consumed with others who believe in empowering women.  When you need to hit the reset button, here are 3 areas to pay special attention to:


    Hit the Reset Button tip #1: Friendships: We all love friendships when they are healthy, vibrant, and loads of fun. When your friendships, however, have become draining, unfulfilling, and de-motivating it is time to hit the reset button! Your privacy is very important to you so you tend to have a loyalty complex -- don’t allow people to stick around just because you’re comfortable and familiar with them. If they are not helping you they are hurting you, and vice-versa. 

    Hit the Reset Button tip #2: Romance: Ooh la la. There’s nothing like a hot, steamy romance to help take your mind and your emotions off of your very demanding world-changing work! To have a supportive ear who is able to not only listen but to help you process what is happening. When you don’t have a supportive partner, though, that can be a huge source of the disharmony and discord that you are experiencing in your personal life. Every woman wants love! And the more successful you are the tougher it can be. You deserve it! Hit Reset!

    Hit the Reset Button tip #3: Personal support: Being a leader is not for the faint at heart. When you are at the top (or near the top) of the hierarchical pyramid in your business, your career, or other area of your life you may experience issues with not having the high level of support that you need for you as the woman, the person… not just you as the leader. If you find yourself feeling like you are drowning in despair, completely unfulfilled in your personal life, and yearning to be a part of something much bigger or much more deeply important, you have all the permission in the world to hit reset! Get involved in a supportive sisterhood, or get yourself a life coach or personal development consultant that can focus solely on you and helping you to put together the pieces of your spirit and your heart that are bursting at the seams for new adventure, new challenges, and new opportunities.


    If you know that what you REALLY need immediately is amazing, soul-sister support from someone who has your back, who won’t judge you, and who knows that you were indeed created for greatness then this is the best option for you. It’s time for you to get back in alignment with who you were designed to be. I know that your privacy is critically important to your business, your career, and other high-profile roles that you have. Most importantly, I have been in this very position that you’re in now. You feel so disconnected from who you are. You feel embarrassed and ashamed that you’re not where you know you should be at this stage in your life. You know there’s more. Sign up to experience a Reclaim Your Throne™ luxe 1-day deep-intensive (in-person or online!) where I will help you to reset and reclaim! Enrollment bonus available.

    Feeling Overwhelmed? 3 Ways to Hit the Reset Button

    Posted on July 08 2015

    FEELING OVERWHELMED? 3 WAYS TO HIT THE RESET BUTTON Feeling Overwhelmed? 3 Ways to Hit the Reset Button Article by Keisha ShieldsPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26Sometimes the higher...

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  •  Of Awareness and Manifestation

    Of Awareness and Manifestation


    Article by Claire Porter
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

    Look around you, and then look inside. When we take in what is going on around us and then check in with how we feel and where our thoughts go, we are processing information. We are processing a reality and making a determination if we like or dislike that reality, if we would want to live it again or not. That processing of experiences leads to greater clarity. Greater clarity leads to more concise intentions. More concise intentions lead to quicker manifestations. And, if we truly do want what we ask for, quicker manifestations lead to more quickly felt joy.  

    Don't only live in the moment, be conscious of your reality and be grateful for the lessons gifted to you from your experience. Not having the awareness of how your life is running, what is going on, what is out there and possible, means you're not learning everything you could from your internal processing (which happens with or without your attention). Having the mindfulness of our surroundings and our feelings gives us amazing insight to the guidance of our internal wisdom, which then in turn helps us manifests our desires.

    Every experience offers a lesson. Sometimes the lesson is an affirmation of our intuition, validating what we already thought to be true. Other times the lesson comes as a surprise – good or not so welcomed. Realize that the moments your mind is processing distaste or negative experiences, that those, too, affect your desires in a positive way, because knowing what you don't want is arguably as important as knowing what you do want. You could look at life like a recipe you're trying to master, made up of many of sub-recipes. It might take a little while to get the right mixture or components down, but eventually you get really clear on how much is too much of this ingredient or that, and what tastes the best. And with more taste-testing, you get pretty good at knowing what you're looking for, what will work, and what won't. (Bear in mind that our tastes change and recipes that once delighted us may ultimately get shelved – c'est la vie!) Why go through life eating mediocre food when all it takes is a bit of effort to have something you really enjoy?

    Bit of Effort Outline:
    1. Live in the moment and pay attention.
    2. Observe your feelings: what your emotions are, how your body feels, what discernments you make.
    3. Relish those. Trust those are guiding you (even if you're guided away from what you've just experienced, you're still be guided toward something else).
    4. Think and feel what you want more of. Dream your desires, make plans, set intentions.
    5. Have faith that your positive-natured thinking and feeling will manifest more positive thoughts and feelings.
    6. Smile and know that life is amazing.

    Of Awareness and Manifestation

    Posted on July 02 2015

    Of Awareness and Manifestation OF AWARENESS AND MANIFESTATIONArticle by Claire PorterPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26Look around you, and then look inside. When we take in what is going on...

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  •  Discovering Your Purpose

    Discovering Your Purpose


    Article by Marinna Rose
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

    Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” - John F. Kennedy

    All it takes is a little enquiring within to uncover the truth of your purpose. Liken it to the sculptor chiseling away at the marble, chipping away one piece at a time unveiling the masterpiece within. Your purpose is just like this masterpiece carved from the marble, simply hovering just under the surface waiting to be shown to the world!

    The quickest way to unveil your purpose is through the work of introspection. Through this we dive deep into the essence of who you are, first pulling pieces apart, then putting them back together in the exact placement creating your beautiful sculptor of purpose.

    I discuss in detail three tips with action steps of how to begin this process of introspection below:

    Tip #1- Self Love

    When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.” - Diane Von Furstenberg

    It all begins from you. You already have all you need within your self, every answer, all the love you’ll ever need and more. To discover your life purpose you must be able to start loving yourself by accepting. Accepting who you are, your flaws, your crazy personality…You must be in acceptance of all of you. 

    Then from loving yourself you begin to unveil that inner knowing of why you came here. You start to see that there is so much more to being here than just doing the daily grind and keeping a roof over your head.

    •    Write down three things that you love about yourself.
    •    Write down three things others love about you.
    •    Write down three things that you can begin to accept about yourself.


    Tip #2-Discover Your Core Values

    "Effectiveness without values is a tool without a purpose." - Edward de Bono 

    Defining your values give you purpose. When you have not clearly defined your values, you end up making bad decisions and drifting down the wrong paths. 

    So many of us base our decisions on outside social influences that we don’t even recognize, instead of tapping into our internal guidance system. Most of us are walking around like zombies actually thinking we are living our lives on purpose when we are just living them all for someone else’s purpose! Before you know it you have no idea how you got here. 

    Living other people’s purpose and not knowing your own reason for being here is simply a shame and leaves you feeling empty and hopeless. I want to change that for you by suggesting this tip on living life by your three main Core Values. This will organically allow you to discover your purpose and fill your life with joy!

    Ask your self some of these questions, write down as many core values that come up, Then weed out the ones that are least important leaving the three most valuable that become non negotiable with every decision you make!

    •    What is most important to you? For example: Health, Freedom, Fun, Stability..
    •    What quality do you most admire in a person you think very highly of? For Example: Driven, Innovative, Risky, smart, unique..
    •    What quality do you most admire in yourself? For Example: Loving, Caring, Empathetic, excitable, authentic, Intelligent…

    Tip #3- Ask Your self these Thought Provoking Questions:

    Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it” - Gautama Buddha

    •    Why am I here?
    •    What is my mission?
    •    What gets me really excited when I think about it?
    •    What makes me smile?
    •    What causes do you passionately believe in?
    •    What am I really good at, so good I don’t even have to think about it?
    •    What do people come to you for help with?
    •    Given your Core Values you came up with, how could you use these resources to serve and help others?

    After you have worked on these three tips you should have a solid idea of what Your Purpose is. These are tips to use again and again; you change as you go through life. Always be willing to relook at Your Purpose and be willing to carve your marble sculptor even better as time goes by.

    As you grow and become more Self Empowered by Discovering Your Purpose, you organically shift from the deeper knowledge that is gained through your wisdom. You must realign with this new wisdom integrating it into your Purpose. 

    Just as so many of us make decisions based on other people’s purposes, you may find yourself locked into your own original discovery of Purpose. Be open to shifting, just like I suggest when setting goals, set them, but always realign, as you get closer.

    The same goes for Your Purpose. You must be open to redefining as you grow!

    3 Tips on Discovering Your Purpose

    Posted on July 01 2015

    Discovering Your Purpose 3 TIPS ON DISCOVERING YOUR PURPOSEArticle by Marinna RosePhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” - John F. KennedyAll...

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  •  Healthy Eating for Busy Boss Babes

    Healthy Eating for Busy Boss Babes


    Article by Stefanie Dawn
    Photo Credit: Angel Quintana
    Issue #26

    One of the most important habits i ever developed was thinking about what i was eating, before i ate it. Its attributed greatly to my overall health and energy and helps me keep my lean figure. 

    I know it sounds simple but how many of us just grab something on the go without giving any thought to what we are consuming?

    Next time your in a rush for next meeting, slow down, take a deep breath and think about what your food choice means for your goals, your figure, your wallet and your over-all health. 

    Most of the time, the items in your favorite coffee shop are full of sugar, calories and portioned to ridiculous sizes for the ingredients. Things like bran or fruit muffins are actually higher in calories, sugar and fat than a single donut! Yikes!

    And then there is the lunch time dilemma, in which you can swap the morning diabetic coma for takeout that is ridden with salt, preservatives and hidden caloric fat bombs that leave many of us wondering why we don’t feel so great, or can’t reach our health and fitness goals even if we perceive that we are eating is fairly “healthy”.

    What’s the solution? Think before you eat, and plan before you go. 

    The #1 thing you can do is prepare for your day the night before and pack easy snack foods on the go and have breakfast and coffee ready for when you wake up. Set your coffee timer, grab a stellar, glittering to go mug and make sure you have ingredients for a delicious fruit and green veg filled smoothie or overnight oats and you are well on your way. 

    You can always pack quick snacks to eat with your between meetings and on the road - things like banana’s, apples, baggies of nuts and chopped vegetables. You can also purchase these things on the go at gas stations and mini marts!

    Stay away from things in packages, things with ingredients you can’t pronounce and items glistening behind glass counters.

    Yelp juice bars and organic shops in your area so if you absolutely have to stop somewhere, you know you are getting quality and nourishment to keep that mind sharp. Vote with your dollar in supporting smaller business and better options.

    If there is a major coffee chain on one corner, and a small local artisan shop on the next, help out your fellow small business owner and go there.


    These small, mindful choices, can and do add up. 

    So next time you are quick to pick up something on the go, be conscious of your decisions and ask yourself is it the best option possible for me right how and can i make a more healthful choice? 

    Not only will you save time and some money, but you will also feel and keep looking as amazing as you truly are!

    Healthy Eating for Busy Boss Babes On The Go

    Posted on June 29 2015

    Healthy Eating for Busy Boss Babes HEALTHY EATING FOR BUSY BOSS BABES ON THE GOArticle by Stefanie DawnPhoto Credit: Angel QuintanaMagazine: Issue #26One of the most important habits i ever...

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  •  Dangers of Not Being Intentional

    Dangers of Not Being Intentional


    Article by Darlene Dunn
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

    It is so easy to just ‘let life happen’ but when we do that we never go anywhere, we never achieve anything and we are always at the mercy of others. Listed below are three dangers to not living an Intentional Life & Business:

    1| You become stagnant - just like a body of water that no longer moves, you will pick up all kinds of ‘junk’. You will no longer be moving toward anything, you will just ‘hang’ out and wither and soon begin to ‘stink’. Your business won’t grow and will most likely go backwards.

    2| You will be unfilled - you will know that something is missing, you just won’t know what. You will hang out with other unfilled folk and commiserate that there ‘must be more out there’ yet you won’t go in search of the ‘more’.

    3| You will be an easy ‘mark’ for the unscrupulous - when you aren’t intentional you can be swayed to purchase programs or products that you don’t need. These salespeople can zero on folks that are not living an intentional life and sell you oceanfront property in the desert! 

    An easy way to avoid these dangers is to just BE INTENTIONAL. Every day wake up, review your vision and your goals and make a decision to walk toward them. Make a plan and go after it. Weigh every decision against your goals and vision- will doing this get you closer to your goal? If not, perhaps it isn’t the right time to do that particular thing. When you are intentional you will also see doors open that you wouldn’t have seen if you were not being intentional. Make this Your Year for Massive growth- BE INTENTIONAL!!!

    3 Dangers of Not Being Intentional in Your Life & Business

    Posted on June 27 2015

    Dangers of Not Being Intentional 3 DANGERS OF NOT BEING INTENTIONAL IN YOUR LIFE & BUSINESSArticle by Darlene DunnPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26It is so easy to just...

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    Article by Denita Austin
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

     4 Ways to Mind Your Own Business

    4 Ways to Mind Your Own Business

    Mindfulness implies that you are aware of yourself. Now of course no one is perfect and this is an area that we all can improve on but it’s super important that we pay close attention to what we are doing in the moment.  What we do and say effects everyone around us. Our decisions, emotions, reactions and so forth. 

    Have you ever spoken to someone that was able to tell you everything about someone else but couldn’t tell you anything about themselves?  I know you know at least one person who is obsessed with the way people think and do things. The first thing that comes to mind for me is MIND YOUR BUSINESS! What advice would you give this person to help them focus on their actions and their thoughts? The next time that you experience this with a friend or associate, share this advice with them. Lets’ say the person name is Linda. I would say Linda, instead of focusing on that person and what they are doing, think of it this way. You should observe yourself as though you are watching a movie to learn more about your extraordinary traits and attributes. This is a different perspective that you don’t typically do in your daily life however I recommend trying it. As you go on to explain to her gently, when you are mindful of yourself, you begin to see what you are creating. Our thoughts are so powerful that we tend to forget what we can manifest into existence. 

    Now by this time, I’m sure Linda is looking up at the sky with her eyes rolled in the back of her head in disgust. She is not interested in anything that you have to say. I encourage you to go on with the conversation. Linda, observe yourself and how you interact with others.  Ask yourself these questions. Was I mindful when I brushed my teeth this morning?  Was I mindful of how I spoke to someone over the phone today? Was I mindful when I looked at myself in the mirror? Was I mindful driving in traffic? Was I mindful when I decided to judge someone I barely knew? If not, are you really living?  Or are you just alive?  

    We are so use to our routines that we are not aware of our surroundings or interactions. Usually we see the same thing every day because we simply think, feel and do the same thing. When we are mindful, we will see differently because we are awake and actually living. You will see life in a completely differently light. By feeling and being aware of every moment will spark creativity and will create a mental space that is stress free.

    Since I am such a huge fan of building relationships and connections with others, I’ve noticed over time that as we immerse ourselves into the moment, others notice. As we becoming present through mindfulness, we see others inviting us into interaction because people want to be around others who are willing to invest time. I’ve also noticed that the more aware we are of the greatness of others, the more likely we will receive the positive energy in return. This encourages others to strive through the very initiative we nurtured through our presence of mind body and spirit. 

    Here are a few healthy suggestions to become more mindful or should I say to Mind Your Business 

    1 :: Take a morning or evening walk without a destination. Let go of all thoughts of a schedule or agenda and simply allow yourself to go wherever your mood takes you. Surrender to the flow of life. This will also be your moment of self-love and empowerment.

    2 :: Do one thing at a time. I understand the importance of multitasking but I recommend Single-task. It will help you in the long run. When you're pouring water, just pour water. When you're eating, just eat. Take your time with each task. When you are speaking to someone, give them your undivided attention. This is a great technique for reducing stress. 

    3 :: Next time your phone rings, resist to the urge to answer. Let it ring a couple of times as you collect your thoughts and prepare to answer. You should also consider turning the phone off during certain periods of the day. We all need to tap into this area of self-improvement and discipline. 

    4 :: Before Bed, sit in silence. Breathe slowly and deeply, allowing yourself to let go and simply be. This simply means turning the TV off and not using it as company until you fall asleep. This is where the crazy dreams appear in your head. This is the key ingredient for holistic living one step at a time.

    Add these healthy suggestions into the daily routine and I assure you that you will see the difference within yourself. As things happen and as we maintain presence infused with stillness, we are more likely to accept them without judgment of ourselves or others. 

    Hey Rubbernecker! 4 Ways to Mind Your Own Business

    Posted on June 25 2015

    HEY RUBBERNECKER!4 WAYS TO MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESSArticle by Denita AustinPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26 4 Ways to Mind Your Own Business Mindfulness implies that you are aware of...

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    Article by Nikka Karli Salifu
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

    Have you ever felt like your Big Vision was in quicksand? As if- no matter what you do- you keep ending up in the same place in your life and business? (And it’s most definitely NOT the place you want to be.)

    Sound familiar? You’re in the right place. Because you’re about to get a crash course in how to overcome the “resistance” that’s been pulling the wool over your eyes (and has most likely been derailing the entire course of your life).

    Oh. I should probably note that this ain’t your mama’s nice, sweet-as-pie advice. So, if you’re easily offended or someone who is not ready to commit to their brilliance, you should probably stop reading right about now. If, however, you are ready to take balls-to-the-wall action and forever change the way you show up in the world, I invite you to read on and learn a little about the monster you’re up against.

    1 :: Resistance is NOT futile. Nope. It’s a sneaky little bastard who will upend your dreams and toss you aside as if you were nothing. It will laugh at your grand plans and kick dust on the withering carcass of your creativity. Resistance is not some weak, doddering punk as we’ve been taught to believe. It will smack you down without a second thought and leave you nothing but a quivering ball of insecurity and self-doubt. It shows up as a call from a friend who just happens to be in dire straits JUST as you are about to begin working on that chapter in your forthcoming {when-in-the-name-of-God-is-this-going-to-be-finished} book. YOUR ACTION: Dig your head out of the sand, Darlin! Yes, resistance is all around you and the faster you accept its existence, the faster you will overcome it. Stay vigilant. When it shows up (and it will) be ready. Begin to recognize resistance for what it is and be ready to say NO to it, however it appears.

    2 :: Resistance is debilitating. That quicksand we talked about? Yeah. That’s resistance. It’s not fun and it’s not pretty. You might be feeling like your dreams are too big, that you’re not ready, that everyone except you has got it together… Let’s stop right there and call B.S. Why? Because that’s resistance. Not your truth. YOUR ACTION: Move forward. Take imperfectly perfect action in the direction of your vision. Fail and love it. Succeed and love it. And then do it all over again. Resistance cannot stick to a moving object. So keep it moving, Beautiful.


    3 :: Resistance has got NOTHING on you. You are worth so much more than resistance will ever be. You have been placed on this earth with a mission. And that mission kicks resistance’s ass any day of the week. YOUR ACTION: Own your worth. Chase your dreams with the innate and unshakeable knowledge that your mission was not given to just anyone. It was given to you. Only YOU can heal the world in the way you were meant to heal. So go be you. (And if resistance has anything to say about, kick it where it hurts and keep on keepin’ on.)

    Now that you’re armed with your resistance-smashing tools, I want you to ask yourself a question. And this might be the most important question of your life to date (big, bold statement, I know… but stick with me).

    OK…  Are you ready?  Here goes:

    How much longer are you willing to allow resistance to dictate the direction of your life. Seriously… How. Much. Longer???

    Because now that you’re aware of it, it is 100% up to YOU to decide to whether or not to do something about it. It has become a choice. Your choice.

    To stay hidden in the shadows of your resistance and allow it to keep you stuck in the throes of mediocrity or- and here’s the choice I’d go with if I were you- to smash through your resistance. To obliterate it and crush it into complete and utter oblivion.

    So, what will you choose? Resistance and fear? Or unapologetically living out your amazing God-given mission? Well. You know what they say. The choice? She is yours, Lovers.

    Here’s to choosing our dreams.

    F*ck Your Resistance with Just 3 Actions

    Posted on June 21 2015

    F*CK YOUR RESISTANCE WITH JUST 3 ACTIONS Article by Nikka Karli SalifuPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26Have you ever felt like your Big Vision was in quicksand? As if- no...

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    Article by Jessica Sandhu
    Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
    Magazine: Issue #26

     Build a Strong Intuitive Muscle

    Build a Strong Intuitive Muscle

    I was recently in New York City for a weekend workshop of yoga and writing with a group of intuitive and open-hearted individuals—all of them living and loving in a way that was most comfortable and easy to get along and create with.

    At one point, I looked around and realized that all of us had done our work and followed our intuition to make it there for exploration. And it reminded me of when I wasn’t in that intuitive flow, not so long ago. 

    Personally, it took me a long time to connect to my intuitive side, having spent a lot of time in relationships (romantic and otherwise) where I compromised myself to keep others feeling “safe.” 

    In the holistic, entrepreneurial world, intuition is a muscle we need to learn how to flex more often than we are initially comfortable with. Our work is heart- and art-related, so not being at ease in our hearts can be devastating for a business—and worse, for a life. 

    Here are four simple things to apply to your life to build a strong intuitive muscle:

    Feel. First, feel what is happening to you internally. Sensations, good or bad, will manifest physically. If you are aligned, listening, and following through on what your intuition is telling you, chances are you are feeling good and grounded. If you are going against it, then you probably have a sick feeling with symptoms of stuntedness and no growth. This is the very base of getting in touch with your intuition, so really pay attention to it. 


    Be honest. Once you tap into your feelings, be honest about what you are feeling. In some cases, intuition will tell you to go in a direction that is the opposite of what you had planned. That will cause fear about change in your life, and the possible hurt it might cause others once you make that change. There will only be suffering if you are not honest with yourself, and you cannot move forward until you have established this honesty. 

    Slow down & reflect. The only way to really dive deep and to listen to your intuition is to slow down. Making time for self-reflection and paying attention to the needs of yourself and your life will give you the necessary clarity to make the choices that are suited for you. Journaling, meditation, yoga, and long walks are super-selflove ingredients for tapping into the voice within. Connect to the internal dialogue that always wants to listen and talk. 

    Be courageous. The minute you let go of judgment about whether or how this will affect you, go to that courageous place and find peace in it. It takes great will and courage to really follow your heart, as it usually is not the place of normalcy. When you follow your gut, you are offering yourself the highest kind of love there is. Trust that what arises within is there for your best and highest interest. Trust, and know that you are doing your well-being the number one favor.

    4 Simple Ways to Build a Strong Intuitive Muscle

    Posted on June 18 2015

    4 SIMPLE WAYS TO BUILD A STRONG INTUITIVE MUSCLEArticle by Jessica SandhuPhoto Credit: Dasha & MariMagazine: Issue #26 Build a Strong Intuitive Muscle I was recently in New York City...

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    Article by Kimberly Manning
    Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
    Magazine: Issue #25

     Holistic Path to Your Next Big Idea

    Holistic Path to Your Next Big Idea

    In our go-go world, it seems that successful folks simply pop or drop into their brilliant idea or business. It may look like they’ve achieved instant success, but the truth is, there’s foundational work to be done on the way to your next big thing. Oh, and PS: it’s an inside job.

    It’s easy to get lost in the warp speed world of business, with its heavy dose of masculine and addiction to high energy. What can get lost is the (w)holistic path to your next big thing. In order to move forward, you’ve got to go within. Here’s the Integrative Living Design perspective.

    Place your idea in the Cosmic Womb. Whatever you are ruminating in your heart or head, give it over to the Great Mother of All Things. Divine inspiration and guidance are two of the gifts you’ll receive when you let the cosmic womb of your higher consciousness work. 

    I’ve had clients who write their idea on a piece of paper, literally plant that in a potted plant or garden, and then turn it over to the cosmos. Just like a seed germinating in the earth, your ideas need time to be nurtured, to gather energy, to stretch. All before they emerge above the surface. 

    Shhhh. While things are gestating, preserve the energy of your idea by keeping it to yourself. Often we get excited and we want to share our idea with a friend or colleague, however, this dissipates the energy. Not to mention that a well-meaning but critical comment could send you and your confidence off the tracks. 

    Until you’re ready for primetime, don’t share. There will be ample time to gather folks round your campfire to discuss, tweak, etc., but in the fragile time of your idea’s birthing, keep it quiet.

    Walk through liminal space. Liminal comes from the Latin word for “a threshold.” Liminal space is that delicate place between where things have been percolating quietly and the open air. Many people struggle with this in-between time. It’s messy and a little uncomfortable as you learn new ways of being and doing. Instead of fighting, embrace this sacred space. Understand that you’re entering new terrain, that you can’t and don’t know everything yet, and that in the uncertainty lies potential. Walk through that space, confidently and with trust in your abilities. So much lies across that threshold.

    The holistic path to your next step begins with a focus inward. By taking the time to go inward, you allow your idea to crystallize and energize. It will emerge into the world|marketplace in right timing and with great strength. 

    The Holistic Path to Your Next Big Idea

    Posted on June 07 2015

    THE HOLISTIC PATH TO YOUR NEXT BIG IDEAArticle by Kimberly ManningPhoto Credit: Mariana GarciaMagazine: Issue #25 Holistic Path to Your Next Big Idea In our go-go world, it seems that...

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  •  Guided Meditation as a Business Tool

    Guided Meditation as a Business Tool


    Article by John Scardina
    Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
    Magazine: Issue #25

    Have you ever tried a Guided Meditation? There are so many available from coaches, mystics, and practitioners of all kinds. You know the type of meditation that brings you towards a predetermined path to relaxation, bliss, healing, rest or a multitude of other achievable goals. Many of these meditations are short in length and easy to perform. Most only needing about 30 minutes of your undivided attention. A few moments with your subconscious with so many benefits. Some of my favorite guided meditations bring me to places I have never visited other than in my subconscious. Beautiful peaceful colorful places filled with nothing but positive energies, people and scenarios.

    To try this practice, (and this is only an example). Always start with relaxing position laying or sitting down in a quite space with your eyes closed. Focus on your breathe next, inhale and exhale being conscious of each breathe. Just breathe normally for several breathes in this manner. Now in your mind’s eye create a peaceful space. This can be a seaside beach, a lush green forest, or even a mythical place Create as much detail and color as you can, but don’t push it too hard, piece it together slowly. Once you have this visual in your mind maybe start walking around in this space, what do you see? Depending where you have placed yourself maybe a long ocean beach with gentle waves flowing across the sand. What color sand, is it a sunny warm day or a light and gentle rain occurring, be creative. Are there people in the water, are there boats, maybe even horses on the beach Build this in your mind again with detail. The possibilities are limitless and you are completely in control of this meditation. Now remembering all of this detail and taking it in in your mind walk back to where you started and feel blissful with this scenario that you have created and slowly open your eyes and return yourself to your life. Again this is just basics of a guided meditation.

    Now for the fun part, try this guided meditation with a business twist. Begin with details of your particular business in mind. Are you a coach, an artist, a practitioner of any sort? Add details in your business that may need some rough edges resolved. You can create in your mind, meeting your ideal client, marketing plans or a public presentation. Again be creative with whatever your individual business needs remember to add as much detail as you can. Meditating on these subjects can prepare your subconscious for anything that that lies ahead in regards to your business. Planning in your mind’s eye can prepare you for many of your business needs, before the need is a reality. Practice this and see how helpful it can be.

    Guided Meditation as a Business Tool

    Posted on June 02 2015

    Guided Meditation as a Business Tool GUIDED MEDITATION AS A BUSINESS TOOLArticle by John ScardinaPhoto Credit: Mariana GarciaMagazine: Issue #25Have you ever tried a Guided Meditation? There are so many...

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     Clean Eating Mistakes

    Clean Eating Mistakes

    Article by Angela Anderson
    Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
    Magazine: Issue #25

    Eating clean is not necessarily salads and smoothies. As a fitness instructor and health & fitness coach working with holistic women to tone up their bodies, the answer is not all about your fitness routine. If you want to tone up your body, you must look at these three common mistakes about clean eating that you could be making. 

    Common Mistake #1: Protein Shakes

    There are all kinds of protein shakes on the market, unfortunately many of them full of crapistic ingredients, including sugar. Unless you like the flavor of grass or air, you most likely have to add fruit to your shakes in order to enjoy them. The artificial junk that most protein shakes have, plus the added fruit you need in order to actually drink them does not do you any favors when you want to really tone up your body.

    Tip:  Don’t just buy any old protein powder. Do your research. Eating enough protein does help your muscles, but adding fats, super-foods, and fiber really ups the steaks! 

    Common Mistake #2: Skinny This and Single Serving That

    I know you are busy AND because you are a health conscious, holistic woman. Between work, family, workouts, and other obligations you probably eat on the go at times. Remember, those low-calorie snacks you are grabbing are full of sugar. Yes – even the savory snacks. 

    Tip:  Eat as much lean protein, natural fats, and non-starchy vegetables as you possible can. This will increase satiety and you will not be as hungry all the time, plus it will support you to beat sugar addiction and get toned up!

    Common Mistake #3: Constant Carbohydrate Loading

    If you eat carbohydrates constantly throughout your day, then all you are doing is spiking your insulin, turning the unused sugars into fat, and then depositing the fat onto your hips, stomach, and thighs. A typical carbohydrate filled “clean” eating day looks like: oatmeal for breakfast, some sort of wrap for lunch, granola bar for snack, protein shake with fruit post workout, and lean meat, veggies, and grains for dinner.  

    Tip: Follow the ritual of eating your of carbohydrates after a tough workout. Your muscles LOVE sugar immediately after a workout and will eat it right up to help them grow and repair. 

    3 Common Mistakes Holistic Business Women Make with “Clean” Eating

    Posted on May 26 2015

    3 COMMON MISTAKES HOLISTIC BUSINESSWOMEN MAKE WITH "CLEAN" EATING Clean Eating Mistakes Article by Angela AndersonPhoto Credit: Mariana GarciaMagazine: Issue #25Eating clean is not necessarily salads and smoothies. As a fitness...

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  •  Feminism in Business

    Feminism in Business


    Article by Priscilla Wainwright
    Photo Credit: Fabiola Zamora
    Magazine: Issue #24

    “The Only Alternative to Being a Feminist is Being a Masochist.” – Gloria Steinem

    The need for a Feminist Movement has never been greater. Hilary Clinton recently said, “The way women are treated today is more subtle, but no less damaging.”

    Today, True Feminism is not about fighting for equality with men. True, there are still some issues yet to be won, such as the pay gap between men and women for the same work.

    Today, the main thrust must be Healing and Reclamation.

    True Feminism today, in this Millennium of the Woman, involves as much inner work as outer work.

    Our main task is to recognize the wounding from the Patriarchal culture, heal those wounds and reclaim our Inner Tigress: to love, honor and fully embrace the true beauty and glory of the Feminine within us, take back our true female power and courage and start living our personal Authentic Truth WITHOUT shame, doubt, or apology.

    We need to develop the courage to stop playing servile and limiting roles that hold us back and relegate us to 2nd class citizens. We need to stop putting ourselves down and start living and respecting ourselves magnificently. Only then will we stop playing small and get the full honor and respect from others that we desire and deserve.

    Our task, then, is to transcend our culture and reform it, to eliminate gender bias and inequity. If you experience or witness ant sexist behavior, call ‘em out on it! Being quiet is tacit approval.

    That task is huge, but it can be done if we women all work together. But first, we as individuals must come forth strong in our feminine power and let the world see that we are every person’s equal and NO ONE’S FOOL OR TOY. We’re EQUALS, not SEQUELS!

    We must also stop our relentless competition with other women, restore harmony, and support and elevate each other in the process of mutual healing and transcendence.

    Then and only then can we heal the world, using our Feminine tools, skills and powers. 

    HF Radio

    Nadine Newlight said, “The Future is Female”.

    The Dalai Lama said, “The World will be saved by the Western Woman”.

    He is so right, but before we can save the world, we must each first save ourselves. Only then can we come together collectively to maximize our Feminine Power for good.

    It is the mission of to be a powerful voice and essential resource in the healing and transformation of individuals and the world. At, you will lovingly receive the support you need.

    Rise Up and ROAR!

    Holistic Fashionista Recommended

    Want help defining and living into YOUR innate feminine glory?  Come onto our site and join Tigress Tribe, our online community. Since our community is new, you’ll be a Charter Member. In our Forum, you’ll get personal attention and help, and can help others as well.

    Feminism in Business: It's No Longer About the Men

    Posted on May 13 2015

    Feminism in Business FEMINISM IN BUSINESS: IT'S NO LONGER ABOUT THE MENArticle by Priscilla WainwrightPhoto Credit: Fabiola ZamoraMagazine: Issue #24“The Only Alternative to Being a Feminist is Being a Masochist.”...

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    Article by Cinthia Singleton
    Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
    Magazine: Issue #24

     Perfectly Perfect Life That Matters Most to YOU!

    Perfectly Perfect Life That Matters Most to YOU!

    Shine. Stand out. Leave something behind. But what if what we got to offer ‘pales’ in comparison to what the brilliant rogues all around us offer? And what if ours isn’t ever really ready for prime time? What if we aren’t so special, really?


    It’s about a life and we shine truest when immersed in it. That is all. The immersion. The rest is the cherry on the sundae. Get it? We all have something unique to offer just by being alive. Attendance is everything in this case. From grub worm to Nobel Laureate, we’re molecular energy. Can’t ‘matter’ more than that. lol

    But seriously we all want to matter.  

    Let’s take it down to the bare essentials… How to live a perfectly perfect life that matters most to YOU:

    1| Know who you are. Be confident in it. You are who you are and that in itself is unique. This is your special brand of Light. That you can dance a mean lambada is a vehicle for that light inside you.

    2| Get in touch with your inner compass each and every day. Take a quiet moment. Clear your mind. Meditate. Breathe. Feel only your life force surging through you; this is your core YOU. Nothing selfish in listening to it above all else.

    HF Radio

    3| Get grounded. See #2. That way, when you’re out in the world with the other humans you’re as steady and prepared as possible. It’s like tennis. If you hold your weight evenly, got your eye on the ball, you’re ready for that 70 mph ball coming at you.

    4| Quietly. Loudly. Actively. Passively. Doesn’t matter whether you’re tough as Steve McQueen or meek as Bo Peep, energetically we ALL add something to the mix. Appreciate it, in yourself and others.

    5| That inner compass is a good guide but it shows different directions at different times. So once a Girl Scout, not always a Girl Scout, but there might be an energetic element that carries from troop to sorority to family. The continuum is YOU, the compass there to point you to things that make your core YOU most fulfilled.

    6| Embrace Earth and its citizens, warts and all. Remember, your interaction with them is why you’re here. You do the best with what you’ve been given, so do others. Sometimes we’re not our best; these are some of the warts, sadly. Compassion comes in handy.

    We ARE by association not isolation. Why we’re here doesn’t matter so much as how we interact while we are. Embrace it. Then you shine, matter and leave something wonderful behind… your light.

    “Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.” Theodore Roethke

    How to Live a Perfectly Perfect Life That Matters Most to YOU!

    Posted on May 04 2015

    HOW TO LIVE A PERFECTLY PERFECT LIFETHAT MATTERS MOST TO YOU!Article by Cinthia SingletonPhoto Credit: Mariana GarciaMagazine: Issue #24 Perfectly Perfect Life That Matters Most to YOU! Shine. Stand out....

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    Article by Jentana Lee Dabbs
    Photo Credit: Fabiola Zamora
    Magazine: Issue #24

     Who You Think You “Should” Be!

    Who You Think You “Should” Be!

    Recently, I met a woman who I connected with right away, because we’re both creative and passionate. It broke my heart when she recently told me that her belief is at zero and she’s lost faith in herself, her business and that anyone will want what she has to offer. Like, me she has given up many times on her dreams in frustration.

    A few months ago, I was watching an interview on Adam Ant, (He was a big pop star in the 80’s.)  During his interview, he was talking about his battle with depression over the years and as he was speaking about his depression, I watched in eyes, his body language and I listened to his tone of voice, Adam Ant was speaking about his battle with depression with great shame, calling it a monster. By the shameful tone of his voice and body language, you would have thought he had committed some horrible crime in the past that he had great regret towards!

    The Normal Myth
    Though very different, what those two have in common, is that they are both creative, passionate, right brain dominant people. These types of people are naturally drawn to and are very good at entrepreneurship, music, acting, dance, writing, healing and other forms of creativity. Sadly, the belief that many creatives grow up with is that they must identify with what is considered “normal” in a left-brain dominated world.

    What is normal?
    Traditionally, normal is a well behaved child, who graduates from school with good grades, excels in college, gets married, has a good “stable” job, good credit, organized, buys a house and raises a family and then the same process starts over again with each generation.

    The Problem
    The problem is that for most creative, right brain dominate people, that’s not who they are nor necessarily want to be and because their “told” that’s the way it’s supposed to be, the talented, creative end up beating themselves up for attempting to be who their not.

    HF Radio

    The truth 
    Since creative people are dominated by their right brain and are feeling types, it’s “normal” for them to go through depression, be full of ideas and not follow through on them, be disorganized and a list of other things that they were led to believe is not “normal.”

    Be who you are
    If you truly want to live a successful happy life, the key is to drop the belief of who you think you “should” be, act and feel based on what you were taught and learn how to understand YOU, everything that makes you tick and then use that new found personal power to do something great in this world!

    Drop the Belief of Who You Think You “Should” Be!

    Posted on April 28 2015

    DROP THE BELIEF OF WHO YOU THINK YOU "SHOULD" BE!Article by Jentana Lee DabbsPhoto Credit: Fabiola ZamoraMagazine: Issue #24 Who You Think You “Should” Be! Recently, I met a woman...

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    Article by Darlene Dunn
    Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
    Magazine: Issue #24

     Emerge From the Cocoon of Conformism

    Emerge From the Cocoon of Conformism

    As a child you are full of life, you see endless possibilities and you are not afraid to be different. As you grow, society begins to expect you to act a certain way, believe a certain way and little by little, what makes you ‘you’ begins to disappear. Soon you find yourself like everybody else- trudging along, staying in line, living an unfulfilled life. The time is now to break out of that cocoon and embrace your uniqueness.  

    Here are four ways to help you to break out of that cocoon:

    1| Think for yourself – you have a brain- engage it.  Get in touch with your creative side.  
    2| Don’t follow the herd - look at what others are doing and then consider a different route.  That is where the opportunities abound!
    3| Believe in the endless possibilities again – Dream and believe!  
    4| Embrace your uniqueness - the world needs what only YOU can offer!

    NOW is the time to break out of the cocoon and become the YOU that you were meant to be- full of life and color and endless possibilities. Don’t worry - you won’t be alone there are those that have already emerged and those in process that can encourage and help you on your journey. Break free now!

    Metamorphosis: Emerge From the Cocoon of Conformism

    Posted on April 27 2015

    METAMORPHOSIS:EMERGE FROM THE COCOON OF CONFORMISMArticle by Darlene DunnPhoto Credit: Mariana GarciaMagazine: Issue #24 Emerge From the Cocoon of Conformism As a child you are full of life, you see...

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    Article by Angela Anderson
    Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
    Magazine: Issue #24

     Holistic Fashionista

    Holistic Fashionista

    Is your smoothie raising your body fat?

    Holistic business women are so busy creating the coolest stuff on the planet, who has time to stop and eat?! I bet you’ve been drinking health drinks for years because they are da bomba, quick, and healthy at the same time. Why let hours of food preparation get in the way of your creativity? I have a little secret for you though – your health drink could be raising your body fat and slowing down your metabolism.

    Many holistic women believe that juicing, green smoothies, and protein shakes are where it’s at in terms of gaining great energy and optimal health. I certainly have had a long love affair with juicing and green smoothies!

    You might add crazy yummy organic fruit and milk substitutes like rice dream to your smoothies. With your juicing you could be making something scrumptious with apples, carrots, ginger, beets and lemons.

    While all of those options are much better than reaching for the donuts, I still beg to differ. The reason is simple: too many carbohydrates = too much sugar (even if it’s natural) in your body = slowing down your metabolism = full fat cells = thunder thighs & muffin tops.

    How do you get out of this predicament?

    • Purchase a complete amino acid profile protein powder that is either plant based or whey isolate
    • Add superfoods
    • Use low or no carb milk substitutes
    • Avoid the fruit and higher glycemic veggies

    Health Drink No-Nos for Women Entrepreneurs

    Posted on April 23 2015

    HEALTH DRINK NO-NOS FOR WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSArticle by Angela AndersonPhoto Credit: Mariana GarciaMagazine: Issue #24 Holistic Fashionista Is your smoothie raising your body fat?Holistic business women are so busy creating the...

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    Article by Elisabeth Scheffer
    Photo Credit: Jana Cruder
    Magazine: Issue #23

     How to Feel Less Burned Out

    How to Feel Less Burned Out

    I often talk to women who wish that they had more time for themselves. They are exhausted from the pressures of building a business, being in relationship and raising a family.  

    They want less burnout and more beauty and bliss.  

    I know the feeling because I spent many years feeling too exhausted to take good care of myself.  Self-care felt like one more thing on an endless to-do list.  In fact, every time I thought about self-care I felt guilty because I knew I wasn’t doing “enough.”  

    Many of us have been trained out of our femininity from childhood and have been taught to be more like men to succeed in the world of work.  It is important for women to be strong and independent but by staying connected to our feminine nature, we can step into our power without losing our hearts and succeed in the world without burning out.

    3 Ideas for More Bliss and Less Burnout

    Honoring Your Space: 

    Healthy boundaries are the foundation of a happy life.  Are you setting boundaries that protect your time and space, money and energy, or are you letting yourself be drained by toxic people or situations?  

    Setting boundaries is one of those things that only we can do for ourselves.  Be unapologetic about honoring your space.

    Making pleasure a priority: 

    Is pleasure a priority in your life, or is it an optional extra that gets tacked on at the end of the day, if there is time? As women, we require pleasure and beauty to feel good and to be at our best. Be intentional about receiving pleasure. Don’t wait for someone else to provide pleasure for you or hope that you will receive enough pleasure by accident.  Turn your deepest pleasure into your daily practice and make it a priority to enjoy receiving pleasure every day.

    Listening to your intuition:  

    Are you doing self-care the way you see other women doing it, or are you listening within to your own unique needs?  

    Don’t just do the same things other women are doing for self-care or just keep doing the same things you have always done and assume that it will still work.  Every woman is unique and we have unique needs at different times in our lives as well.
    Your intuition is your inner teacher.  Listen to her and she will guide you towards more beauty and bliss and your most fulfilling.

    How to Feel Less Burned Out & More Blissful as You Build Your Business

    Posted on April 15 2015

    HOW TO FEEL LESS BURNED OUT& MORE BLISSFUL AS YOU BUILD YOUR BUSINESSArticle by Elisabeth SchefferPhoto Credit: Jana CruderMagazine: Issue #23 How to Feel Less Burned Out I often talk to...

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  •  Managing Fear so it Doesn’t Manage You

    Managing Fear so it Doesn’t Manage You


    Article by Jentana Lee Dabbs
    Photo Credit: Jana Cruder
    Magazine: Issue #23

    One evening, my boyfriend and I were on our way to the Ahmanson Theater in LA to see a show, during rush hour traffic. ‘Type in Ahmanson for directions on WAZE,” he asked (WAZE is this super cool app that gives you directions to avoid traffic). I typed in the Ahmanson Theater and the female voice on WAZE, directed us to go on the 118 fwy. Immediately, my boyfriend panicked,” I don’t do the 118, I’ve never done the 118 before, find another route!” “This is the route she’s giving us to avoid the traffic.” I said. Still panicking, he shouted “are you sure, that you typed in the Ahmanson in LOS ANGELES?” “It’s taking us the wrong way!”  

    I assured him, we were going the right way. “I don’t do the 118,” he said again as he grabbed the phone while jolting the car to find other routes, we ended up having to go on the 118, which turned out to be a great route avoiding the rush hour traffic.

    Sound familiar?
    Perhaps this isn’t you on the fwy, but what about in your own life or business? Too often we may panic and attempt to “jolt” our life in a direction that seems more comfortable while ignoring our own inner guidance system, which is attempting to move us along faster by taking us into the unknown.
    Our Internal Guidance
    When we ask the powers that be for guidance in our life or our business, we have programed in the destination that we want to go and our inner guidance begins to show us the way.

    Self Sabotage
    Though we asked to be shown the way, it’s not always the way we expected to go and to be honest MOST of the time it’s not the way that we expect our destination to go. It’s the same thing working with coaches and mentors too, we hire them to be our navigation system, but if what they instruct us to do is not within our comfort level, many times we resist and go back the route we’re comfortable with and then wonder why we’re still stuck in what seems like a mess.

    Manage Your Fear
    When you become the master of managing your fears, then you will begin to notice more intuitive guidance, help along the way and you will get to your destination much faster.

    3 Steps To Managing Your Fear:

    1| Acknowledge that you’re going into the unknown and you’re just not comfortable with it.

    2| Get yourself excited about experiencing something new and what you may discover.

    3| Say to yourself “I move from fear to faith” and then just go for it!

    3 Steps to Managing Fear so it Doesn’t Manage You

    Posted on April 13 2015

    Managing Fear so it Doesn’t Manage You 3 STEPS TO MANAGING FEAR SO IT DOESN'T MANAGE YOUArticle by Jentana Lee DabbsPhoto Credit: Jana CruderMagazine: Issue #23One evening, my boyfriend and...

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    Article by Heather Jadus
    Photo Credit: Jana Cruder
    Magazine: Issue #23

     31 Rose Water Benefits

    31 Rose Water Benefits

    Roses have been used in beauty routines for centuries—historians believe that they were an essential part of people’s skincare regimens in ancient civilizations like Babylonia. Even Cleopatra credited her soft skin to the roses she sprinkled in her milk baths.

    And today, we use the flower’s oil as the main ingredient in rosewater, a unique tonic that’s great for reducing redness, calming blotchiness and hydrating your skin in the way an other water sprays or makeup primers cannot.
    Rose Water is a byproduct of distilling roses for their oil that’s used in perfume. Roses are collected before the sunrise and essentially steamed until they’re condensed down into a beautiful, flowery mush. The water is then filtered and separated from the oil  It’s a time-consuming process that leaves you with pure, natural, incredibly gentle rosewater that’s great for dry or irritated skin and has toning and pH-balancing properties to help regulate oily or problematic skin as well.

    Sounds like a miracle product doesn't it?  I think it is and I NEVER go one day without it.

    31 Benefits of Rose Water:

    1. Reduces Eye Puffiness
    2. Hydrates Skin
    3. Protects from Bacterial Infections
    4. Skin Toner
    5. Removes Dirt
    6. Removes Makeup
    7. Heals Sunburn
    8. Heals Small Wounds
    9. Lightens Small Scars
    10. Reduces Thread Veins
    11. Helps Broken Capillaries
    12. Maintains PH Balance
    13. Revives Makeup
    14. Doesn't Smudge Makeup
    15. Makes Skin Feel Firmer
    16. Lessens Breakouts
    17. Stimulates Circulation
    18. Calms Acne
    19. Calms Eczema
    20. Improves Blood Circulation to the Hair Follicles
    21. Promotes Hair Growth
    22. Conditions Hair
    23. Controls Dandruff
    24. Boosts Scalp Health
    25. Decreases Hair Breakage
    26. Soothes Tired Eyes
    27. Soothes Inflamed Gums
    28. Strengthens Teeth
    29. Promotes God Breath
    30. Stress Reliever
    31. Helps Relieve Depression


    Only T R U E  R O S E  W A T E R will give you these benefits.  There are many imposters out there claiming to be selling you true Rose water. So how do you SHOP for it confidently? Here's a few tips:

    • ALWAYS read the ingredient lists of your Rose water Products.  You would think the lists would be quite simple but you would be surprised what preservatives and perfumes companies are adding to what should be a very natural product. Thus actually taking the real benefits of the product away.
    • NEVER buy Rose Water that has an ingredient named "fragrance" or "parfum".  The scent of Rose Water should come from the actual Rose Water.  Synthetic ingredients to create the smell should not be necessary.
    • Taste the Rose Water.  Seriously.  I'm not kidding.  Spray it in your mouth.  It's not really going to taste great but it will help you out with some bad breath too.  However, if the Rose Water tastes bitter or yucky or synthetic.... then there is some stuff in there that you do NOT want on your skin  Don't buy it!

    Do you use Rose Water?  If so, what brand?  Let me know and I will rate it’s for safety for you. Click HERE to see my go to brand!

    Be Informed. Be Safe. Be Healthy.


    Holistic Fashionista Recommended

    How do you know if your beauty products are safe?  

    There are absolutely no safety regulations on cosmetic ingredients.  Even companies who use words like "organic", "natural" and "pure" have no one but themselves checking to see if those claims are true.

    If you are a clean eater and you are slathering toxic chemicals all over your body and hair, then you are doing it wrong. 

    Find out how to get safer choices into your makeup bag! Shoot me a PM on Facebook and mention Holistic Fashionista to recieve 30% OFF!

    31 Rose Water Benefits for the Busy Entrepreneur

    Posted on April 09 2015

    31 ROSE WATER BENEFITS FOR THE BUSY ENTREPRENEURArticle by Heather JadusPhoto Credit: Jana CruderMagazine: Issue #23 31 Rose Water Benefits Roses have been used in beauty routines for centuries—historians believe...

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    Article by Lorena Morales
    Photo Credit: Jana Cruder
    Magazine: Issue #23

     What Would You Do if You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?

    What Would You Do if You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?

    My birthday is this month and as I look back at my life—especially my life as an entrepreneur—I realize I became a master of many things. 

    Over the years, I became a master of self-doubting and over-criticizing everything I did. When I made any kind of mistake—big or small—I told myself I should have known better, that I was stupid for making that choice. Even when I made the right decision and got great results, it wasn’t enough for me. It could have been better. I could have done it sooner or more efficiently. 

    It’s no surprise that my business was failing and I was oh-so-broke, desperate and hopeless.

    It’s crazy how many of us believe deep inside that this kind of negative self-talk is acceptable and will make us successful. We think that the more we ask of ourselves, the more we’ll deliver—and the better our results will be.  


    Imagine yourself as a seven-year-old playing softball. You are doing your best at it and having so much fun. You miss a hit and your coach pulls you to the side and starts screaming at you, “You suck, you should know better and you just blew it, you’ll never learn and will always suck…” 

    What would your adult self do?  Would you join the coach and scream too? Would you kick the coach’s ass? I have a strong feeling that you would stop the coach from screaming at a girl who is simply doing her best and having fun while doing it. 

    So why do we constantly speak these things to ourselves? That voice constantly screaming (or whispering) makes it impossible to be creative and open to possibilities. Not only that—it’s plain mean.

    Having this realization made me reevaluate my ways. I decided that in order to live a happy and wealthy life, I needed to become a master of self-love, appreciation and celebration.  The moment I made this shift, my business started shifting too. I started taking daring risks in my business. Some failed big time, while others were big successes. Despite the result, I always found a way to celebrate and appreciate the fact that I went for it. This fueled me to take new risks and allowed me to learn from the “failures.”

    My birthday this year will be a celebration of all the times I fell and got back up stronger than before. I will commit to another year of strengthening my new mastery of self-love, appreciation and celebration. Will you celebrate with me?

    How would your business improve if you mastered self-love, appreciation and celebration? In other words—what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

    What Would You Do if You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?

    Posted on April 08 2015

    WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU KNEW YOU COULDN'T FAIL?Article by Lorena MoralesPhoto Credit: Jana CruderMagazine: Issue #23 What Would You Do if You Knew You Couldn’t Fail? My birthday...

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     Embracing Your Shadow Self

    Embracing Your Shadow Self

    Article by John Scardina
    Photo Credit: Angel Quintana
    Magazine: Issue #23

    We all have two sides, for it is in our nature. One side (the good side) is filled with joy, hope, love, peace, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The other side (the bad side) is filled with anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, gilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. We as humans in nature have these two sides. The balance of both of these sides is totally dependent of how well we know and embrace your shadow self.

    Our ego tells us that not to dwell upon our darker shadow side as normal functioning humans, but how quick do we turn to anger and resentment when someone hurts us. If we experience failure we quickly become overwhelmed with fear, confusion and guilt. These are the events that occur to often and during these events we feel the vulnerability until our minds almost always suppress these matters until they are forgotten.

    This cycle of emotions never gets displayed completely and gets stored within your shadow self, destined to resurface in the form of negativity allowing a channel for this negativity to appear over and over again.

    In order for us to be of sound mind and body our consciousness needs to confront our shadow self. You can start by making mental notes of negative feelings, which leads to contraction of energy in your body. Once you understand the root of the feeling, what you want to do with it will be at your decision on your terms. You might want to convert it into something positive to be at peace and rise above a deep seated negativity.

    Once you have acknowledged the existence of anger and vulnerability to yourself, you will figure out a conscious solution to deal with it. It will no longer have the power to unconsciously rule over you. Your shadow self will become your friend which will help overcome the thoughts that bring you down. This process in human nature as told by Native Americans is a battle between “Two Wolves” where a constant battle of conscious and sub conscious exists inside of us.

    Introducing yourself to your shadow self, understanding and embracing it can be the only way win this battle between the two wolves, as only one wolf can win this battle “The one you feed the most will most certainly win”. Understanding your shadow self can help you to win the battle for your good side.

    Be a Better Holistic Leader by Embracing Your Shadow Self

    Posted on April 03 2015

    BE A BETTER HOLISTIC LEADER BY EMBRACINGYOUR SHADOW SELF Embracing Your Shadow Self Article by John ScardinaPhoto Credit: Angel QuintanaMagazine: Issue #23We all have two sides, for it is in our...

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    {Don't Be Fooled by the Gimmicks}

    Article by Angela Anderson
    Photo Credit: Jana Cruder
    Magazine: Issue #23

     Bull$hit Fat Loss Traps

    Bull$hit Fat Loss Traps

    Pretend health foods, Oh-La-La Amazonian juice, & Muscles!

    You've seen it, heard it, read it, and bought it. "On this diet, you can have gluten-free pizza, waffles, noodles, brownies, and cupcakes!" Just control your portions, right?  Here's a reality check: these foods are not geared towards helping you achieve long term fat loss.  Most diets are aimed at women who just want to drop some pounds and who are not weight training. What happens? You lose the weight, but it comes back with a vengeance thanks to also losing metabolically active weight called "muscle." Oh, and you never really learn how to eat 100% whole foods because you've been tricked into believing that "pretend" health foods can help your fat loss.

    Is Amazonian oh la-la exotic berry juice is the secret to igniting your fat loss?  How many times have we all bought into taking the rainbow pill because there are deficiencies in our diet? Let's get real here - there actually is no obscure ingredient missing in your diet that is going to make all the difference in your fat loss world. Have you considered that boozy weekends, glorified coffees, "pretend" healthy snacks (nut butters, so called Kind bars, dried fruits, and gluten-free baked goods) are keeping you from your fat loss goals?

    Holistic Fashionista Quiz

    Oh snap! We know deep down what our vices are, but without your coach saying "don't eat that" we keep the junk and just practice portion control. For some reason, petite-sized servings of crappy food (skinny popcorn) make us think we'll achieve a petite-sized body.

    Always Eating "Clean" and Always 5 lbs. Overweight?

    Women prioritizing their weight don't realize that they'd become more efficient at burning fat and permanent fat loss if they had more muscle. You can get to a destination with your fat loss where you no longer have to diet.  It's all about making your body efficient at burning fat. If you must use a diet, it will only take a small and temporary tweak to get back on track.

    Don't wind up skinny fat. Build more muscle and eat as though you are putting more muscle on your body. This doesn't mean drinking more green smoothies and going vegan. It means fueling up for workouts in order to work harder, pump nutrients into muscle cells, and feel your muscles working. Drop the wrist and ankle weights and retire those 5 lb. pink dumbbells. Challenge yourself. 

    Tick Tock. Are you tired of not having that body with the gorgeous muscle definition you want no matter how much you exercise and "eat clean"?  Discover how to master your metabolism by training your fat cells with Trim the Fat™. 

    How to Stay in Shape While You Grow Your Business

    Posted on March 25 2015

    HOW TO STAY IN SHAPE WHILE YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS{Don't Be Fooled by the Gimmicks}Article by Angela AndersonPhoto Credit: Jana CruderMagazine: Issue #23 Bull$hit Fat Loss Traps Pretend health foods, Oh-La-La...

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     Attracting Intimacy

    Attracting Intimacy

    Article by Marcela Liliana Veron
    Photo Credit: Jana Cruder
    Magazine: Issue #23

    If you want to have a fulfilling love life you must master the Art of Self-Love. Receiving love from others can only take you as far as you’ve gone with your own self-love. Depending on others for your only source of love is not only unsustainable, but can leave you feeling empty when the love is no longer present, and keep you from looking inside for your own source of love. 

    Love is not only a concept; it is life affirming energy and divine source. Love is a renewable source and a powerful resource – revitalizing and soul-fulfilling.

    The art of self-loving emerges from engaging in acts that bring love into your being. Art is a heightened creative expression that moves from the soul. Art becomes ART when fully engaging the practice with intent, passion and devotion. The art of self-loving is therefore self-expression of love in motion, in practice, in ritual – an act of devotion. If there is something you need to be full of -- it is LOVE. 

    Having a practice of loving yourself can really help you amp up your personal love vibe and source of love. To Master the Art of Self-Love, make it an ongoing ritual, which then blossoms into a self-devotional practice. The more you tune in, the more intimacy you create for yourself – the more you get to fall in love with yourself. 

    Intimacy becomes then a deeper expression and connection to your soul. Art of Self-love is about loving ALL of you not just the good parts. Having a self-love practice deepens and expands connection with your heart and soul, which magnetizes love and intimacy to you.

    Love then follows you around. It’s in your thoughts, communication, intentions and everywhere. It envelops you and radiates in all areas of your life.


    As they say “Energy grows where attention goes”. The same goes with Love! 

    What I’ve experienced, in the years I’ve worked with women, is that many do not know HOW to love themselves, let alone have a self-loving practice. What I’ve realized is that many people, especially women, are not really taught how to love themselves. Here is an important thing to know about self-loving:

    Having intimate time is a foundational practice in the Art of Self-love. Which means, you have to put into practice intimacy time, a routine and ritual to retreat and reflect on your feelings, thoughts, emotions, heart’s desires, dreams and all of it.

    Write It Down! Speak it Out Loud! Express it through Art. Music. Dance. The deeper and more intimate you get with yourself the more intimacy you will attract. Self-love in motion is art. Mastery --you Embody Your Love. 

    Attracting Intimacy with the Art of Self-Love

    Posted on March 17 2015

    ATTRACTING INTIMACY WITH THE ART OF SELF-LOVE Attracting Intimacy Article by Marcela Liliana VeronPhoto Credit: Jana CruderMagazine: Issue #23If you want to have a fulfilling love life you must master...

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  •  Be Fit and Strong in Your Holistic Business

    Be Fit and Strong in Your Holistic Business

    Be Fit and Strong in Your Holistic Business Without the Gimmicks

    Article by Angela Anderson
    Photo Credit: Angel Quintana
    Magazine: Issue #22

    You are a fitness queen powerhouse, but do you have well trained fat cells?

    You are close to 40 years old, you have been taking amazing care of yourself for years.  You’ve made HUGE strides with your fitness & nutrition.  And now it’s crunch time.

    Realization #1:  Weight loss is a gimmick. Cheat meals are ridiculous.  

    You are doing everything right (at least you think), so why don't you have that hot body you've been working so hard for?  You are smart, you been around the block, but your lack of incredible results is grinding away at you like nails on a chalkboard.

    There is an itching, nagging conflict in your mind telling you that you deserve a life (a sexy one too). Yet, you see fitness competitors, master trainers, and other fitness professionals working out for hours, eating 6X a day, carrying around their little food portion containers, and guzzling protein powders and you wonder if you have to follow their example in order to have an amazing body.  

    You should be able to go out for a burger and have some drinks with girlfriends and STILL feel gorgeous and NOT feel guilty.


    Realization #2:  You are not to blame! 

    Low fat, portion control, mini meals throughout the day, counting calories, low carb, Paleo, Atkins, Southbeach, Zone . . . you name it - we've been hit up and many of us have believed and tried these plans.  Maybe you've had success, but it has worn off and you are back to the same, frustrated, tired, and too flabby you.

    Realization #3:  You are a perfectionist.  

    You find a fitness program or way of eating you love, it makes logical sense to you, it stimulates your brain, it brings out your passion and zest for life, it teaches you new skills and you go for it.  Yet, you are realistic enough to know that every plan has it's shelf life and as you grow and change as a person, so do your needs, wants, goals, and desires.
    You are the type of person who always wants to keep learning and getting better.  You are ready to turn the jets on and BLAZE.

    Most of the fat loss messages out there are drowning out your personal voice.  You can no longer sing because you are too busy chasing the words, advice, and tactics of other’s out there.

    ....STOP, take a breath, and connect with your inner dialogue.  It will guide you to where you need to go.  She will tell you when you’ve struck gold!

    Be Fit and Strong in Your Holistic Business Without the Gimmicks

    Posted on March 03 2015

    Be Fit and Strong in Your Holistic Business Be Fit and Strong in Your Holistic Business Without the GimmicksArticle by Angela AndersonPhoto Credit: Angel QuintanaMagazine: Issue #22You are a fitness...

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    Article by Cinthia Singleton
    Photo Credit: Rose Jane
    Magazine: Issue #22

     Enjoy Life's Lessons

    Enjoy Life's Lessons

    {A foreign object finds a nice soft nook in the oyster’s body.  It lodges itself in that place… deep in there to ensure it can’t be expelled. Ouch.  That hurts.  And so the oyster secretes a special substance that will assuage the irritation one thin layer at a time, layer upon layer, till the irritant is completely encased by a silky, luminous coating.}

    Look!  It’s a pearl! - We humans experience our best lessons much like the oyster.  To paraphrase poet Aberjhani, we “howl diamonds and pearls at the edge of madness.” lol

    A little irritant + Some discomfort + Maybe a lot of [ anger/sadness/fear/pain ] = Feeling awful.

    No better motivator for solid change than that, eh, and let’s face it, learning from a place of comfort and joy is, sadly, not as frequent in this life.  So how do we accept this as part of life, even make it a more a JOY-ful one?

    1| Live in the moment. Most lessons aren’t normally recognized while we live them out, and they come in all forms. Problem is they often remain unrecognized till they are well behind us in a place call The Past.  Since we already spend so much time and energy there - as well as in the future wishing for specific outcomes - why not slow down and breath… in the present moment?

    2| Be self-aware. A little mindfulness goes a long way.  See the fork in the road, the decision to be made and the resistance in doing so?  Don’t react right away; just acknowledge it. By the same token, don’t slip in an old, habitual way of reacting.  Instead ask the higher powers for a sign. 

    3| Be forgiving. You’re human and part of being being one is experiencing life in all the ways meant for us.  So feel those emotions and thank the pain if it’s there for being that ’fast track’ schooling you need to get to the core of things and GROW.  


    4| Try a little more of #2. If you need and ask for help if you need it even if just an ear to bend.  As sentient, aware beings, we’re here to help one another.  One day you’ll get to do same.  Surround yourself by those you admire, respect, those who don’t fear diving deep for pearls too.

    Ultimately, another pearl is born for your strand.  You watch.  You’ll become a better YOU adorned in beautiful pearls, ropes and ropes of them.

    Without pain, there would be no suffering.  Without suffering we would never learn from our mistakes.  To make it right, pain and suffering is the key to all windows; without it, there is no way of life. -Angelina Jolie

    How to Enjoy Life's Lessons...Painful or Not

    Posted on March 02 2015

    HOW TO ENJOY LIFE'S LESSONS...PAINFUL OR NOTArticle by Cinthia SingletonPhoto Credit: Rose JaneMagazine: Issue #22 Enjoy Life's Lessons {A foreign object finds a nice soft nook in the oyster’s body....

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  •  Don't Sit on the Sidelines of Your Own Business

    Don't Sit on the Sidelines of Your Own Business


    Article by Ellie Isacs
    Photo Credit: Mike Nguyen
    Magazine: Issue #22

    Recently I participate in Q&A Session. I dialed in just at the start and was the first caller on the line. The host greeted me warmly and asked me if I have any questions, as its ok to start, even while others join. My answer:” Well…no, not really. I was just going to listen in and hear what others ask and then maybe something will come up”. The next caller dialed in and the host asked if they had questions……………..Well what happened next blew my mind off. The second participant said: “No, not really. I also want to listen what others will ask or say”

    Hearing my own words, made me shiver. Who was I? And what was I waiting for? A cover up, a quite spot in the audience, just to applause, those playing the game, at the end????

    It pushed me strong, and it pushed me hard. My own darling answer made me realize the position I was taking. I thought, being on this call meant interest. Being on this call meant pro-activeness, so what was I waiting for? Why not ask, yes just ask? I had thoughts but I took the easy way of saying, oh…no, no questions

    To experience change, one must be the change. To lead and empower, one must own the way, the approach and the personality leaders embody. One cannot HAVE freedom, and then BE free. One cannot HAVE a community, and then BE a leader. One cannot HAVE followers, and then BE influential.


    One must BE a leader and then will HAVE the community. One must BE free and taste and HAVE real freedom. One must BE the change and then HAVE everything change. One must truly and only BE-HAVE as what he searches for. When you are what you are looking for, you are limitless. What is your “, and then”?

    Don't Sit on the Sidelines of Your Own Business

    Posted on March 01 2015

    Don't Sit on the Sidelines of Your Own Business DON'T SIT ON THE SIDELINES OF YOUR OWN BUSINESSArticle by Ellie IsacsPhoto Credit: Mike NguyenMagazine: Issue #22Recently I participate in Q&A...

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    Article by John Scardina
    Photo Credit: Rose Jane
    Magazine: Issue #22

     Reiki Applications to Combat Fatigue

    Reiki Applications to Combat Fatigue

    Many business owners in my direct and indirect circles are healers, a wonderful and amazing group of energy workers, coaches, educators, and visionaries all of which give their all to everyone at any given time. A constant flow or surge of energy that is personally directed to the individual who seeks or needs help to improve their life and or needs. Admittedly this is one of the best feelings in the universe, to have that ability to help others with improving any one of their needs in life. This gift of working so dearly for others can also have a downside that can fatigue the healer if they do not take care of themselves first. If you do not take care of yourself you cannot take care of others. It is of the upmost importance for the energy workers, coaches, educators, and visionaries to take the time out in between clients to heal themselves first.

    I have been a Reiki practitioner since 2008 and now a Reiki Master/Teacher. Reiki, “Universal Life Force Energy” an energy that exists in everyone and everything is one amazing energy healing technique that is constant, never draining, and can never do harm. The best part is that this energy is already inside of us all. The only key missing is to be properly attuned to Reiki in order to enjoy and share its benefits. Once attuned to Reiki by a Reiki Master/Teacher you can immediately use Reiki to heal others, but most importantly to heal yourself. The method of self-healing through Reiki is something that can be practiced whenever called upon in order to calm, energize ground and center the healer in you. 

    Some methods of applying Reiki to the healer could be:

    Detoxify yourself (cleanse yourself) free of all negative energy that might remain after working with a client for an extended period of time.

    Rebalance the flow of your energy after a long lasting of any type of work with a client.

    Shield, protection prior to any client work in order to maintain a constant level of energy during your work.

    Remove blockage of stagnant energy if you are doing hands on energy work with a client.

    Reenergize and ground yourself after any work with a client.

    The applications for the use of Reiki are almost limitless on how they may be utilized for your inner healer, and it is always with you. We must always remember as healers to take care of ourselves first in order to provide the best for our clients.

    Healing the Healer: 5 Reiki Applications to Combat Fatigue

    Posted on February 24 2015

    HEALING THE HEALER:5 REIKI APPLICATIONS TO COMBAT FATIGUEArticle by John ScardinaPhoto Credit: Rose JaneMagazine: Issue #22 Reiki Applications to Combat Fatigue Many business owners in my direct and indirect circles...

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